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  1. Welcome to the National Narcotics Bureau’s Media Archive. You can find our activity screens, events, videos and roleplay stories on this topic. These roleplay stories are going to include really interesting stories. So, I suggest you take some popcorns before reading them. Also, i’m going to thank you all of the g/s/c that helped us in our roleplays. On the other hand, you can see our activities and relationship between the members. You can take part in our videos, screenshots or any other thing that related with our squad. There will be a good advantage that you can visit and check our old screens! Use the format below when you are going to post an event:
  2. Topic updated by : Tantawy Date : 31.05.2016 New update : RPs added Welcome to Black Syndicate RolePlay topic. We decided to make new seperated topic for easier sorting our media. Old media topic will be used for events/activity and BRs/Turf in future if we get so far. Old RPs can be found at old topic but all new will be posted here so keep it up with daily updates. Every Black Syndicate member is allowed to post here but only by using the correct format for RP with a decent screens and story. Main Black Syndicate Topic Black Syndicate Media Center Contract with Organization Zero Confirmed by BS ~ Total RP count: 453 Current month: May December 2014 January 2015 February 2015 March 2015 April 2015 May 2015 June 2015 July 2015 August 2015 September 2015 October 2015 November 2015 December 2015 January 2016 February 2016 March 2016 April 2016 May 2016
  3. Respect Few, Fear None This topic is made to give people an insight into the clubs roleplay activities. Only allowed for Mongols MC members (level 4+) to post screenshots of a decent standard in this topic! (will be updated recently)
  4. Hello people of SAES, I am here once again with another physical and radical script suggestion. As some of you know, we are RPG server and we need some realism, so I thought about getting driver license idea before driving boats/bikes/vehicles/trucks properly. I asked some of our clan members' opinion about it and mixed some ideas, first, I'd like to tell my ideas. It can be a RP group with spawn and script regarding to interest of community, just like SAPA's giving Procop DiplomaYou will apply for registration with a short application (We need sub-forums for that) then DMV will release a date to lessons which every student must come, we can use a big interior to do the lessons. It will be 5-6 minutes long and will occur 2 or 3 times in a week or monthsAfter lessons are done, the students that participate every lesson will be listed and and will get tested one by one or regarding how many instructors are available at the moment (I am thinking to recruit 5-6 instructors who is veteran and loves to RP) with a short driving test includes signals and obeying the traffic rules, like SAPA's DD test or SWAT's driving trainingAs far as I remember SAPA makes their trainees to drive bank to bank in a certain time like 2-3 minutes, and SWAT focuses on smooth turns on their police sultans, with that way both crim and cop sides can learn several trick from driving vehicles properly. Students who passes the test will get driver license,Now lets check the clan members' idea who actually didn't ignore me ; Jay : ESO : Gengar : You lads can either add your own opinions or agree one of them written above. I am also open the suggestions from community, I am thinking to create the RP group about this and give a try at server to give a symbolic drivers license, Pros of this idea : - Less people who disturbs the traffic because they won't use their cars properly or with full speed - Cops' pullover RP's finally will mean something as you have a real identity. Cons of this idea : - Non RP'ers will be mad - Cops won't be able to chase people properly, crims can't avoid them properly.
  5. Hello, as some of you know i am working on a roleplay mode for the game "Space Engineers". Check some videos about the game on youtube if you want to know how the game looks like. I was inspired by Star Wars (Movies, games, books). If you want to join me, feel free to do so! everyone is welcome, even if you are completly new to Space Engineers. further informations and content will be added soon.
  6. All Roleplays will be posted below this topic.This topic made for roleplays.Do not post any other activities here. Gang Application Topic:CripZ Official Application Page CripZ Media Archive:Click here to see Total Roleplays:-335- #October/November#24 #December#27 #January#12 #February#30 #March#54 #April#30 #May#72 #June 44 #July#16 #August#27 #September# Dealing with YakuZaRedDevils
  7. RAF ~ Revolution Armed Forces RAF or Revolution Armed Forces is a group based on the new spawn: "Amateur Rebel". We decided to make this group, as this brings a new aspect of roleplaying to SAES. The group can be used in many criminal activities, as long as it stays REBEL! We are a ROLEPLAY GROUP, you do not have to leave your gang/squad/company for it. The group is has several ways in roleplaying, that will be shown in this topic. We can be found in the game while roleplaying with the following name: RAF|Mr.[ROLEPLAYNAME] Extra info: Roleplay #1 : The Meeting: Roleplay #2: The deal:
  8. Dear SAES Community, On september 29th, 2015. Week after week of street racing and training lessons. The HQ of raceTECH, called the young man in for a meeting @ The rTECH HQ downtown Los Santos. He was nerves his mind went on if he had impressed or failed some of the training lessons. After his first day of arrival to the city, he have gotten much more mature and even better due racing. But this day raceTECH wanted to have a word with the new racer. He met the leader of raceTECH, the veteran. He got asked few questions about his training period over the past month. After he responded, they decided to congratulate him. Because he have succeed to become an official racer of the known group called raceTECH. He finally succeed and got what he always wanted. He got invited, and now he race on behalf of raceTECH for many years and generations. He though back on the time where he decided to leave his hometown to become a professional racer. HE MADE IT. THE END. (This was the end of the roleplay “The New Racer In Town” hope you’d enjoy) participants: Shaw - As "The New Racer / raceTECH" Jay - As "raceTECH Veteran" Karitos - As "raceTECH Racer" Gramolas - As "raceTECH Racer" Screenshots: Best Regards,
  9. The racing Millionaire: Hello, my name is Howard Johnson. I am a 45 year old Millionaire who owns properties and a mechanic business in Palomino Creek, Red County. Racing is my life, I have amazing cars and I take care of them like they are my babies. When I was 20 years old I started to work at a mechanic company in Las Venturas. After I made enough money to buy my own garage I found a great location in Palomino Creek. I have been collecting super cars and race vehicles since my 25th. It's my hobby and my life. My collection has a: Hotring Racer, Cheetah, Super-GT, Elegy, Huntley and a Turismo. These cars were millions of dollars together and with their engine upgrades even more. I have my own workshop where I take care of my own cars in Palomino Creek. It has 2 bridges and a forklift for engine lifting. In the last years I have made money with illegal drag races, street races and legal track races. My cars have been unstoppable for a while. A strange thing that I found out was that my Elegy was not performing that well anymore, in my last race I crashed against a huge pillar of a bridge because of this. This became fatal for the car and I had to take it out to a professional workshop that is specialized at repairing cars. This brought me to RaceTech. A club of racers that is professional at their work and deliver the best work at fixing my car. The guy that helped me that day was called Avon Barksdale. He is a specialized mechanic for drifting vehicles. He was the perfect guy for the job. We brought my car to the workshop and he checked everything. The engine was broken, the bodykit was ruined on the front and the right door was broken aswell. The total cost of all of this was $95.000,-. A huge expense but in my opinion, totally worth it. I thanked Avon for his amazing job an gave him a small tip of $500,- because of the good job that he did. Avon and I came to the conclusion that we should race together. This will happen very soon.. Thanks to: *rTECH|ATZ RDMC|Sneijder
  10. Dear SAES Community. On September 3th, 2015. ”The new racer in town” went to the streets for racing, it was a morning like any other. Racer. Shaw got up in the morning, getting a fast bath and then headed to the streets! But today something dramatically happened due his driving. This day should be the last day he would race his old racing car, before getting a new one. (He just wanted to give it a last spin) The new racer named Shaw, he got off road and couldn’t see anything in front of his car. He didn’t know where he was going, suddenly a tree comes out of nowhere. He crashes right into it, his car started smoking - he didn’t felt too well due this situation. He faces the problem, and called a friend of his. He knew few gang members from the Biker Club - RedDevilsMC. He remembered them from his first days in Las Venturas, they’ve helped in once, so why couldn’t they be able to help twice he thought. After the phone call, he got in touch with the vice president of the RedDevilsMC - Thing. He told the new racer Shaw, which he have gotten out of Las Venturas and ended up in a small City area in Los Santos, named Palomino Creek. Shaw asked Thing to help him out, he required a pick-up truck and a place to get his car fixed. Mr. Thing went straight to Shaw - he was nearby the crash. They got the mashed car locked on to the pick-up truck and headed to the garage. The RedDevilsMC Garage was full of life, with people ready to help out. Mechanics all over the place, thing changed his cloth and got to work. He got helped to fix Shaw’s car. The engine was smoked away in pieces, the car required a whole new V10 engine to function again. RedDevils members helped each other to succeed fixing the car. The required engine, was not on their label in Palomino Creek. So they got the engine transported in a truck to the garage. They got it replaced with the old one, fixed doors and added new car glass. The car got fully repaired so the new racer Shaw, could go see his racing homies once again in Las Venturas. He continued his racing, he kept his old car for a while after the crash. He could not sell it or leave his old car for now. To be continued… Participants/thanks to: Shaw - As "The New Racer" Thing - As RDMC friend / mechanic Picos - As Pick-up truck driver / Mechanic XgangsterX - As Mechanic And other RedDevilsMC Members: -Dankata -Absent -Dave -Sneijder -XbladeX Screenshots: (credit: Shaw) This Roleplay was made for raceTECH. Best Regards,
  11. Dear SAES Community, On August 28th, 2015, a new racer arrived to the city Las Venturas. He is born and raised in streets of San Fierro. His childhood was special, he were one of a kind. He lived with his older brother and parents. His parents they got divorced later on in his life, this resulted in outlaws activities. Due the time he got older and more mature, he joined local street races all over the city of San Fierro. But one day he realised that he wanted even more due racing. So he decided to cross the bridge, right over to an unknown city and population. He continued his journey anyway, he had money for fuel so he just kept going. Thank guard for his criminal activities, people heard that there was a guy who had left his hometown and went to Las Venturas in the search of racing streets. - Later on, his car had an emergency stop on the highway. Luckily he knew a gang from the past, who might be able to help him out on this. The RedDevilsMC, they got in touch and fixed his race car right away. Once the work was done, he headed to the roads once again. He was aware of this popular racing group that he has been reading about in the news paper the morning before. The racer told the RDMC biker, that he was looking for any possibility to race. raceTECH was the name of the racing group, the racer got in touch in one of the rTECH racer named Luiz. They had a conversation about his past and future plans for his life. That he wanted to become a real racer, racing the street of San Andreas. Afterwards they went through few training sessions, and made a deal about future training dates. To be continued… participants: Shaw - As "The New Racer" Thanks to: Luiz - As "raceTECH Racer" Rombly - As "RedDevilsMC Mechanic" Screenshots: The beginning inspired by: Hidden Best Regards,
  12. RECRUITMENT STATUS: OPEN Date of creation: 15.01.2015 Founder: Lumen This is Rolepay group = you don't have to leave your current squad/company/gang. This group mostly related to police side,but criminals still able to apply,just notice this before making any applications. Division of Immigration Control has been made by the government of San Andreas a long time ago,in 2005 due to new wave of immigrants who brought a lot of drugs and illegal weapons into our home.It's was a mafia,because of this Police Department didn't have much time to train specialists and took huge amount of usual police officers to clear our streets from immigrants with their drugs and weapons.Fortunately this measure worked and criminal elements has been scared..DIC was working till 2007,by 2007 year illegal transportation and amount of immigrants decreased to low level and here was no point to spend money for supporting this Division.Government decided to dissolve this division,usual police officers were enough to protect SA... Later almost 7 years appears opportunity to a strong gangs to come back in San Andreas!They're had experience in anothers countries and now feels ready to enjoy this war again,but the Government knows about their plans and prepared new generation of DIC from skilled police officers. DIC engaged of eliminating one of most important problems in every country - Immigration and illegal delivering weapons/drugs between cities of San Andreas!Often exactly this reasons undermine economic's and lifetime stability,DIC has been formed to change current situation.Current division would take care of it,thats what our roleplay includes: Citizen's registration verification on roadblocks and checkpoints.If you're trying to escape from us by using your vehicle or something like this,you will be stopped and arrested immideately! We're able to check citizens/vehicles if they got our attention by driving on left side,crashing into someone or something else,thats makes us think that you're not in adequate conduction and probably scared of someone,you're should to pull you over and provide your car for unobstructed examination. Sometimes we will raid civilian companies or just companies to check them for presence of illegal labor,thereby Supervisors of current company should pay penalty and deal with citizenship of workers. As well we're gonna raid gang bases with help of another elite squads to find out any hidden weapons and drugs,this illegal supply have to be interrupted. Exactly this tactic would help SA to raise our economic and lifetime! 1.Follow in-game rules,can be viewed in F1. 2.Follow ProCop rules as well,most of times you should RolePlay,except Storе Robberies and Bank Robs. 3.Be polite in-game,don't argue in main chat with someone,especially with admins and by using colours/caps. 4.Respect the others just like you respects yourself. 5.Always,remember,always use /report first and attach the link to the picture of Rulebreak,before calling an admin(suggest you to use Steam in-game in this case,would help a lot). 6.Always use our binds in pursuits. 7.Worthily relate to HQs decisions,if you got warned or something like that = well deserved. 8.If your teammate breaking laws of current server as DIC division member,report him to HQ firstly and only after it to Admins,HQs are responsible for their members. The main rule: This isn't a squad,you're not allowed to use this tags and drive around to randomly arrest citizens,always strict to roleplay and act like a badass cop only in dangerous for your life cases. Our base located in Red Country,place with average activity and between two most important cities of the San Andreas.Current location is an important place,because immigrants scared of huge cities,there is a lot of squads and police officers patrolling around,so they prefer to work in such places. Commander [C]: Lumen Commander's Deputy [CD] : Shah HQs [HQ] - persons that responsible for recruitment and new officers: Ardron ZPilot ​HQ Assistant: Tut Lawyer (We should have atleast one Lawyer,with perfect english knowledge,Department of Justice members can join without application - 3 slots): M7Mod Assault Unit [AU]: Canine cop (have to be PC and have partner - Dog) [CC]: Trained Member [TM]: Chuchi Recuit* [iCR*] - Immigration Control Recruit* - 3 days : Members in total - 7 I.Brief In-game nickname: Account name: Real name: Age: Primary language: II.Main information How long you have been playing at server?: Rate your english (0-10): Are you ProCop?: What's your current groups?: What's your current gang/squad/company?: Previous bans/kicks: Why you're decided to join into our division?: III.Roleplay/Rules part Explain what is RP and lexical meaning: Explain what is DM: Are you acquainted with server's rules: Are you acquainted with PC/DIC rules: IV.Optional information Tell us about yourself(30 words minimum): HQs have to check and make their own opinions about players,who've got the pending status,to track them easily here is special list,following officers is on PENDING: Rewind Screenshots from our roleplays will be posted in the new topic #later How to report a member of division?Just leave the message to commander,report form below!
  13. #1 The Preparation : Part 1 Our country was going through rough times, San Andreas was being attacked by an unknown terrorist group. These terrorists were taking down several important places, there were rumors that there were religious fanatics who wanted to inject their religious thoughts on our people. The new liberation Army had to do something about it. We had to prepare for the upcoming war with these brutal terrorists. After a short meeting, We planned to Destroy their Bases But this would not be possible unless We get a special bomb known as " RDX ". We knew one dealer who could provide us with these supplies. We contacted the dealer and he asked us to meet at lv quarry in order to receive the supplies. So, We prepared our Convoy and went off to our destination. We arrived at our destination and the dealer loaded the RDX into our Truck after receiving the Cash. While We were on our way to Our Base to unload the supplies from the truck, HLS intercepted us and took our supplies to their Base after shooting down few of our Army personal, one of the HLS member was also killed during the intense situation. The day we hoped to be full of glory turned into a failure, We failed our first mission. The Army General William Billy Mitchell was disappointed but did not lost his hope. The General motivated his soldiers and took an oath to accomplish the same mission some day later. One of our Intel told us that someone from among us informed HLS about our mission and We later found out that he was none other than an Mi-6 member who later went under cover and turned himself into a revolutionist to be trusted/joined into PLA. One of the reason We failed our mission was due to one traitor being providing with valuable information about our mission to the HLS. Part 2 Coming Soon.. -William Billy Mitchell (Leader & General Of The People's Liberation Army)
  14. Target : Lawyer After a long time we got a new cargo from the Salvador.That cargo has illegal Marijwana , Hachich and Cocaine.We can not store the cargo for a long time.We needed sell & split that cargo in a short time.Our friends called me and they are redirected us to The Outfit.After we have contacted with some Outfit members and decided to meet at The Outfit Mansion in Middle of the Tierro Robado. When we head to The Outfit Mansion they were waiting for us.After a long time finally we've meet with them and needed start discuss with them about what they needed. The Outfit members and Mara Salvatrucha members made a line against each other and we started deal. We started introduce what kind of drugs we have and effects.There we had Marijwana & Hachich in the van.Firstly we show them Marijwana & Hachich from the van's trunk.When they told us they wanted cocaine than we redirect them to our El Jefe's low rider VooDoo.We had high quality Salvador maiden cocaines in the VooDoo's trunk.When we introduced our Marijwana,Hachich & Cocaines let them taste the drugs. When they understand we are not a newbie dealers and our drugs are really high qualified drugs they wanted buy some packages.They told us how many packages they wanted but we needed to be sure about the money and firstly we wanted see the money and they took us to the their hidden garage and there were many bags filled with money.They proved us they have enough money for that deal and we were okay. When they prove they have enough money we've told them okay now lets take packages into their your store and after we can talk about payment and prices.Than firstly we gave them 10 packages Marijwana and 5 packages Hachich from the van.And we have them 30 packages of cocaine from the VooDoo. When we carried drugs to the their store , They're invited us to the their office for talk about payment and price of drugs.Then we are all started walk into the office but someone needed to stay outside for cover arround from the cops and agents. Finally we were in the office.The Outfit's high ranked member and Mara Salvatrucha's el jefe started discussing about the payment type and price.We made a list what kind of drugs they have bought and show them the list ●30 Packages of the Cocaine ●10 Packages of the Marijwana ●5 Packages of the Hachich We are calculated the prices and give them the total prices.Totaly they have to pay use 50.000$.They needed pay 30.000$ for cocaine , 15.000$ for marijwana and 5.000$ for the Hachichs. They've accepted that and paid our money as cash. When we finished our job we wanted leave there and back to base. The Outfit members wanted to get more information about the Mara Salvatrucha and let us the introduce ourselve to them.We told them our all services.Drug dealing service, Prostation service , Contract Killing service.When we told them our services they were shocked because they tought we are small and newbie orginastion.After that they are interested with us more than the began of the deal. They were learned our all services and they still didnt want to let us leave their mansion.They wanted say something to us but they were beware about that and their high ranked member started the word.They were interesting with our "Contract Killing Service". They told us they had some problems with a "lawyer".That lawyer was working for their biggest enemy mafia.That lawyer made many troubles in a short time and that lawyer was popular.If that lawyer get murdered this would be known from the The Outfit and they can not touch the lawyer because of that reason. We heared that and we suggested them to use our contract killing service.They accepted that and gave us informations about that lawyer.That lawyer's name was "Mamado" and his house and office was in "Red County".We told them that informations good but not enough and they gave us his office's full address and "picture of lawyer". That picture was taken by magazine services and the lawyer was leaving bank.Magizine services talkig about the lawyer deposited 1.000.000$ to bank and he won that money from the mafia's case.That lawyer was really dangerous and very trouble full.Mara Salvatrucha cholo's found his office and took picture of the lawyer's office. Now we knew everything and ready for the murder lawyer.Lawyer's office was at the corner which one next to Red County Bank.When we going to leave The Outfit Mansion they wanted to be sure about everything and send their one member with us. We were reach the Red County and started wait for the when lawyer get outside.There we were three guys.Two Mara Salvatrucha members and one The Outfit member.When the lawyer went outside of his office there we saw him and run on him.When we catch the lawyer , we've surrounded him and he surrendered but everything was told he needed die and we murdered lawyer. When we complated the mission there we made to much noise and needed runway from there.We started run into alley and we lost ourselve from the cops. When we complated mission Mara Salvatrucha member called our el jefe about we clearly complated mission and The Outfit member called their mansion about the Mara Salvatrucha clearly murdered the lawyer.After that phone talks there we left the palace and each other. Thanks to everyone who participated the "Target : Lawyer" roleplay.Here we wanna tell a special thanks to the followed names ; O|Slimshady O|Larzen O|Khalil O|Julio O|Xeni0 And others , which ones here i forgot the write their names.
  15. Dude's SAi activites archive Hello everyone In this topic you be able to follow my SAi activities Reason of making this topic: I become interested in SAi on last recruitment which i didn't passed and of that date i'm doing my best to show you guys that i'm worth to be a part of SAi. I was busy with my own squad (National Crime Agency) which all you heard - Died,but that dosen't metter and didn't have much time to be a part of your activities,but i've been part of them as much as i can. Now when i'm part of MI-6 i will continue with my activities and become hardworker in my plan. Why i'm interested in joining SAi: Frist to said, i'm not so "popular" guy on the server and i don't want to be. The San Andreas Interceptors always inspired me. I've work really hard to improve my activity and RP for reputation of SAi. SAi is a well and active RP group with a nice role which is having fun while RPing. It'a a nice organized group because everyday they doing some kind of activity. SAi have a skilled members wich RP skills are very high and with them i can improve mine. Also, i have the general knowledge of the server and i think that's SAi is great opportunity and challenge for me. Why should you accept me: I'm totally prepared to help SAi, to offer my dedication, activity and maturity to the group beacuse i'm very respectful and disciplined. I'm know very well every rule and i obey them and really carefully doing all my activities. I'm very calm when i'm playing and i really don't act to harsh to anyone ( i think that's imporant beacuse it can ruin SAi reputation ). I'm also teamworker and i really enjoying in teamworking and that's main thing in life, you can do much better something than alone. If you have a nice team which would do anything for you - that's really nice. I think that's SAi beacuse it has a nice team with which i'm hangout everyday and they learned me alot. I'd like to gather feedback from different people and listen him and that's for me really imporant, beacuse with this you can improve your skills and sometimes it's very helpful. About me: My name is Antonio, in-game know as Dude. My roleplay nick is Jimmy Lopez (i always used it on SAMP). I started to playing on SAES in December 2011.I coming from Croatia - a beautiful country and I'm 18 years old. I like watching and play football and I'm also involted in other sports, My favorite football club is Hajduk Split.I love adrenaline and action.I don't have job yet beacuse i still going to school ( styuding Economic ).I always been inspired on the "law side" and one day maybe i will become something on that side. I also like weapons and piloting and beacuse of that i always want to be a solider in Croatian army like my father. I'm also going to gym everyday and train on my body. Total activity count: 24 RP's done with criminals: 36 Roadblock #1 SAi members: Ardron and Mickey Description: SAi inspectors made a roadblock on LS-LV highway. All was going slowly and fine till around 20 bikers with RDMC marks on freeways tryed to pass through roadblock. We stopped them and they cooporate with us. We frisked every person and every bike. Everyone was clear, except one which is deported to LS jail beacuse he was illegal stuff in a jacket. Screens: Roadblock #2 SAi members: Arimox and Crizz Description: SAi inspectors made a roadblock on LS-LV highway. Traffic was slowly and safe. There was no much cars beacuse it was night, only a couple who were backing from job to Los Santos. Roadblock closed very fast beacuse there was no people. Screens: Roleplay #1 SAi members: Description: All avaiable units was called to report at SAi base, of course who would help in making roadblock, I responded very fast and were ready for an action. We are sorted in groups/units which SAi inspector sorted.Plan was to make an big roadblock with speed chases on LV-SF highway. I was sorted in heli unit PH1 with Amit from SWAT. My job was radio infoming about incoming cars from LV to roadblock. We were also involted in pursuits. Screens: Roadblock #3 SAi members: Ardon,Artimox and Sabin Description: SAi inspectors made a roadblock on LS-LV highway. There was alot of criminals from wanted lists who stopped a car and stepped out. They passed frisk and we started to asking question which was imporant to us. In one moment we stopped an suspiciuos man, Artimox frisked his car and whispered to me that guy has a drugs into it,but not to much. We leaved him with a ticket, lucky day for him. Screens: Roadblock #4 SAi members: MarksMan Description: SAi commander MarksMan made an roadblock on LS-LV highway. I was controled an suspicious cars. Everything was normal and every person cooporate with us. We checked few cars (hood and trunk) and everything was clear. Screens: Roadblock #5 SAi members: Heaton Description: SAi Inspector Heaton made an roadblock at LS-LV highway. Traffic was solid. After some time we stopped an police sultan. Inspector asked them for a badge to show that they are cops,but they didn't have it with them and there was a problem. They wanted to prove that they are not on duty now, but they drive an police sultan. We take care about that and they continue with working their job. Screens: Roadblock #6 SAi members: Heaton Description: SAi Inspector made an roadblock near Los Santos jail and requested back up. Few units included me responded and we were controling an traffic. Screens: Roadblock #7 SAi members: Heaton and ArtimoX Description: SAi Inspectors called me any unit to come for a help in making an roadblock on LV-LS highway. Plan was to close highway and make an new road (alternative). That was a great plan and road was a nice. I was there from the start and helping inspectors to make it better. I suggested alot of things ( hope it helped ). But finally when they made it, they got an call about speed chase and then they need to leave it ((danny removed it beacuse they closed an highway)) Screens: Patrol #1 SAi members: ArtimoX Description: I was in a patrol with SAi Inspector ArtimoX and two guys from SAPA. I was an driver. We chasing an suscpects from Police Panel. We arrested one guy in Whetstone and continue to patroling around San Andreas. Screens: Patrol #2 SAi members: ArtimoX and Heaton Description: I was in a patrol with SAi Inspector's ArtimoX and Heaton. We patroled around San Andreas. Roads was clear and we didn't have so much job. We were stopped by TST Agent who asked Inspector's for a badge and Inspectors showed him and he leaved us. Screens: Patrol #3 SAi members: SkulioN Description: I was in a patrol with SAi Debuty SkulioN. We are good friends and he explained me alot of things about SAi and learned me some usefull tricks. We patroled around San Andreas. Screens: Roadblock #8 SAi members: ArtimoX, Toreno, Ardron, MrGamer, Shaun, DanielR, Fyrr Description: There was alot of SAi inspectors on duty and they made an roadblock on LV-SF highway. Every avaiable unit responded and there was alot of police and people who respresent a law. We pullovered suspiciuos cars/drivers for traffic control or beacuse of high speed. We checked their driver licenses and ID's and after that we checked them and their car's in hope that we will find illegal stuff. I pullovered 4-5 cars and done an normal procedure. Screens: Patrol #4 SAi members: SkulioN Description: I was in a patrol with SAi Debuty SkulioN. We patroled in Las Venturas. We stopped an criminal near burger,but he didn't want to cooporate with us and we arrested him. After him we tryed to pullover an suspiciuos car,but he didn't stopped. We asked for an back up,but no one responded. SkulioN with good driving skills made him to crash his car and he was on foot and i arrested him. That was a nice day with two arrests. Screens: Click Roadblock #9 SAi members: Laza Description: Captain Laza made an roadblock on LV-SF highway. One officer from SAFP and me pullovered vehicles and checked ID and driving licenses. Everything was clear, except one guy named "Pain" has an expired date on driving license and i warned him that he need a new driving license. Screens: Click Patrol #5 SAi members: Laza Description: I was in a patrol with SAi Captain Laza. We patroled around San Andreas. As always we meet in SAi base and started from there. This is frist time i patroled with captain. Laza is one of most skilled members i meet and i know i can learn much from him. We were in speed chase on SF bridge and we lost an suspect. This was an very nice patrol where i learned some useful tricks in speed chase. Screens: Click Patrol #6 SAi members: Ardron and ArtimoX (pro drivers ) Description: I was in a patrol with SAi Chief Ardron and Inspector ArtimoX. We patroled around San Andreas. We were in many speed chases and arrested many criminals who didn't listen our orders. Frist we started with following roadtrip and controling an trafiic and after that we continued with patrol. Screens: Click Patrol #7 SAi members: SkulioN Description: I was in a patrol with SAi Debuty SkulioN. We patroled around San Andreas. We were in a few speed chases and we finished them well. We had an action on Los Santos - Las Venturas highway when some high armed criminal started shooting on us,but we did well and arrested him with teamwork. That was actually a nice morning. Screens: Click Patrol #8 SAi members: ArtimoX Description: I was in a patrol with SAi Inspector ArtimoX and San Andreas Police Academy Trainee Sceptic and some guy who asked us for a ride. We patroled around San Andreas. We were in a few speed chases and we finished them well. I find out how's SAi cars are strong and can destroy any other can and i like it in pursuits. Screens: Click Patrol #9 SAi members: ArtimoX and Ardron Description: I was in a patrol with SAi Inspector ArtimoX and Chief Ardron in secound car. We patroled around San Andreas. We were in a few speed chases and we also responded on few back up calls. We patroled with 2 cars and that was actually more interesting. We pullovered 2 suspicious wanted by police people beacuse they were drunk and they drove an car on a left side of the road. Screens: Click Roadblock #10 SAi members: Ardron, Artimox, Fyrr, Haveer and Blade Description: SAi Inspectors made an roadblock on LS-LV highway. We went there after patrol and tired day for us. We pullovered few cars and everything was clear except one in which car we found an pack of weed, but on the and agent from The Strike Team said that is fake weed and we lefted him. Also one guy has an expired driving license and i warned him that he need to pay an ticket for it and goes to Los Santos Police Department to renewal it. Screens: Click Patrol #10 SAi members: Mindy and Gasper Description: I was in a patrol with SAi Inspectress Mindy and Debuty Gasper. We patroled around San Andreas, most on LV-LS highway. We were in a few speed chases and pursuits and we arrested few criminals who were wanted list. Screens: Click Patrol #11 SAi members: Blade and Shaun Description: I was in a patrol with SAi Chief Blade and Shaun and San Andreas Police Academy cadet. We patroled around San Andreas. We started to cheking an speed of vehicles in Las Venturas main road and than on LV-LS highway. After that we take an pause and runed in town. After couple of minutes we are back on the road and we continued to patrol. We were in a few speed chases and arrested some trucker near Los Santos jail. We also pullovered some biker near Los Santos burger and checked his driving license, he wasn't wanted in any charge and we lefted him. That was interesting day to meet an Chief of San Andreas Interceptors. Screens: Click Patrol #12 SAi members: ArtimoX and Ardron Description: I was in a patrol with SAi Inspector ArtimoX. We patroled in Las Venturas. We stopped an driver who was driving SGT 200 kph where is speed limit 120 kph and on the left side of the road. I explained him why we pullovered him and how speed limit is very imporant beacuse if drivers driving by speed limits we can stop many crashes. His ID and driving license was clean and he finished only with an warning points and ticket of 500$. After that we continued to patrol on SF-LV highway. Then Chief Ardron called an Inspector ArtimoX to pick up him in SAi base and we heading to that place. We picked up him and start patrol around, but we had an crash. Everyone is still alive and without any injury. Lucky day. Screens: Click Patrol #13 SAi members: ArtimoX and Ardron Description: I was in a patrol with SAi Inspector ArtimoX and Chief Ardron and San Andreas Police Academy cadet Oscar. We patroled around San Andreas. We stopped an biker. He was too tired and his ID was clear and we lefted him with warning.After that we decided to eat some donuts in Bone County restoraun. I wasn't hungry and i decided to drink coffee to stay wake for a job. After that we came back to work. We stopped some guy. We checked everything and he has two unpayed tickets ( one of parking and one of driving more than speed limit ) which costed $ 1500 and we took him to Bone County Sheriff office to pay them. (( i acted like an officer)) and he payed an tickets. We warned him that he need to pay them in one month in future. We was in some speed chases after that guy and arrested one trucker who was really crazy. Screens: Click (i can't add more photos here, i will put them in each post as i add new roadblock/patrols) Topic will be updated. Thanks for reading. Regards, Dude.
  16. Welcome into my Cuban Cars roleplaying media center. Over here I am going to post my roleplaying as mechanic with Cuban Cars members and high ranked team. FAQ: Total Roleplay Count: 20 No.2 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing and Fixing FBI Vehicles Roleplay Leader: I-Gun Roleplay Size: Medium Screenshots: No.3 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing and Fixing S.W.A.T. vehicles Roleplay Leaders: I-Gun & GetaGrip Roleplay Size: Large Screenshots: No.4 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing and Fixing Random Vehicles Roleplay Leaders: I-Gun & inFamous Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No.5 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing and Fixing Random Vehicles Roleplay Leaders: Shanks & inFamous Roleplay Size: Medium Screenshots: No.6 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing Cuban Cars & Getting Vehicle Parts Roleplay Leader: Cheess & Henry Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No.7 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing and Fixing Random Vehicles Roleplay Leader: Simba Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No.8 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing, Fixing and Modificating Random Vehicles Roleplay Leader: Smokey187 Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No.9 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing Random Vehicles Roleplay Leader: Fernandez Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No.10 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing Cuban Cars Burrito Roleplay Leader: Chess Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No.11 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing Civilian's Sabre Roleplay Leader: Rubisel Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No.12 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing Cuban Cars Roleplay Leaders: Cedok, Duff & Teller Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No.13 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing Random Vehicles Roleplay Leaders: Dequ Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No.14 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing Cedok's Vehicle Roleplay Leaders: Cedok Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No.15 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing Smokey's Friend a Vehicles Roleplay Leaders: Smokey187 Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No.16 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing Civilian's vehicle with SiirTuga Roleplay Leaders: SiirTuga Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No. 17 Roleplay: Title: Repairing Picador with Smokey187 Roleplay Leaders: Smokey187 Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No. 18 Roleplay: Title: Repairing Cuban Cars' vehicle with I-Gun Roleplay Leaders: I-Gun Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No.19 Roleplay: Title: Repairing "Friends" vehicle with SiirTuga Roleplaying Leader: SiirTuga Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: No.20 Roleplay: Tittle: Repairing Cuban Cars' Van Roleplay Leaders: Cheess Roleplay Size: Small Screenshots: For more screenshots take a look at my album with all the screenshots on imgur. Click here and get right inside the album with screenshots. Greetings, Worm.
  17. Welcome to my Cuban Cars RP archive, I will inform here all my Roleplays I've done with Cuban Cars. I will bump this topic weekly, if I am active. Let's get started .. Roleplay 1 Kind of RP: Cuban Cars random workshop. Date: 28/09/2014 Location: Gruppe6 area, Bone County Cuban Cars Members: [AA]Mago0, [AA]Furqan & [AA]Cedok Participators: Mech. iOuail, Mech.IRAMINE, Mech.Huseyin, Mech.Wizzy & Mech.Millionaire I was called to come as soon as possible to the Cuban Cars workshop at The Gruppe6 Area in Bone County. When I was arrived, I had a talk with Mech.Huseyin, about the vehicle which must be repaired. After talking about it, we were ready to get started. After replacing a new rearbumper, and the OIL of the engine we finished with the Huntley. After repairing the Huntley, I got a new fellow worker called Mech.IRAMINE. IRAMINE, was an experienced worker, we called him to do the hard jobs. First we had to make a talk about the next vehicle we will repair. We was checking if the vehicle needs a new clutch plate or not. The radiator was broken, so we had to repair that later. Photoshoot of the workers Roleplay 2 Kind of RP: Little workshop in CC garage. Date: 29/09/2014 Location: Cuban Cars Garage in San Fierro Cuban Cars Members: Mecanico.MarkzZ Participators: Mech.iOuail & Mech.Wizzy I got called by my fellow worker, he told me that he needs help to get a vehicle repaired. When I was arrived, the vehicle was already checked. The vehicle's engine was broken, so we had to order a new one. When we were able to take the engine from a garage in San Fierro, we went to it, to deliver the engine to the Cuban Cars Garage in San Fierro.
  18. Hello, This topic will display all my mechanic based role plays and patrols on the server. 1# Impound Patrol with G-Force: 2# Impound Patrol with Epic 3# TST car show event 4# LS Repair patrol.1 5# LS Repair patrol.2 6# Repairing a vehicle in the CC SF workshop 7# Repair patrol
  19. In current media archive,Grid members will post screenshots from events and stories from our roleplays.This isn't page for your applications and discussions. Grid - roleplay group at SAES,we're elite racers and could repair/mod your vehicles in future,you don't have to leave your squad/gang/company to join us. Official Application Page Cheers,HQ team of Grid. MarksMan,Lumen.
  20. Midtown Gangsters RolePlay RP Type: Crafting & Transporting weapons. Pariticipants: [MG]AchGaZ, [MG]Apple, [MG]Silver, [MG]Platinium, [MG]Bit, [MG]Iouail, [MG]Bully & [MG]Frkly. RP Backstory : Midtown Gangsters had a war against one of the most known gang in Liberty City the next month. Their weapons storage is empty. No weapons,No grenades. They regrouped in their base and went to MG warehouse to make the weapons. Midtown Gangsters warehouse is located in south of SanFierro. They went there with their burrito and sultan and started working. They made 10000 M4,25000 Sniper,10000 Grenades,500 Rifle in only 2 weeks. After that, the MG's loaded all the weapons on the cars and went as fast as they can to the base. When they arrived, they unloaded the weapons and placed them on their underground area carefully. Some screens of our RolePlay : Kind regards AchGaZ MG treasurer & RolePlay manager
  21. HS - Roleplay with Zetas Cartel Story: In the late evening, members of Zetas Cartel landed in our base. They came out of nowhere and we weren't prepared on their attack. they unmastered us and forced us to show them where our drugs factory was. We had to load their vehicles in, with our packages of drugs they had stolen from us. Before they left they kidnapped one of the hell soldiers for the recept of the drugs. When the cartel leaved the HS base, the Hell soldiers followed them right away to take their revenge. Once the Cartel arrived at their base, Hell soldiers arrived right after them. They killed and umastered the members of the Cartel, there was one member of the cartel alive and we tied him up against the train tracks, He got killed. Nowadays the organisations are still keeping a eye on eachother. Screenshots:
  22. I am proud to announce the newly created gang, The Cartello's first roleplay. http://saesrpg.net/topic/54057-the-cartello/ Link for Cartello's Official Application and Topic Our first roleplay was a hostage scenario, demanding money to free the hostages. This roleplay started off with a few members being included in the roleplay, but ended up being a great result! SWAT, DE, SAI, FBI all arrived to join the roleplay. Which brought a smile to our faces to create such roleplay, that everybody enjoyed. The roleplay received many positive feedbacks which made us happy, since it was our first roleplay. And this as a leader of the Gang, makes me proud to hear such positive words about my gang's activity! We will make many more roleplays in the future where people can participate if they wish. { 1st Roleplay} This is the screenshot of where we kidnapped the victims and had to escape from the heat to our place, where we would hold them hostage. ___________________________________________________ After a while of escaping. We finally nearly made it to our base with barely escaping from the police. The hostage is sitting in the backseats. _____________________________________________________ This is where we are keeping an eye on the hostages. Holding them in place while we are awaiting our cash to exchange for the hostages. __________________________________________________ After a while of waiting, then the scene turned pretty bad and we had to escape with the hostage. Leading us into an alley, where DE, SWAT, FBI, SAI arrived to aim at us - while we threatened to kill the hostages. _________________________________________________ The scenario turned bad. Resulting in the hostages getting killed, but the members along. The roleplay turned out successful! _________________________________________________ This was the plan for our escape route and for the whole operation.
  23. Now when cops in Sultan cars can get the sirens on. I thought it would be a cool feature if we could add civilian cops. Civilian cops = Where a person's appearance and name color is changed to yellow and he looks like a civilian. But he carries a taser and nightstick to arrest. This could open up for new roleplay opportunites as a cop. The only problem I see in this, is people could abuse the spawn to get to the criminals without being paid attention since you'd look like civilian. But this was just an idea and I would love to hear critics and comments about it. Update: This spawn is only used for RP purpose and can only be spawned if you are Procop.