• Helix Hunters a organized crime syndicate. They are doing Bank robs and Killing people for money ! This gang created by 2 men Edward Sorenstain and Johnny Vadacur. This gang is organized it means everywhere in the WORLD ! If you dont FEAR from HelixHunters come and fight us.
    If you FEAR from HelixHunters come and join us: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/1402/helixhunters
    We smuggle guns to other gangs and provoke them agains the government.

    Gang founder and leader: Nippy
    Gang level: 0
    Gang Color#ff0000
    Gang tag: [HH]Name|Rank or [H~H]Name[Rank]
    Gang money 3.000.000$
    Gang motto: Devil is still watching you !

    It is obligatory to buy a Banshee Model car.
    It is obligatory for the car to be red.
    It is obligatory to take Los Santos Arms Dealer.
    It is obligatory for the gang member to take the tag.
    It is forbidden for gang members to attack each other.
    It is forbidden for gang members to quarrel with each other.
    You can not fire at your teammate.
    No chitchatting.

    ~Leader~ (LVL5)
    (The Founder and Leader, he had the ability to take any further decisions at the gang)

    ~ViceLeader~ (LVL4)
    (The right hand of the Leader)

    ~HeadQuarter~ (LVL4)
    (Replaces the Leader and Vice Leader when they are offline, also he had abilities to take shared decisions with other heads)

    ~R~ (LVL3)
    (This rank will be given to the members who show all their efforts to help the gang and should be trusted and loyal

    ~PVT~ (LVL2)
    (The second rank within the gang after the Newbie who needs to obey HeadQuarters orders),

    ~M~ (LVL1)
    (A Regular Member within the gang, deserved to be a full member)Some Example Text

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  • You can apply like;
    What is your in-game name:
    What is your login-name:
    How long have you been playing at SAES?:
    What is your English skill? 0-10:
    Why did you want to enter this gang?:
    Is there any gang or organization you've entered before?:
    Define yourself with what you like:
    Did anyone tell you to join this gang?:
    Define roleplaying:
    How old were you born?:
    Tell us two rules for GR and BR:
    What is the Death Match?:
    What should you do when someone does you DeathMatch?:
    How old are you ?:
    Tell us 2 rules for Turfwars:

  • Good Luck!

  • @K-956 Thanks !

  • @nippy1
    In game name - Hoodie Ninja
    Login name - Cuntsme
    Playing Saes for about a week
    English skill - 10
    I want to enter this gang because Nippy is amazing and always JBs, plus id like to be apart of a group
    Never entered any gang or organization
    I like gaming and Rping and eating!
    You told me to apply nippy
    Roleplaying is using your imagination to play a role, following all the rules of that role and doing that role to your best ability
    Not sure what GR and BR is
    Deathmatch is when your fighting a player for revenge or just fighting them to be a dick
    Ignore them and report
    I am 22
    Never been in a gang so dont know about turfwars, I would guess you cant use your car for one and you cant log off to avoid dying

  • @Hoodie ACCEPTED your application is enough for joining this gang. Please meet any L,VL or HQ for your in-game tests.

  • good luck

  • Good luck !

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