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  1. 21st-Branch- FBI One of the Multiple and lethal branches from the main FBI Core in the United States of America, The FBI Branch 21 is known inside the Federal Agencies due to some -*******- in the past and also related to blackops operations in the mid 50s. The Branch 21, develops and works on a different level from the rest, it is like no other Sub-Division inside the FBI, It operates under a governmental protection created in the 1940s, which has never been modified thanks to its high efficiency. Now, in the new century, The Branch 21 was hidden to the public due to some investigations going with the CIA co-working with the division after the 9/11 attacks, in which the CIA requested 21´s help regarding the terrorists attacks at US soil. The 21´s carries out their tasks with Black Budget from the Main State and private sponsors. Now in 2017, after the government's demand to send the main department of FBIHQ to Liberty City, it has been decided to send The Branch 21 to Los Santos to act in the city and perform clean off tasks. The 21´s works under a different code of morals, and managed by its own people inside the division, this Branch is not like the main FBI known by everyone, inside the 21s, Within the department, one expects professionalism, experience, and above all, capacity of analysis during danger situations. The Branch is an elite force within the FBI that operates withing the Dark side of the law, and managing the crime in their own ground, with their own rules. ----------------------------------------------- 21sT. Branch Web! http://21branch.tk/ (Credits to Tut) ----------------------------------- 1970s San Andreas, a crime ridden state that is led by corrupt government officials, street gangs fighting over territories all over the state and the state's police is helpless, whether it's the frequent ''budget cuts'' or increasing amount of cops getting murdered. In all that mess the Congress has deployed a Federal Bureau of Investigations' headquarters within the state's largest city, Los Santos, to fight off the crime and assist the police officers. 1980s, The Blackgate scandal. In 1982, 12 years after the deployment of FBI units in the area, many investigations had been started. Many government officials had been walking on the plank with dozens of angry sharks in the bottom. FBI's director back then was Striv Ker, who forwarded FBI's SA division the investigation permits and all that. Main focus was the senator himself, Donald Caint. Donald, being the senator had the main role in the destruction and loss of management inthe city, as he was the appointed senator. There was a group of FBI agents tasked with busting Donald in action. The reason to suspect Donald was becauseof two high ranked gang members, different gangs but same story. Donald had been seeing them by himself and did not leave them with a friendly impression. The gang members rat out and soon met their fate, they just disappeared, went off the grid. FBI took it into their hands to investigate the matter as regularpolice could not be trusted. At first there were no clues, no nothing. In June, 1985 a breakthrough was made, because Donald's maid came to LSPD to tell her story about the night the gang members got beaten up badly. At that time there was no reason to tie them to Donald because only proof about it were the words of two criminals, but the maid said that Donald had returned back to his mansion with a bloody napkin. The police officer who heard her out, forwarded the messageto FBI and was later found dead. Hung up in the park next to LSPD. FBI now had Donald as the major suspect in corruption, assault and kidnapping as the gang members did not go voluntarily. FBI deployed two undercover agents, one in Donald's mansion and one at the city council. Mostly as maids and handymen. Their job was to keep tabson Donald's activities and who he invited to his mansion. Donald had become rich after becoming the senator quite suddenly, living on the Blackgate street in Vinewood in one of the most expensive mansions and having tons of employees. Senators did not make that much money at that time period, neither was he a businessman. Surveillance was successful till September of 1985, when the undercover agents Carlton Hanks and Barlton Ganks did not respond to any call-ins. FBI could not deploy anymore agents because no job offers were available, so they had to do it the scenic way. At the time that meant putting agents in taco vans near the houses, constantly taking pictures of the objects of interest. Neither Carlton or Barlton were seen till the 9th of February, in the evening of the Chinese New Year of 1986. They were in completely good condition, wearing fancy suits, bossing around people and showing off their newly acquired wealth. FBI's top brass was speechless and did not know, what happened to them and why are they still alive. FBI launched internal investigations and by the mid-1986 they had revealed the reasons as to why the surveillance was sloppy and the agents crossed over. FBI's SA department had been inflitrated by many Donald's coons who at first sight seemed legit. Within the state Donald was able, with the the help of LSPD, remove the records of the coons. That's why FBI did not find out about them. Agents had been revealing information about the investigations and all the people who rat out. Carlton and Barlton were in charge of Donald's counter-intelligence operations. They did their job and bailed, fortunately enabling FBI agents to crack the operation. Many of the agents were arrested, but the structure and balance of the FBI was ruined for many years to come. Federal court trial against Donald Caint was started and he was sent to prison for corruption, assault, ordering of murders and kidnapping. Creation of the 21th Branch. After the solved case, FBI's then director Striv Ker decided to create a special unit within FBI that would counter everything that hasn't been countered yet, that led to the creation of the 21st Branch. It specializes on corruption within the agency, high risk targets and other cases that the regular agency or any other police agency can not or do not have the power to deal with. Handful of the most loyal FBI operatives were picked out to be a part of the unit, true patriots you could say. Only a handful of people except for the director and the members of the branch knew about it. One of them being POTUS himself, at the time of the creation Ronald Reagan. Reagan signed a blank cheque for the 21th Branch. Reagan also said that the 21st Branch would have the power no other police agency will ever get. That meant improvisation in the fields of interrogating, arresting, use of force and equipment. The name ''21st Branch'' came from Reagan's birth year, 191(1) and the beginning of his presidential term, (2)0th of January. Present day Situation in Los Santos and the surrounding cities San Fierro and Las Venturas has drastically improved over the decades, but the corruption still ravages around the state because the street gangs and mafias are still active. Within the government however, situation has gotten better. Main source of the corruption is withing LSPD and the police agencies around SA, due to the low salaries of police officers and no proper equipment to deal with criminals. That causes many of the officers to accept bribes and FBI is no exception. The influence of Blackgate scandal could still be felt within the ranks of FBI, many employees left after the scandal and FBI lost a huge portion of this reputation. It wasn't funded enough by the country anymore, therefore limiting it's abilities. The faithful last agents and operatives of SA's department tried to do their job and do it with passion, to prove that FBI is still capable of dealing with problems. That wasn't much of a help because the US congress decided to make budget cuts to FBI. That made San Andreas department of FBI close it's doors. Not long after the situation in San Andreas worsened, especially among the mafias and high risk fugitives. Nobody was left to take over FBI's task and somebody noticed. That's why POTUS decided to deploy the 21th Branch to San Andreas to stabilize the situation and eliminate most, if not all gang activity and corruption in the region. 21st.Branch - Core Branch 21, is a tactical division of FBI, our members, are meant to be proffesionals at their jobs and their dutys. Weakness is not rewarded, effort is. In this Branch, there is no longer the need of "reporting criminal bases, members or doing waste timing missions" here we go directly to catch the HWC in non RP operations and RP operations. Our new Base is located at LS (At the moment), we seek something fancy and little at the same time, we do not want something massive for such little branch, the new base is meant to be little and with a "undercover" theme concept such as a rusty place etc (Abandoned concept) Regarding the number of members in the squad, there will be a limit of active members, around 20 (maximum). The recruitment will be opened when it is neccesary and the applications will go through a intensive research. The new Squad, will only need a few things , such as 2/3 vehicles maximu, and in our spawn we will only use (most likely) the M4/Parachute/shootgun/taser. The members will be ordered to have enough ammunition of each weapon in their disks, including grenades, combat shootgun etc. And depending on the time we will use specific weapons. Notifyin that FBIs current location will change and move up into a more "RP" themed base for our current Branch 21st.Branch Mission The Branch Mission is very simple, We are here to carry out activities that the Main FBI does not want to do in public. We carry out activities against potentially dangerous criminals. We act according to our values and we make sure that our missions are always succesfull. We operate according to a high code of values, We act professionally, We move according to our rules, We do not get attached to no one, We work in a structured way, That is ultimately, our purpose in San Andreas.... 21st.Branch - Values This branch, is characterized by being one of the most deadly divisions of the FBI. The branch of which you now belong, has a methodology of action different from that of other squads, this Branch acts according on the situations. Depending on the situation, the branch will act or not, we do make our own rules and we do whatever it is needed to solve "any case". We act professionally and focused on meeting our goals. We the Branch 21, do not need much to succeed in our missions, in fact, we do own a little base in LS with few vehicles and nothing else. What makes us strong are our members, highly trained agents that have only one goal, which is succeed inside the Branch. We are a tactical and special squad that operates according to a series of specific rules created for us. We do hardly co-operate with any other Agencie (squad) due to miss-information and false threats opposed by other squads, we do focus on our tasks and perform them in the most clean way without any disturbance. After all, the objective of our Branch/Division is to eliminate major threats anywhere. This Branch has already acted in Vice City and Liberty City on several occasions. Now it is the turn to move to LS and start working hard with the Squad Mates. ~ Professionalism, Courage , Strong, Temul, Versatility , Lustrous and PowerMinded Branch ~ In order to be part of this Branch you must fullfit the following --: Joining Requeriments : 21st Branch - Atleast 1 year playing in this server. (Depending on the player) Being a PC (Procop member) - Known players in the community can avoid this. English is a must. 1000 (1K) Arrests as a Cop. (This can change depending on the player) Having a good reputation in the server + community. Having a good backstory with their past squads (If they have been in any) (It depends on the player, for example if someone applies and he has like 600 arrests and he is known then he will have no probs to pass that requeriment etc) If you think you can pass each requeriment, then you may fill out the following form (questions) (It is up to you the way you answer to these questions, depending on your effort you put, you might be denied or accepted into the next phase of the application ) WARNING : - This Squad is meant to be for those players who are looking for a more "professional, little, friendly" squad. If we notice that somehow people is not loyal to the cause you might get kicked without a notification - : WARNING. FBI. Tactical Branch 21. 2017- SAESRPG.
  2. F.B.I. HQ, Unmodded base: F.B.I. HQ, Modded Base: Proffessional screenshots: Video #1 Video #2 Video #3
  3. Desert Eagles- M.P.C -Military Police Corps Gentlemen, Here we bring you a new system that DE will use in order to mantain the control and order in SA. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M.P.C were used extensively to maintain control over the large numbers of detainees being held by coalition forces such as DE's jail and many others, as well as helping to conduct raids, convoy security and regular patrols. M.Ps back in time were the main force responsible to mantain the order in the streets of SA but after the appeassement of the City's regarding Criminal activities the force was forced to retreat and remain vigilant. Now, in 2016, the criminal activity is higher than ever. Including the rise of gangs, war-lords hiding in San Andreas, CLO and now a new organization called DDT which represents a new challenge for police forces of S.A. With the help of HLS/SS INTEL services/ Gov support and other police depts [squads], DE-M.P.C force will find and execute any major threat. The New DE-M.P.C task force will include members from all the DE main units: Including the DEHQ team itself ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ M.P.C forces [ DE ] will now be able to hunt down specific members of any organization, terrorist group or any other threat to our community. Each weekend [ Exceptions will be made], DE will announce through this topic, including a DATA-Base info including possible locations, crimes committed and a picture of the specific criminal. Vehicles: DE-M.P.C will not use any heavy-war vehicle such as hydras or tanks, M.P.Cs will only use police vehicles [Sultan, Enforcer, Patriot and some others]. Weaponry : DE - M.P.C force will use only standar weapons. Criminals may request assistance from other criminals. Units : When DE- MPC units when deployed, their parent unit may maintain administrative control (DE-CON) while relinquishing tactical control (DE-TC) to the deployed unit being supported. Smaller MP units may also be deployed. An infantry division, for example. We hope The community likes the new Task force, The DEHQ team, Admiral.Patrol.
  4. Hello! This is my first suggestion, and it's an idea that popped up, so here's what i am suggesting. Make use of the 999 p backup request script, how you might ask, Right now, we are lacking RP in SAES, and to lower the amount of reports coming to staffs, and admins as they want to enjoy the game aswell, people now are using 999 p to request police backup (when they themselves are cops) only. How about we add more RP and make it like real life, in real life when someone dies (in SAES it's DM) they call the police. So here's where the idea starts, IF ANYONE GETS DMED, HE CALLS FOR POLICE BACKUP (IF HE HIMSELF IS A CIVILIAN OR SOMETHING ELSE SPAWNED OTHER THAN A COP) and you can make a rule that makes cops responding to the call compulsory. That will first of all increase RP, and if cops do not respond, the player himself can report the other player. And to make cops notice the call (not sure if this is still here but) add a sound when a backup call is there, like when there's the SR there is a sound effect. So, again IF ANYONE GETS DMED, HE CALLS FOR BACKUP. Let me know what you think about it, i think it will help staffs and admins alot, also whenever someone arrests the dmer or whatever or the murderer, he can tell the player that got murdered/killed/dmed that the dmer/murderer/killer is arrested so that he dosen't have to report him after that.
  5. SAES is 13 years old!

    A few days ago was our 13th anniversary but HQ can't be fucked to make a news article so i'm doing one a few days later. Thanks to all the staff members who keep making SAES run after all this time and special thanks to the community for keeping us active even after 13 years. Hopefully next year will be even bigger and better "Katla, 2.0 "cough" "cough" :B" and lets keep trucking.
  6. Hello everyone! As many of you know I started my YouTube Gaming Channel a few weeks ago, I play a lot of games and I want to do a few videos of every kind of game. I started this topic so you guys can subscribe it and follow it if you like! (I hope you do eheh) You can also leave me your feedback, which is really important to me and suggest me some kind of games. Here is the link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW_wawXvY0OLiyCfA1J9Odw Once I upload a video I will also post it here, thank ya!
  7. Hello everyone! Here is the video of the last Desert Eagles Rec. I hope you enjoy it. Don't also forget to like and subscribe my channel, it means a lot to me! Check this topic if you want to see more videos: http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/87826-jhony-gaming-youtube-gaming-channel/
  8. We are here to present you NwA's promo video. Your comments are important for us, you can share your positive or negative thinks about us.
  9. So .. I really don't know if it was suggested or something, I am just asking.. why isn't there any bitcoins avaible? It could be more realistic, like look, If there were bitcoins ( yes it was waaaaaaaaay harder to gain them ) then we would have more work, wich is more realistic, I hope new companies that work with IT ( Something like that ) and there would be bitcoins banks or atleast on the ''M'' wich is the tablet placed there would be a website that you can login to you bitcoin bank account and withdraw them or change them to $$$ , after all there could be a job called Hacker wich can hack player's bitcoins website account ? I really don't know how it sounds for you guys, but I think it would be a great idea and it will improve the gameplay (: It's just a suggestion , no need to swear or something rude. It's my first time making a script suggestion so don't blame me if it's too much to script. Thanks everyone for reading! P.S.: Sorry if I made any mistakes
  10. So back in 2013 when I started playing, police officers could press K to open a list of wanted players, and then they could press J to open up a panel that had a list of police radio codes. Recently I've noticed that the J panel has disappeared yet the button for it is still on the K panel. I propose we bring back the panel as it shouldn't be too difficult and it adds an element of RP to police radio chatter. Wish I had a screenshot to show what i'm talking about but I'm sure officers or anyone who played as police in the past 3-4 years should know what I'm talking about.
  11. My cash :'(

  12. Many Thanks SAES

    Hello dear Community, First of all I would like to say thanks to whole community and aspecially admins for letting me play on souch a great server with great community. On San Andreas Emergency Services (SAES) : RPG I am playing for somewhere three years so I decided to create a topic. I hope that no one minds and also I hope this topic will not cause problems. It all began over there in August 2012, when I heard about Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas and San Andreas Emergency Services. About MTA: SA and SAES Gasper's brother told me whose isn't playing MTA anymore. When I started with playing over here I didn't know what this game was about and I didn't know what is really needed in life to achive your dreams and become successful person and also when I started with playing over here I was fourteen years old - I am sorry if I was lying in applications. With time of playing on this server I have worked on myself, in those three years I have improved my patience, loyality, maturity, roleplaying and English skill. Besides those things I have also learned how to use MTA's Map Editor and also I have earned alot of experiences on the server which now I can use to help people whose are on the server new or whose need help. From San Andreas Emergency Services : RPG I got banned only once and that was the same year I joined. Banned I got by Desolator, beacouse I purchased too many properties in Las Venturas. After I ban appealed I lost all my properties and after some days I got unbanned by GameZoneX. If you maybe think that I am leaving this community then you are wrong, beacouse I am not leaving this community and I am not planning to leave it as long as I really like it and as long as I don't have any problems with SAES HQs, Admins and Players. I would again like to say thanks to whole community for accepting me as I am, to people I have met and to whole SAES Staff team for letting me play on this great server. Really Thanks, Worm.
  13. Hello guys, As many of you probably already know, "Communities" arrived to PS4, which means we can have a community there for discuss, chat, shares and partys so we can all play together. If you wanna join it, please add me: JPJhony4
  14. Hello, As everyone noticed, When you capture a turf, you get 100.000$ in your gang bank account. And when another gang gets your turf, 100k withdrawn from the gang bank account, That means the turf money is useless as you don't earn anything. My suggestion is to increase the money earned by turf by 100.000$ or 50.000$, Atleast we get some profit in bank account while turfing. Proof: withdrawn ( I got a small resolution that's why ) I will add a pool, So that we can know the opinion of the players. If you have any idea or suggestion please post it below.
  15. Hi! i donated for 30 pounds for like 2 years ago or somthing. Link to donation thread http://saesrpg.uk/topic/38540-donation-fexite-amount-3000/#entry659230 Me and my friends just started playing again after being inactive for a while. can i have my cars spawned out again? i want two "Super GT" the property i want it spawned on is owned by Z|Bachwa (username: maleta26) its ok for him that i spawn my vehicles on his property. i also want to give him the rights to use the vehicles. in the link you can see where the house is located and where i want the cars spawned! http://imgur.com/a/S0aPW <---- donation location
  16. Brophy jihad style!

    Jihad by Brophy tonight on the server, RIP
  17. The "How to be banned" topic

    Hello lads, i don't know sure if there is also such a topic created, but if there is already one, that creator should be banned. I will give u some hints how to be banned easily and also some rewards. The first one what i already saw is: Going to a Cuban Car live recruitment, and taking some nades with u, the first thing u will do is acting like a attention whore (just like me) and then u start throwing nades in the line of the Cuban Cars Recruitment (Reward: Retard, and a invite in Tuga Thugs) The 2nd hint is: Acting like a russian, and start throwing nades as a trainee in a StoreRob that's what i sometimes do, but sssst and after that, u will insult some admins (in that case SAES>Maryondo for being such a nazi. (don't know if he gonna ban u for that insult, so that will be a reward also) The 3nd hint is: Other reason is if your name is Pitthead (Reward: 20K, and not a ban as far as i know) The 4rd hint is up to you, if u any ideas how to get banned, and get rewarded for it, just leave it in a reaction behind!! Btw, if u are bored, just act like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJN-irBG8Pw Regards, Pitty
  18. Illuminati Confirmed?

    I was just thinking... Illuminati Confirmed? - Ronseal = 7 Letters - The seventh letter in the Alphabet, is G. - G.. Gengar. - Back to the 7 Letters, Ikzelf is 6 letters. - Ikzelf = CLO - CLO has 3 Letters. - 3 Letters = 911 - 911 = plane, Ikzelf loves his hydra. - Hydra = 5 Letters - You know what also has 5 letters? Ebola - So now that we have ebola.. and 911 what do we need more? - Oh wait, you know whats also 5 letters? Tupac. - Tupac is expected being killed by the illuminati. - Whats is 5+5? Its 10 - Illuminati has 10 letters I'm a fucking genius.
  19. Caption this!

    Hello Guys Today I would like to see the most creative and funny comments you guys come up with, I know this community is kind of f*cked up at that part. So I am really looking forward to seing what you guys come up with this time. Caption this: The person with the most creative, and funny post will be rewarded, 250k and .. love... or something. Good luck Fella's! You have until: 15th of January 2015
  20. [Suggestion] Killing For Money

    I think they should, for each cop you to kill, give to you $ 500 dollars, but if you kill an criminal, you removed 1k.... This would make more surprising saes..
  21. SAES Downfall Parody

    This is a video I just made about questions about SAES version 2.0. I hope you guys enjoy it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70820Rv7-RU&feature=youtu.be I hope no one gets offended as this is of course meant as a joke!
  22. SAPA - TST Training

    Hello fella's, i want you to show this printscreens on imgur with some SAPA & TST trainings, a long time ago, but i just found it back again.. Leave a comment below what u thinks about it! Regards, Pitty http://imgur.com/RcthDT8,h13pIZG,MFYMJXD,KrNOxgq,Gb3IiwD,a9oriF6,fttmjjZ,1YgwBA6,nyxGeqD,eBAJuyK#0
  23. Events: 9 Roleplays (video and SS) : 9 Videos (Jailbreak and movies): 4 Ativite SS: 5 Welcome back : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YQmEdNEYfE Movie : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zanwihqARFg&index=6&list=UUIXWGdk9hWiplyIYB9ba4EQ Jailbreak : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs-W_RF12PE&list=UUIXWGdk9hWiplyIYB9ba4EQ&index=8 2º Jailbreak : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oko-woCWHlU Events new videos and screenshots in post`s just see
  24. Zeking'S

    General Information : Hello Soldiers of the RvB! This is a Gang Created With Skilled Members Which are Fighting for The Victory Till The Last Blood that will fall, here at the Zeking we Taking Anybody In,Anyone that intresting and realy want to join,Also Those who dont Think they are Good to get in,Try go ahead and Post an Apply,We Will Train You Till youll Become one of us. Roster : Leader: NeverSit ______________________ Captain: Sharon ______________________ Major: NUTT ______________________ Sergant: N/A ______________________ Private: N/A ______________________ Rec Status : Rec Status is Curreclity OPEN and if you intresting to Join,Make sure to Fill out the Form: _____________________ Name: in-game Name: Full Name: Kills: Deaths: Ping: FPS: Anything else to add?: _____________________ ScreenShots: To be Added Later..