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  • U.S. Department of Justice

    Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Office of the Executive

    San Andreas, 700-020


    This is the official media archive of the FBI. It contains both RP and non-RP content.

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  • U.S. Department of Justice

    Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Office of the Executive

    San Andreas, 700-302

    Dear Head-Director,

    I understand your current frustration in Liberty City with the failures of our department and the 21st Branch, be assured that these issues will be rectified. The former director of the 21st Branch, Striv Ker, has died under unfortunate circumstances due to what we believe was random act of homicide by Jonathan Keyes, a homeless veteran of the United States Marine Corps who we believe to have been mentally unstable. Jonathan Keyes was unfortunately killed by the FBI protection detail with Striv Ker at the time, leaving all possible suspects/ motives in the dark.

    With the former director of the 21st Branch now deceased, we will be moving back into the fold of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a whole. Our current black uniforms will be eventually removed in favour of the traditional blue and yellow, and we will make moves to modernise our equipment and retrain our agents. And to note, we will contact the Department of Justice in light of recent developments with Islamic fundamentalism and Cuban terrorism which continues to be prevalent across San Andreas, in particular Bone County.
    We will be deploying undercover agents into Fort Carson, Las Payasdas and Rockshore West in Las Venturas to ensure our people of interest remain in our line of site. We will also, be disposing of the bodies abandoned in El Castillo Del Diablo shortly to ensure all tracks are removed. They are currently situated north in a mass grave outside the military instillation, Area 69.

    For Archive purposes – here are the ‘official’ histories listed of the 21st Branch and the main FBI branch in San Andreas. Some names have been altered with codenames to ensure confidentiality should this letter be intercepted; their identities are protected.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation – ‘MAINBRANCH’

    The FBI has been established by former SWAT agents Radeon and BooM on the third of May in 2011.

    Located in a small building just south of the Los Santos Bank they would soon move to their new HQ in the Los Santos Courthouse. Giving the FBI a new location in Central LS working together with the Los Santos Police made them achieve a lot of things.

    In these times the original leaders of the FBI handed over their responsibilities to other persons. Being the only federal agency in San Andreas they would soon become one of the trusted law enforcement in San Andreas.

    With Radeon gone the leadership had been passed onto Rabbit.

    With this a new age started for FBI and the HQ relocated to San Fierro in an old Mint building this being a perfect location for the FBI.

    Time passed and the FBI struggled with their man power in San Fierro. As of then they had decided to move back to Los Santos. Having multiple changes in the leadership the FBI is currently led by Daniel Rey.

    The FBI continues to try and make San Andreas a safer place by performing their tasks.
    Such as; fighting terrorism, public corruption and organized crime. They also perform counter intelligence and take action to prevent violent crime and major theft.

    Federal Bureau of Investigation – ‘21ST BRANCH’


    San Andreas, a crime ridden state that is led by corrupt government officials, street gangs fighting over territories all over the state and the state's police is helpless, whether it's the frequent ''budget cuts'' or increasing number of cops getting murdered. In all that mess the Congress has deployed a Federal Bureau of Investigations' headquarters within the state's largest city, Los Santos, to fight off the crime and assist the police officers.

    1980s, The Blackgate scandal.

    In 1982, 12 years after the deployment of FBI units in the area, many investigations had been started. Many government officials had been walking on the plank with dozens of angry sharks in the bottom. FBI's director back then was Striv Ker, who forwarded FBI's SA division the investigation permits and all that. Main focus was the senator himself, Donald Caint. Donald, being the senator had the main role in the destruction and loss of management in the city, as he was the appointed senator. There was a group of FBI agents tasked with busting Donald in action. The reason to suspect Donald was because of two high ranked gang members, different gangs but same story.

    Donald had been seeing them by himself and did not leave them with a friendly impression.
    The gang members rat out and soon met their fate, they just disappeared, went off the grid. FBI took it into their hands to investigate the matter as regular police could not be trusted. At first there were no clues, no nothing.

    In June, 1985 a breakthrough was made, because Donald's maid came to LSPD to tell her story

    about the night the gang members got beaten up badly.
    At that time there was no reason to tie them to Donald because only proof about it were the words of two criminals, but the maid said that Donald had returned back to his mansion with a bloody napkin. The police officer who heard her out, forwarded the message to FBI and was later found dead. Hung up in the park next to LSPD. FBI now had Donald as the major suspect in corruption, assault and kidnapping as the gang members did not go voluntarily.

    FBI deployed two undercover agents, one in Donald's mansion and one at the city council. Mostly as maids and handymen.

    Their job was to keep tabs on Donald's activities and who he invited to his mansion.
    Donald had become rich after becoming the senator quite suddenly, living on the Blackgate street in Vinewood in one of the most expensive mansions and having tons of employees. Senators did not make that much money at that time period, neither was he a businessman.
    Surveillance was successful till September of 1985, when the undercover agents Carlton Hanks and Barlton Ganks did not respond to any call-ins. FBI could not deploy anymore agents
    because no job offers were available, so they had to do it the scenic way. At the time that meant putting agents in taco vans near the houses, constantly taking pictures of the objects
    of interest. Neither Carlton or Barlton were seen till the 9th of February, in the evening of the Chinese New Year of 1986. They were in completely good condition,
    wearing fancy suits, bossing around people and showing off their newly acquired wealth. FBI's top brass was speechless and did not know, what happened to them and why are they still alive.

    FBI launched internal investigations and by the mid-1986 they had revealed the reasons as to why the surveillance was sloppy and the agents crossed over. FBI's SA department had been infiltrated by many Donald's coons who at first sight seemed legit. Within the state Donald was able, with the help of LSPD, remove the records of the coons.

    That's why FBI did not find out about them. Agents had been revealing information about the investigations and all the people who rat out. Carlton and Barlton were in charge of Donald's counter-intelligence operations. They did their job and bailed, fortunately enabling FBI agents to crack the operation.

    Many of the agents were arrested, but the structure and balance of the FBI was ruined for many years to come. Federal court trial against Donald Caint was started and he was sent to prison for corruption, assault, ordering of murders and kidnapping.

    Creation of the 21th Branch.

    After the solved case, FBI's then director Striv Ker decided to create a special unit within FBI that would counter everything that hasn't been countered yet, that led to the creation of the 21st Branch. It specializes on corruption within the agency, high risk targets and other cases that the regular agency or any other police agency cannot or do not have the power to deal with. Handful of the most loyal FBI operatives were picked out to be a part of the unit, true patriots you could say. Only a handful of people except for the director and the members of the branch knew about it. One of them being POTUS himself, at the time of the creation Ronald Reagan. Reagan signed a blank cheque for the 21th Branch. Reagan also said that the 21st Branch would have the power no other police agency will ever get. That meant improvisation in the fields of interrogating, arresting, use of force and equipment. The name ''21st Branch'' came from Reagan's birth year, 191(1) and the beginning of his presidential term, (2)0th of January.

    Present day (2017)

    Situation in Los Santos and the surrounding cities San Fierro and Las Venturas has drastically improved over the decades, but the corruption still ravages around the state because the street gangs and mafias are still active. Within the government however, situation has gotten better. Main source of the corruption is within LSPD and the police agencies around SA, due to the low salaries of police officers and no proper equipment to deal with criminals. That causes many of the officers to accept bribes and FBI is no exception. The influence of Blackgate scandal could still be felt within the ranks of FBI, many employees left after the scandal and FBI lost a huge portion of this reputation. It wasn't funded enough by the country anymore, therefore limiting its abilities.

    The faithful last agents and operatives of SA's department tried to do their job and do it with
    passion, to prove that FBI is still capable of dealing with problems. That wasn't much of a help because the US congress decided to make budget cuts to FBI. That made San Andreas department of FBI close its doors.

    Not long after the situation in San Andreas worsened, especially among the mafias and high-risk fugitives. Nobody was left to take over FBI's task and somebody noticed. That's why POTUS decided to deploy the 21th Branch to San Andreas to stabilize the situation and eliminate most, if not all gang activity and corruption in the region.

    The Office of the Executive send their regards director. We wish to be in touch again soon.

    Yours sincerely,

    Michael Payne
    San Andreas FBI Director,
    Office of the Executive