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  1. Magnus eres un corrupto como todos tus amigos

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. vekrixiblez

      Tus muertos

    3. Tut Greco

      Que tengas una buena noche amigo

    4. vekrixiblez

      Ahi es buenos días puto retrazado mental

  2. I like cake, and sometimes ice cream too. I also like coffee in the morning.
  3. lost life

    1. Siddman

      with this attitude you won't get nothing man

  4. Magnus can u give me one chance please i must to back saes ..

  5. Promotion

    Holy fuck @NanoBob, the longest news post i've ever seen. GJ!
  6. admins come here

    I've re-enabled it for you.
  7. This seems more like like an admin report then a suggestion to improve the server, and this isn't the right place for it. Feel free to use this: http://saesrpg.uk/report_admin
  8. Tom's Donation reclaim

    Wait with sorting this for now.
  9. New high-speed Police vehicles!

    We've added 5 of them in each police department. 3 locked to the police team, and 2 locked to PC spawn. @Haas
  10. Bastage Rust Server

    It's running but not updated i guess since it doesn't show on the server list. @Brophy
  11. Thing is Swid, you're not allowed to shoot someone because they're towing your vehicle away. You wont get your car back if you blow up our DFT, so there's no point in doing it either. Try to park on the sides from now on and you wont have this problem. Even if you were allowed to shoot at us when we are impounding your vehicle you would of been punished, because i wasn't impounding your car. Bone warped in your vehicle after you crashed into us on purpose. And if you're so unhappy about the server then i suggest you find another one to play on.
  12. Donation:SrScouty (Amount 10.00 GBP)

    Thanks for your donation! You've been given the money and the shamal is placed as requested. You can modify who's locked to and colors here: http://saesrpg.uk/donations/vehicle
  13. Donation:DaniD (Amount 10.00 GBP)

    Thanks for your donation! Your rewards are sorted, and you can manage your donation reward by logging in with your ingame details here: http://saesrpg.uk/donations/vehicle
  14. Change donation

    With great help from Kawaii this is sorted!