Underground Empire
By wolferx, in Gangs

  • Ingame name:215|wolferx

    Ingame username:midoprock

    Previous organizations and leaving causes:LCDP/leader has delete it

    Define Underground Empire: underground empire is a high crime gang was founded in 23 june 1866 , they work in silence with no mistake , they have many cassinos in los vantures......
    also underground empire is making money real fast that make it a rich and a bisness gang with high socity.

    What binds you with Underground Empire: underground empire is a crime gang they control the most of casinos in los ventures and they making robberies and killing.

    What do you know about organized crime: a organized crime a gang from 3 members or more they fight for one reason they helping each others and making role play also the organized crime hang with each other to be strong.

  • Ingame name: 215|naid

    Ingame username: naid666

    Previous organizations and leaving causes: OG (Original Gangsters), was dead and inactive, so the owner decided to remove it.

    Define Underground Empire: UE purchases weapons from trust worthy criminal groups, weapons are used for self protection, turf wars, hit contracts and others are sold for profit. Drug trafficking is the most profitable source for UE. Some Politicians & Cops are associated and work for UE by providing intel, warning and covering threat.

    What binds you with Underground Empire: I've met a lot of great people like Hari and Spentou while being an Associate/215 so I'd like to know more about UE and I also enjoy helping out in turf wars and in other activities that UE does.

    What do you know about organized crime: nothing.

  • @naid666 Denied. Fix your application and re apply when ever you feel ready.
    @Reus Accepted.
    @laggiaze Denied. Poor application and bad attitude between UE. Dont apply here again.
    @Ment Accepted.
    @PerroLombardo Pending. Hang few more days until we make final decision.
    @wolferx Pending.

  • Ingame name:215|Polenta

    Ingame username:kapone12

    Previous organizations and leaving causes:

    Blood Brother MC-i have been in this club 2 times the first time i leave because i have interest to create my own band the second time the club was closed 😞

    Hell Raisers MC-I was old HRMC HQ and i leave the club because i saw the inactive members and i predict the gang will die in future and i leave the club then the club die

    Define Underground Empire: UE is founded 1866 at 23 june from 3 old confederate soldiers this organized crime is the one of the most largest criminal syndicates in the city they main role is the drug trafficking and money laundering they work only with trusted criminal groups without mistakes

    What binds you with Underground Empire: Undergroun Empire is a criminal syndicate with high experienced members who control the casinos in las venturas and they main roles is the money laundering drug trafficking and Weapon deals only with trusted criminal syndicates

    What do you know about organized crime: a organized crime is only from high experienced players they always protect their backs and they practice the teamwork they always respect the members from the family

  • @Polentaa Pending.

  • Game name: 215 | Weiss

    Game username: serv

    Previous organizations and reasons for leaving: Not in any organizations

    Determine the Underground Empire: The Underground Empire is the highest organization.
    I also want to note that the Underground Empire was founded in 1866 on June 23 (John Dixon, Edward Macfarlane, Judah Davis)
    The UE is also known for many things, which include: arms trafficking, drug trafficking (Drug Trafficking), money laundering, corruption of politicians and police, and last but not least, contract killing.
    The members of the Underground Empire are not only gangsters, there are businessmen among them, and they have 10 casinos in place. They have earned a lot of money in their own casinos, they convert all the money they receive in a dirty way into their own casino chips. And without punishment nothing is left!

    What connects you with the underground empire: I am sure that there are adequate, understanding people !! Who will always help and cover.
    And in recent times, I have been associated with them, what I wanted to provide them with help in the shelling of another gang, and I hope that they noticed me!
    I have long dreamed of getting into the UE, in my opinion, this is the most organized family than others on this server. I had a small chance, and I want to use it.

    What do you know about organized crime: thanks to this, the company’s activities are able to bypass state control and create effective networks of local and international criminal networks
    This organization is engaged in all illegal activities, and communicates only with higher groups. It is formed by a broad consolidation and consolidation of organized criminal groups, criminal organizations and criminal communities that provide illegal activities, with the aim of increasing criminal proceeds and strengthening the influence on power structures.

  • @PerroLombardo Accepted.
    @Weiss Pending.
    @wolferx Denied. Reapply in a month if still interested.

  • Ingame name:kamilon12

    Ingame username:215|kamilon12

    Previous organizations and leaving causes:No

    Define Underground Empire:Underground Empire was founded on June 23, 1866. (1 year and 1 day after the American Civil War). It was created by 3 men - John Dixon, Edward McFarlane, and Judah Davis were former Confederate soldiers. Dixon came from war with his left hand blown off, McFarlane had PTSD and Davis was sick of living. They had Nothing left to live for they decided to get rich. Their criminal activities began with corrupt politicians. Some politicians wanted someone killed then one of them would get the job done. Underground Empire is an organized crime syndicate. It's like La Cosa Nostra. Difference is that UE doesn't have ethnic limits (Like LCN and Russian mobs do). Also, it has politicians who are not just associated but who are part of it. Some of the members of UE are high society members who on the ground are known as businessmen, politicians etc... Underground everything's different.

    What binds you with Underground Empire: I like RolePlaying and also i like playing as a criminal, i think that i will be able to help UE somehow.

    What do you know about organized crime:It's a community of very dangerous criminals who have got their own reason which is mostly money, and allows you to remember the main reason. This community is led by wise people, it's all planed in addition. Every gang can become a big part of a organized crime, every gang can become a mafia or a criminal syndicate


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  • @kamilon12 Pending.

  • Ingame name: 215|Makeeeh

    Ingame username: Makeeeh

    Previous organizations and leaving causes: None

    Define Underground Empire: UE is an organized crime syndicate. Its roleplay is connected whit Drug trafficking, weapon trafficking, money laundering, contract killing also corrupting politicians and cops.
    The gang owns 12 casinos in Las Venturas. They are converting dirty money using these casinos also.
    UE has some high society members known as businessman, politicians etc...

    What binds you with Underground Empire: I like turfing whit UE and UE's members are very helpful and respectful, also i like Ue's style.

    What do you know about organized crime: Organized crime refers to a group of a minium of 3 people which makes an illegal group that makes serious crimes, for example killing and money laundering.
    groups can be hierarchy, and their goal is most commonly to make profit or power for their members whit illegal but legal looking ways. These groups can operate at local, national or transnational level.

  • Ingame name:zKill98
    Ingame username:fottesega
    Previous organizations and leaving causes: TRD(a little not official gang),and ex lv.0 member in UE.
    Define Underground Empire: Underground Empire's role is basically to deal with everything in an illegal, like Weapons Dealing, Drugs Dealing, Cops contract killing, corrupting politicians.
    What binds you with Underground Empire: Underground Empire is on of the oldest gang in Saes, i would like lto join UE for offer my trust,my skills and my Respect. I want to help UE in all activities, wars, jb.
    What do you know about organized crime: is a bunch of experienced criminals who make their illegal businesses secretly in order to benefit their criminal organization.
    Extra:im here to apply again becouse i was kicked 3 months ago for an issue with an WA member.
    I was busy with the school in this time, but now im here to try to enter again.

  • @Makeeeh Pending.

  • Don’t post anything in here unless you’re applying. Use PM if you want to contact any UE HQ or go to backhole if you’re lacking attention. I guess it’s second.

  • @Freezy Denied. Not ready yet.
    @zKill98 Denied. Make a new application.
    @Polentaa Pending (extended). Another week for you, try to improve your activity.

  • Ingame name: zKill98
    Ingame username: fottesega
    Previous organizations and leaving causes: Only UE,kicked for an issue
    Define Underground Empire: It's a very big Organised Crime Syndicate, this organization has a lot of undercover people like, politicians and Businessmen, working for them. They are wellknown within Weapon Trafficking,Drugs Trafficking and manage to make all the money dirty in clean money through legal activities in Las Venturas.
    What binds you with Underground Empire: What binds me to Underground Empire is simply their way of being or better to say,I have already been a member and for this reason I am also here to try to return, I want to remain in the belief that the UE is what inspires me to do in an RP server, and i want to offer my skills and my trust to the gang.
    What do you know about organized crime: The Organized Crime is like a dome, at the base there are the smaller pieces that hold the real most important piece, the tip. Obviously the most important figure is the Boss, up to all the collaborators who manage to make the the dome supports and therefore also the family.
    If you can do a team game in the right way, the family can always remain standing, in this case UnderGround Empire.

  • Ingame name: 215|Silva.

    Ingame username: patillas.

    Previous organizations and leaving causes:
    THC: I was kicked because i arrested a cripz member in their br, i didnt know about that rule, because i was still a newbie. The good part, i learned from my mistakes and now i know the rules.

    The outfit: I would have liked to spend more time with this gang, but a friend logged in with my account (he knew my login information because my password was so weak, he guessed that information) after a long conversation with him and some admins, he gave me back my account... but obviously i was kicked.

    ICE: I left because cop life isnt as funny as expected. Crim life forever 😄 .

    Define Underground Empire: Lets talk about the story of the gang...Underground Empire was founded on June 23, 1866. The underground Empire was founded by 3 people, wich names are John Dixon , Edward McFarlane , Judah Davis. They were having a bad time, thats why they decided to found UE. In the RP part, basically is about weapon trafficking, drug Trafficking, money laundering in their casinos around LV. They have more criminal activities, but these are the more important.

    What binds you with Underground Empire:
    I have been hanging with a lot of gang members and i really like the way they do their turfs, br, jb and rp. Their members are skilled and serious players, as i can see, UE is not a common gang, they are an empire, thats why i decide to apply in this gang. I am gangless because none gang drew my attention, except UE.

    What do you know about organized crime: Organized crime usually engages in more complex tasks than common thefts or thefts. These organized crime groups engage in activities such as drug or arms trafficking, trafficking in women, smuggling or counterfeiting. Basically UE role.

  • @zKill98 Pending.
    @Silva Pending.