Roleplay title: Crashing Practice. Participants: @Reggi @Marcus RP scenario: ##spoiler Reggi and Marcus were hanging out at Kart Club base when they decided to test their skills and do a couple practice runs. They loaded their karts in the truck and went to a small city near LV. They started to do laps and laps around this one neighborhood really testing the speed of our karts. Reggi reached the top speed in his kart and when he turned one corner too sharp. He crashed his kart into a powerline pole and fell hard off of the kart. Marcus rushed to the rescue, he helped Reggi off the kart and when I was feeling ok we put the karts in the truck again and drove off. As they were driving back to base Reggi asked to be stopped at the ER just for a quick checkup. Everything was fine and we headed back to the base to repair and rebuild that kart. We broke it down and got it all rebuild and fixed and shook hands on a job well done. ##endspoiler