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  1. SAES Video archive

    @NanoBob @Russell @Lancer @Lamza- @zeking @Maniu. @Sentinus *COUGH* #goodoldays President Divine with Vice-president @Nikolai
  2. (cough)... The passenger who was dragged from an United Airlines flight is 69-year-old grandfather Dr David Dao. Footage of the Vietnamese-American being hauled off the overbooked flight at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Sunday caused outrage on Monday. Dr Dao was heard in videos captured of his shocking eviction saying he needed to get home to Louisville so he could see patients.
  3. Reward reclaim/change

    Part I: How much have you donated for the sever? £50 When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? August 24, 2013 Why do you need this change? It got removed because of inactivity I donated before the donate system got implemented, so it doesn't really show anything. (I might have proof) Links to your previous donation changes requests: Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Forklift Vehicle 2: Infernus Vehicle 3: Admiral Vehicle 4: Kart Vehicle 5: Hustler Color: outfit color #313131 Location: All near O base Account name: mrkiller1
  4. Hey there could you clean your inbox please

  5. SAES Video archive

    *cough* president Divine with @Nikolai @NanoBob @Russell @Lancer @Lamza- @zeking @Maniu. @Sentinus
  6. The Outfit

    Event #52 Event Title: TRUTH OR FALSE?!?! The Outfit members present: O|Divine, , O|MaxiMal, O|Human, O|Darius Prize : $1,000,000 Winner: SoA|Kenza Screenshots:
  7. The Outfit

    Event #51 Event Title: Last Man Standing The Outfit members present: O|Divine, O|Darius, O|MaxiMal, O|Human Prize : $1,000,000 Winner: Rolando Screenshots:
  8. The Outfit

    Event #50 Event Title: Carshow The Outfit members present: O|Divine, O|MaxiMal, O|Human|vL, O|Jasper Prize : 1st: $1,000,000, 2nd: $500,000, 3rd: $300,000 Winner: 1st: SAES>Ardron 2nd: [HS]Lartsa 3rd: SAPA|Jonas133|vL Screenshots:
  9. The Outfit

    Event #46 Event Title: RED[TEAM1] VS BLUE[TEAM2] The Outfit members present: Divine, Louis and Darius Prize : $450k each player - in total $3,600,000 Winner: RED TEAM [TEAM 1] SCREENSHOTS
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

    Merry Christmas!
  11. wow...

    Yeah, true he can just sue the fuck out of that multi billi dollar company
  12. wow...

    Some of the passengers said this - "He wasn't shouting in Arabic. He was shouting OM TELOLET OM for a video and it backfired"