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  1. Welcome to the National Narcotics Bureau’s Media Archive. You can find our activity screens, events, videos and roleplay stories on this topic. These roleplay stories are going to include really interesting stories. So, I suggest you take some popcorns before reading them. Also, i’m going to thank you all of the g/s/c that helped us in our roleplays. On the other hand, you can see our activities and relationship between the members. You can take part in our videos, screenshots or any other thing that related with our squad. There will be a good advantage that you can visit and check our old screens! Use the format below when you are going to post an event:
  2. Foundation Date: 14th September 2015 Promotional Video: HERE Headquarters: San Fierro Missionary Hill Tag: [NNB]Name<Rank> Recruitment Status: Open Squad Balance: 320.000.000,00$$$ Squad Panel: [National_Narcotics_Bureau] Spawn Color: #C4D9FF Total Member: 46 (25 PC) Squad Level: 5 Mottos: > Anything is possible, the impossible just takes longer. < > Enforce, Educate and Engage, for a drug free San Andreas! < > Let Vigilance Be Our Sword < NNB Binds: NNB Badge: Some Useful Binds: In 1998, Liberty City Narcotics Bureau had many major problems about Liberty City criminal organizations. The city was in chaos and local police departmens were not strong enough to deal with them. Almost whole LC was shared by these mafia families and gangs; Diablos, Forelli Family, Leone Family, Southside Hoods and Uptown Yardies. It was not all. In that year, three new criminal organizations arrived to the city; Triads, Yakuza and Colombian Cartel. The Triads are a Chinese criminal organization and they used their influence to control the Chinatown when they arrived to the city. They were powerful and ruthless. The Yakuza are a Japanese criminal organization. Since they arrived in Liberty City in 1998, their influence has fallen but was still a prominent force in the city. They were led by Asuka and Kenji Kasen in those years. The Colombian Cartel are a Colombian drug cartel and they were led by Miguel and Catalina in following years. First arriving in 1998, they quickly gained control of drugs trade. All these organizations came to the same city with different purposes and plans but all of them tried to control drugs trade. It was a good way to make money. In the meanwhile, two young and ambitious youths started to work in Liberty City Narcotics Bureau after the Academy. In the following years, these two narcotics agents learned to trust one another and became good partners. In 2011, they weren’t same young agents. They were skilled and experienced. They were seniors in LCNB. In 2011-2013, only 2 criminal organizations, Triads, and Uptown Yardies, left in Libery City and whole city was shared by these two. They ended the war between them and made an alliance against LCNB. They shared all drugs trade and started to look for new cities to share. In 2014, they arrived to San Andreas. Triads went to San Fierro for new opportunities. Uptown Yardies settled in Middle Los Santos. Meanwhile, after our senior narcotics agents’ operations against Triads and Uptown Yardies, they lost their influence in Libert City. Hereby, Agent Fadril and Agent Alperreis were promoted to the Assistant Chief of LCNB. In late 2014, Liberty City was peaceful and secure. Yet, Triads and Uptown Yardies were alive. It was because of San Fierro Triads and Los Santos Yardies. They were supporting each other. This is why, someone were supposed to go to the San Andreas and take the first step in the fight against them. Our old partners, Agent Fadril and Agent Alperreis, were willing for this difficult task. After the interviews and some paper-works; they went to the San Andreas, to start their new life. In 2015, they investigated all the local criminal organizations, Triads and Uptown Yardies. Due to the inadequacy of existing narcotics departments, they decided to establish a new, strong and modern narcotics bureau in San Andreas. That’s how they established National Narcotics Bureau.. NNB's vision is to be a leading and dynamic law enforcement agency in the fight against drugs and to make San Andreas drug-free. NNB’s mission is to conduct vigorous enforcement against drug offenders. To actively co-operate with local agencies on drug related matters. To promote a drug-free lifestyle through preventive education and active engagement of the community. NNB’s core values are professionalism, integrity, dedication and courage. NNB conducts regular countrywide operations involving the concurrent mobilisation of resources and manpower across San Andreas to conduct checks against drug abusers and ex-drug abusers who may have relapsed. Other than countrywide operations, NNB conducts operations targeted at specific areas where intelligence sources indicate that drug activity is taking place. In these operations, National Narcotics Bureau uses the best narcotics detector dogs in San Andreas. Our narcotics detector dogs are positively reinforced by the presentation of a hard rubber ball, play toy or rolled up towel and enthusiastically pursue detection of illicit material, which becomes a very exciting and positive experience for the K9. Narcotics and illicit drugs utilized in detection training of our drug dogs include heroin, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines and derivatives thereof. Narcotics detector dogs are extremely versatile drug dogs possessing the flexibility to adapt to any type of search situation. There are 3 main branches that our dogs trained by National Narcotics Bureau trainers: Obedience - Focus Under Distraction - Narcotics Detection Search Obedience: All narcotics detector dogs are trained in Fundamental Obedience to a maximum proficiency level. Both on- and off- leash obedience are taught, and visual (silent) hand commands can be included. Commands include: sit, stay, down, heel and recall. Our drug dogs are commonly trained in English. Focus Under Distraction: Narcotics detector dogs, trained by National Narcotics Bureau trainers, will demonstrate the ability to perform during gunfire, loud noises, crowds and a number of routine distractions in any environment. Narcotics Detection Search: Searches are taught in many environments including the following: Buildings: Narcotics detector dogs learn to perform narcotic searches in buildings varying in size and complexity, while working through a number of distractions. Vehicles: Narcotics detector dogs are taught to search through vehicles of many types, from small cars to large trucks. Luggage/Packages: Narcotics detector dogs receive extensive training searching lockers and detecting trace amounts of narcotics material in parcel and letter type packages of varying size and shape. NNB Drug Testing Laboratory - NNBDTL NNBDTL, the first of its kind in newborn toxicology, alcohol biomarkers and subtances of abuse testing, on a mission to ensure the hardest cases do not go without resolution. NNBDTL specializes in niche areas of forensic drug and alcohol testing. Our vision is enriching and protecting the citizens of San Andreas. Our mission is using the best science available to provide cutting edge tools for the analysis and evaluation of exposure to alcohol, substances of abuse, and toxins. Our value is our qualified service(valid, accurate, and dependable), our people and our integrity(results that you can trust, based on solid science). State-of-the-art Drug Testing Options It used to be that urine testing was the gold standard of drug and alcohol screening. Times have changed. Today’s laboratories are far more sensitive, allowing for highly sensitive testing in alternative matrices. With so many specimens to choose from, how do we know what’s right for our needs? NNBDTL reviews each case and looks at three things: the window of detection, the risk of adulteration, and the ease of collection. The following charts will give you a quick and easy reference for these criterias. Comparison of Alcohol Testing Options With NNBDTL Comparison of Drug Testing Options With NNBDTL NNB Offices NNB Training Area NNB Airport Control Tower NNB Lodging Houses These following rules must be followed all the time by all NNB Members: Follow all of the server rules Follow all the orders from high ranked members Respect all SAES Members and all other players in community Don’t insult/rage someone Don’t argue with people on main chat Be mature and never troll in roleplays Always speak English on main/team/squad chat Don’t make spam on any chat and never spam your binds Be active in-game and on the forums Always try to make RP first before chasing/arresting someone Don't chase someone without binds Don’t chase/arrest someone under 5 stars(Unless they give a good reason) When you chase someone with more than 5 stars, you must first use your NNB RP binds to warn him twice(After the first bind, wait more than 5 seconds before to use second bind. After the second bind, don’t forget to give him reaction time more than 5 seconds again) If they don’t cooperate with you, you can chase/arrest them Always try to arrest them before using lethal force. Remember that you are not a criminal You can use lethal force if the suspect in unreachable spot or the suspect threats your colleague’s life Don’t arrest someone at events Don’t spawn at your properties/local police departments to respond SR/BR/JB faster. Use hospital to go back to the SR/BR/JB or re-spawn at NNBHQ You can use prison warden spawn to respond JB Always wear your squad tag in NNB spawn Cooperate with your colleagues – Use teamwork – Try to help other squad members in your RP Role Don't help your criminal friends to escape while a police officer is chasing them(if you are in police spawn too) Do not do Deathmatch – Revenge Deathmatch – Park Kill – Spawn Kill – Marker Kill – Marker Arrest Do no camp at hospital/jail/event area Do not arrest other police officers Spawning With Stars: 1-8 stars: You can attend to patrols and role plays. But you better find someone(firstly, ask to your own colleagues) to bribe you. Above 8 stars: You cannot attend to patrols and role plays. You have to use another spawn or you have to find someone to bribe you as soon as possible(firstly, ask to your own colleagues). Coming out soon.. TOP BRASS Leader / Director Fadril (PC) Vice Leader / Deputy Director Alperreis (PC) Sub Leader / Associate Deputy Director Tayber (PC) Chief of Staff & Special Counsel to the Director Deu (PC) OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION HQ Amon (PC) Paradox (PC) Ghost. (PC 3ECH Commander Ghost. (PC) Executive Support Staff Sou (PC) Mootjeee RRT Commander Vacant THIRD ECHELON (3ECH) Third Echelon Specialist Vacant Third Echelon Agent Vacant OFFICE OF THE GENERAL COUNSEL SAES Liaison SAES>Bone (PC) SAES>Martijn (PC) SAES>Siddman (PC) General Counsel Vektor (PC) Chronic (PC) iLazy (PC) RAPID RESPONSE TEAM (RRT) Special Agent-in-Charge (SAC) Vacant Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (ASAC) Vacant Supervisory Special Agent Agent.Deniz Maybar66 Senior Special Agent Resk Y3izZoN (PC) SirSeup Crash Koeno100 (PC) Cryptic Cheess# (PC) Special Agent Freeze Hapro (PC) Alexdvla (PC) Doctor MrMark Sezied AlbanianEagle (PC) Gravity Exer Scooty (PC) ROOKIES Agent Polat (PC) Berker (PC) Dragonn Taketwo Sammyy Eliwa Agent in Training Shane360 (PC) Gjemtastic Marksman TaJ Adam Denox (PC) Rank Levels & Tags Level 0: Agent in Training: N/A Agent: <A> Level 1: Special Agent: <SA> Senior Special Agent: <SSA> Level 2: Supervisory Special Agent: <SVSA> Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge: <ASAC> Special Agent-in-Charge: <SAC> General Counsel Level 3: SAES Liaison Third Echelon Agent: <3EchA> Third Echelon Specialist: <3EchS> RRT Commander Executive Support Staff: <ESS> Level 4: 3ECH Commander HQ: <HQ> Chief of Staff & Special Counsel to the Director: <CoS> Sub Leader / Assistant Deputy Director: <sL> Vice Leader / Deputy Director: <vL> Level 5: Leader / Director: <L> Man of Honor @Vektor @Danny. @Bone @TraGeD @Goodie VIP We are grateful for your support and/or donation. The vast majority of your donation will be used to finance our special events. Be ready to recover your donation!! @Jasper (for a badass property donation in San Fierro) @GoldenBoy (20m donation) @Dizzy* (20m donation) @sweman Designer TraGeD (squad logo and topic banners) inFamous (skin customization, userbars, badge, stamps and banners for roster) Architect Bone (level 2 & level 3 headquarters) @Cheess# (for helping us on mapping the NNB hangar for promotion event) @Ntruder (for helping us on mapping the lecture building) In National Narcotics Bureau, we give great importance to quality of our members. That’s why we follow a strict procedure on server and squad rules. Besides, we are also very careful about our members’ behaviors towards to community and our high-ranked members. So, disobeying the rules will be punished harshly. Because in NNB, quality always over quantity. 1st Warning > Don’t worry lad, we are not vindictive. Depending on your attitude, it will be removed in one week. In this time, you have to be patient and show your maturity. My advice is, try to understand why you received that warning and what was your mistake. 2nd Warning > Removing it will take more time than 1st warning. It means, you have some issues about rules. But it is not too late for you! We can still save your soul. You have to show that you have balls to deal with your mistakes. Because you cannot do the same mistake(s) again. 3nd Warning > It will lead you to get kicked. You can try to join us again after 1 month but this time will be harder for sure. As HQ Team, we always have right to make exceptions, depending on the reason for kick. If you get kick again, you will get a spot in our Blacklist. NNB Report System To show our seriousness, we decided to open our own report page. Besides, you can always hit our HQ Team via in-game or forum PM. Click HERE and fill our own report form in order to report a member. STRATEGIC ALLIANCE AGREEMENT BETWEEN: FOX OPERATIONS X - Combat & Intelligence squad organised and existing under the laws of San Andreas, with its head office located at Bone County. AND: NATIONAL NARCOTICS BUREAU - A bureau based on Narcotics, Intelligence & Inspection, organised and existing under the laws of San Andreas, with its head office located at San Fierro. A: INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE: FOX (the Coperation) is proposing NNB(The Alliance member) a strategical alliance boundary. The agreement concludes total discretion of whatsoever squad information. Objective with this agreement is to cave benefital factors for both parties. B: REGULATIONS: 1. As an alliance member, both parties have to respect their agreement partners foes and friendlies. In short, your foes is our foes and vice versa. That to say, agreement will cease if any party experience any non-cooperational acts towards them. 2. Supportive behavior wheater any party requires assistance. 3. Co-op operations, raids etc. should be hosted when manpower & opportunity is availble. 4. Hosting any further alliance with other squads/companies should be considered together with both parties in order to not jeopardize the agreement. 5. Commencement into activties and radio-communication inbetween alliance members are expected, but not "mandatory". > 6. Tax-free services are delivered to both parties. (LWS, bribing etc. ) 7. Financial support is yet to be discussed. 8. Joint-Events are expected, where both parties host larger activites with credit for both squads. CONCLUSION: Both parties herby is eager and agree to obligations and regulations stated above. We are aware any encounter against any rule will eventually lead to agreemental cease and desist. This agreement can be closed by both parties at any time. COMMENCEMENT DATE: 01:24(GMT+2) 9th January 2016 SIGNATURE(The Cooperation) SIGNATURE(The Alliance Member) NNB Standards Education Level High school diploma minimum; college degree required for federal level jobs Degree Field Criminology, psychology, or related field Training Law enforcement academy Key Skills Extensive knowledge of the legal system regarding illicit drugs, communication and interpersonal skills, strong intuitive abilities, ability and openness to work undercover, networking Experience Work experience as a police officer is required Additional Part You have to be respectful to all the NNB members. Your loyalty must be unquestionable. You have to be mature and humble. You have to be at least 16 years old. You cannot have a bad reputation in the server. If you are willing to apply us, you cannot apply to any other g/s/c within the last 7 days. Otherwise, it will lead you to get denied. PS. Exceptions can be made depending on general behavior, skills and experience. Our Expectations You have to spend more time in NNB spawn rather than other spawns. You have to be active on NNB patrols, RPs and trainings. Remarkable forum activity! You have to know how to roleplay as a narcotics agent. You have to carry your NNB tag with a good attitude. You must know that you have to follow high-ranked NNB members’ orders all the time. > All applicants are required to receive and pass these in-game tests after the application stage in order to be sure about their skills. Interview Instructors will ask the applicant some questions about NNB’s role in San Andreas and some general questions. For example; what is his/her motivation in cop-side, what is his/her aim in NNB. Instructor may ask some questions about NNB’s rules to check if the applicant read our main topic properly or not. With this test, we are aiming to see applicant’s knowledge about NNB and check his/her English level(My advice is don’t get help on making your application). This test is the most important part in the testing procedures. Because we can teach you how to make a proper RP, how to jump on 35 and so on. But we cannot teach something if you are not able to communicate with us. Narcotics Roleplay Test Instructor will spawn as a drug dealer and create a RP scenario based on NNB’s RP Role. After that, applicant has to prove that he/she is capable to make a proper RP. With this test, we are aiming to see applicant’s capability and creativity on roleplaying. This test is the 2nd most important part in the testing procedures. Driving Test Instructor will take a police sultan from the nearest police department and let the applicant drive. After that, instructor will give some locations to the applicant to drive in a limited time. With this test, we are aiming to see applicant’s pat selection and driving skills. These locations will be bank to bank routes and will be decided by instructor. Shooting Test Instructor will take the applicant to the nearest airport with a police sultan. In this test, applicant has to hit minimum 2/4 tires of police sultan in a limited range and time while instructor is driving in a circle. With this test, we are aiming to see applicant’s hand-eye coordination and shooting skills. Para-jump Test Instructors will take the applicant to the nearest ammunation and give him/her enough money to buy a parachute. After that, instructor has to show the target to the applicant. Instructor will give 2 chances to applicant for jump on the target. Applicant has to jump on 20 or 35 in order to pass this test. > All applicants have to pass at least 3 out of 5 of these tests. It means that applicants are allowed to fail in 2 of them. If an applicant failed more than 2, he/she can be retested after 3 days. Applicants doesn't need to be retested for the parts he/she already passed before. > If the applicant fails in interview test, he/she will be considered failed in the whole NNB test. Accepted >> It means, your application, general skills and attitude meet with our minimum requirements. Now, you have to find a HQ in-game in order to receive your in-game tests. Good luck! Under-Review >> It means, your application is under-consideration. Be patient and active. We will give an answer on your application as soon as possible. It can take 1-4 days. In the meanwhile, feel free to hang out with us. Pending >> It means, you showed your potential but we are not sure about you for some reasons. Feel free to ask these reasons to our HQ Team. In this point, you have to be mature and patient. Be active and try to attend our role plays and patrols as much as you can. We will give a final answer in 1-5 days. Denied >> It means, you have failed this squad and also Oliver Queen. But don’t give up. We will share our reason(s). So, you can improve yourself and try harder next time. You can re-apply after 2 weeks. Blacklisted >> It means, you went full retard. Your grandma has more chance to join us now.
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