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  1. Reward Change

    They could buy it but that was a mistak and should now be fixed. We do not allow it to be given as donation reward. End of story.
  2. Rust Bastage Team

    I only keep people as friend on steam with the mentality age over 10.
  3. Rust Bastage Team

    I never did that you fool! Not my fault you can't build a proper base Zaza!
  4. Magnus Please Unbanned My Serial Number In mTA SA Reason unknow i post but bone tell me wait to reaply magnus

  5. Stop playing 5x

    1. Magnus

      How would you know what i play, i blocked you on steam! ;)

  6. Donation:Muha (Amount 5.00 GBP)

    Hi @Muha! Thanks for your donation! Unfortunately we don't have anything to offer beside of the money. I hope you've already requested the money ingame? If not feel free to pm me and we'll get it sorted!
  7. Donation:Cryptic (Amount 20.00 GBP)

    Infernus added at LV armsdealer spawn and a Dodo is placed at LV airport! Thanks again for your donation!
  8. Brayan said that you give him a choice1account or 2 acouunt..He choce his account, but what happened with my accound???(Second account)

  9. What you did with my account??When unbanned BrayanMey..

  10. Username: xcvb. I want to keep this account.

  11. Three new servers setup

    Get your ass on Rust! NOOB
  12. Bastage Rust Server

    I only did that once, and you can blame yourself! Not my fault you're a noob!