@kiroa6ko said in Roadsters of San Andreas: Ingame name:KiroSa Account name:MalikVx Age:16 Have you ever been adminjailed or banned?: admin jailed yes banned nope Previous gangs/squads/companies?: BBMC VLA ICE Why did you leave them?:i left BBMC cz there was a lot of Turkey players and they cant spek english so i cant contact with them ... VLA (RIP) .... ICE cz of James and Sam bad they invite anyone Why do you want to join Roadsters of San Andreas and why would we accept you?:i wold like to join RSA cz i need to use my skills at RP to have fun with mates to show my self btw the others and i think that RSA have a good future / well im Active for 6/7 h per day i've good skills at RP and others things i can be helpfull Contact me ingame for your test, english is not too good but nobody is perfect. PENDING.