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  1. Donation:xR3GG1x (Amount 10.00 GBP)

    Thanks for your donation. Everything is sorted.
  2. Compa Reward Change

  3. Donation reward disappeared

    What kind of boat was it? @n0vis0ry
  4. Radio's Donation Change

    Should we place one at LS airport or do you want something else? @Radio
  5. Donation:Bas (Amount 9.00 GBP)

    Thanks for your donation. Has your rewards been sorted? @Bas
  6. M7mod's Reward Change

  7. Radio's Donation Change

    @Radio You can't get the dodo on a personal property. The Bobcat is sorted.
  8. Magnus, please answer me about the ban appeal 

  9. man i download mta for saes i cant play mta with oout the server open my banned maybe i did something worng in chat sorry if that happen not be again

    1. just.new.account


      @displayname they wont answer u, dont try dude. u need to change Hard disk and bk eso easy. GL 

  10. like always when the admin have no resson to ban he remove the ban appel to aracive MAN give me one resson for banned that what i ask

  11. to nano fucking bob

    Does it make it any better that i had pizza for dinner? No? Damn.....
  12. Magnus eres un corrupto como todos tus amigos

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    2. vekrixiblez
    3. Tut Greco

      Tut Greco

      Que tengas una buena noche amigo

    4. vekrixiblez


      Ahi es buenos días puto retrazado mental

  13. I like cake, and sometimes ice cream too. I also like coffee in the morning.