Underground Empire
By Spentou, in Gangs

  • @Meliodas Denied,Your application is full of mistakes fix it and reapply after 2weeks from now.
    And yeah its UE not EU 🙂

  • @zeus74330
    Pending. Your application is not really bad, we've heard enough about your past, but we give you a chance to start over everything again, and to prove that all your mistakes were left in the past.

    Denied. You obviously spent some time creating your application, that's really nice, But we dont want to be the next gang that you will point out in the list of ex-gangs, applying to another gang. You can stay around us and apply again when you are told.

    Pending. Although u've made not best application, you seem like a chill and mature guy, for now youre pending, hang around us for some time until we make a final decision.

    @Spentou 🖕

  • Pending results:
    Denied. Haven't seen you around us enough time.

    After some observation, we've decided that you aren't ready yet.

    Denied. After a big amount of time you've been given you didn't manage to prove that you're worthy. Also your behavior wasn't very impressive.

  • The fact that i Already explained you i cant be that active and you dont understand that. Its okey gents have fun and cya in-game. With plesure you seem to be unmature. Thanks

  • Ingame name: Nobody
    Ingame username: thatthug
    Previous organizations and leaving causes: MMC 3x (1) got kicked for behaviour reasons, 2) Left because i didnt agree on something HQs decided 3) Died ) BS 3x(1) kicked due to inactivity 2) left for the cop side 3)left becauseHQs weren't active) OC 2x (1) left to help create HSMC 2) Left to create my own MC) AA(Left to help create WMC) MI6 (left because i got bored of the cop side) And many more i just do not remember them all, I have been in too many organizations.
    Define Underground Empire: Underground empire is an underground syndicate. Mostly making profit through criminal activities. Underground Empire is known for drug and weapon trafficking also money laundering. Also making money through casinos since UE owns practically every casino in Las Venturas. Some members of UE are known politicians and businessmen.
    What binds you with Underground Empire: Well when i was in MMC all i did was hang around UE members, and i knew that if something happened to MMC i was gonna try to join UE but due to some issues with an ex member of UE i didn’t think i would be able to join until now.
    What do you know about organized crime: Organized crime is a criminal offense in the area of ​​criminal law committed by the members of a organized group or criminals, for the purpose of carrying out illegal activities. Organized crime is mostly used to make money or profit.

  • Ye @ClaR be a ragging kiddo, not my fault that u dont know how to do ur job, pay some attention to ur gang's discord before judge or take decisions, grow up a little, aight?

  • @zeus74330 said in Underground Empire:

    Ye @ClaR be a ragging kiddo, not my fault that u dont know how to do ur job, pay some attention to ur gang's discord before judge or take decisions, grow up a little, aight?


  • @nobodyknows Pending. A good application, with decent amount of information, although the history of your past gangs is big enough, you've been quite faithful to us in the past. See you in-game.

  • @mohd said in Underground Empire:

    Ingame name:xxtimboBG
    Ingame username:xxtimboBG
    Previous organizations and leaving causes:none if you accept me you will be first
    Define Underground Empire:Underground Empire its gang to help eachother to kill police with the gang
    What binds you with Underground Empire:i hear so many good thinks for this gang
    What do you know about organized crime:it is a form of crime characterized by stable criminal activity

  • @xxtimboBG Denied, verry weak application and avoid tagging HQs in your apply.

  • 🙂

  • @amara
    Denied. Although you made such a good application, we still have reasons to deny yourself. Like any other gang, we need only trusted members, but you ain't this one in our eyes.

  • Ingame name: wackysquirrel11
    Ingame username: naji
    Previous organizations and leaving causes: Mongols MC
    Define Underground Empire: bunch of mafia dudes with fedoras riding classic cadillacs & fords
    What binds you with Underground Empire: history & association
    What do you know about organized crime: mafia dudes pull their 50's tommy guns out, enter bank, pewpew everyone and take the money

  • @nobodyknows Accepted.

  • Ingame name: Iceberg
    Ingame username: creptiz
    Previous organizations and leaving causes: 1-CripZ : left for copside and some problems
    2-SAPA : left because I didn't like copside
    Define Underground Empire: Underground Empire is an organized crime syndicate that was founded on june 23, 1966 , it was attacked many times, then UE started to buy weapons from trusted worthy criminal groups,they used to use some and storing some for some cases like self protection, turf wars, and they had high profits from selling drugs and they used popular method by converting dirty money to chips at one of UE's casino and by time they made money from every UE's casino in LV
    What binds you with Underground Empire: UE members are known as skilled and high experienced players and i like the UE role so I would like to be one of them
    What do you know about organized crime: it is an organization of criminals that do criminal activities of many types, and they works as team work and they have high skills and some experience

  • Ingame name: Jesse
    Ingame username: gulbert420
    Previous organizations and leaving causes: Organization Zero: many reasons but mainly the HQs inactivity.
    Define Underground Empire: Its an organized crime syndicate more known as a mafia, with its professional gangsters, they rule Las Venturas streets with their illegal activities such as weapons & drugs trafficking, money laundering, corrupting the goverment staff & contract hunting and killing.
    What binds you with Underground Empire:I like its role, I feel like it feets me, also I have few friends inside the gang hthat I'd like to join them.
    What do you know about organized crime: a bunch of experienced criminals who make their illegal businesses secretly in order to benefit their criminal organization.

  • @Iceberg @Jesse421
    Hang around with other Underground Empire members during your pending period.

  • @Jesse421 Accepted.

    @Iceberg Denied.