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  1. Respect Few, Fear None This topic is made to give people an insight into the clubs roleplay activities. Only allowed for Mongols MC members (level 4+) to post screenshots of a decent standard in this topic! (will be updated recently)
  2. Part I: How much have you donated for the sever? 30 £ in all 1st donation was 10 £ 2nd donation was 20 £ When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? 8 Sep. 2013 Why do you need this change? Since the updates, my vehicles have been gone. Links to your donation topics: http://saesrpg.uk/forums/topic/37036-donation-premier210-amount-1000/ http://saesrpg.uk/forums/topic/41331-donation-premier210-amount-2000/ Links to your previous donation changes requests: http://saesrpg.uk/forums/topic/52063-reward-movechange/ http://saesrpg.uk/forums/topic/47778-interior-move/ http://saesrpg.uk/forums/topic/37687-please-move-my-sabre-to-my-new-house/ ======================================================================== Part II: What I Want to be Removed Vehicle 1: Location: Interior: All, but my house and interior, are gone. And i don't want to remove them. ======================================================================== Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Freeway Location: Dillimore in MMC base, next to the other bikes. Usernames: premier210, naji, betonmc, bjorn21 Color codes: Black and white like the rest Upgrades: Green lights ======================================================================== Vehicle 2: Jester Location: Usernames: Premier210 Color codes: #00FF00 Upgrades: ======================================================================== Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 3: Kart (The go-kart) Location: Usernames: premier210, betonmc, naji Color codes: #000000 Upgrades: Nitro x10 if possible and green light ======================================================================== Thanks, Premier
  3. Reward Move/Change

    I would like to have my vehicles (Maverick & Sabre Turbo) moved from old MMC base location, to new MMC base (pictures included downstairs) And then i would like to have my SGT changed to a Freeway bike (Black with white stripe in middle.) I would like my Maverick located on this empty helipad, you see on the right, of the other helis. And my Sabre Turbo by that basketball, seen to the right, and up by that wall - front of car facing my character. Then i would like my freeway to stand next to the other freeways seen here. Thank you.
  4. Reward move

    Hi want my Sabre Turbo moved from my house in SF to MMC base in LV Pics included From here To here in MMC base
  5. As some of you know, today we celebrated the birthday of the Mongols MC. Today we made some of the events, i want to introduce them here. We began with a small party, and also we invited all wishing to visit our base. Next, we have organized an event - "Last Man Standing", The winner of which was "Pain" (He got 5.000.000$). After that, we organized a big "Road Trip". And in the end we have organized another event. Kill Jasperz for 3.000.000$ in Jeff. motel, the winner of which was - "Bruce". Here our activity during the day.
  6. Click on link for slideshow. (Click on slideshow when the link's open) Or just press the x in the upper left corner, and slide through them yourself. Credits to [MMC]Golden[M], [TST]Isko[G0], [MMC]Beton[AVP], [AA]Amigo and Me. And of cause SAES>GetAgrip for posing AFK. Edit: http://s746.photobucket.com/user/premier210/slideshow/MTA%20Pics
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT-HpfMI9sQ New video. Still trying to get bigger picture. EDIT: Fixed version now online.
  8. Hello evryone here is the Video to see what amazing roadtrip made MMC gang but there is a lot of RDMC and GJMC biker.Enjoy in video. Click here tp see video-------->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5Js-AT8xiE