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Kymani Watson at age of 19, S Hoover Street.

Despite having a Jamaican heritage, Kymani Watson was born on Hoover Street and was immediately thrusted into the gang lifestyle. His father known only as Wats by those around him including his own son, was a prime drug dealer who knew nothing else about life besides drugs. The first actual memory Kymani has of his late father was him shooting up heroin in the family home like it was nothing. At the age of 15 Kymani learnt how hard life can be, when a SWAT team kicked down his front door and arrested his father on multiple drug arrests and one murder charge. Kymani’s mother was never the same afterwards, and due to that Kymani never forgave his Father for ruining the family. By the age of 19 Kymani found himself in a gang on Hoover, where he learnt how to survive on the streets, gaining enough money to get himself his own place along with a small drug supply he could push out to others to make some more cash on the side. After a few months Kymani realized he was beginning to attract the wrong attention when he caught one of his hangarounds talking to a detective who immediately begun to stick around the street in order to gain more intel. After his house eventually got raided, which Kymani knew was going to happen thanks to bribing an officer, he decided to leave Hoover street for good and start a new life elsewhere.