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  1. LS Jail back & /sur fixed

    I smell OB's return.
  2. Training Led By: Apple Training Location: Cuban Liberation Organisation Base Date: 13/01/2017 Participants: SDO*|Xeni0 , SDO|Apple|vL , SDO|Aramade, SDO|Dufabo|VIP , SDO|Larzen|SD , SDO|MatizZ|SD ,SDO|Maxim|SD, SDO|Rambo|HQ , SDO|Trevor|L , SDO-H|Fad|OG, SDO-H|Horizont ,SDO-H|Jere, SDO-H|RobleS Screenshots:
  3. Meet the new Government

    oh god this is fantastic!
  4. New news

    The updates are great ! well played scripters. PS : i have a little suggestion about the jail, its better if you guys create a specific place or a checkpoint or something like, when u reach it you crack cause like that once u are close to the gate the cracking tab appears directly and it can cause some difficulties in defending from cops!. Otherwise , you guys are doing good. -The fruity guy.
  5. clear your inbox and pm @Shaw, its related with LWS

  6. Terrorism.

    we are gamer thats true but we're humans too , i'm not talking about u i'm talking about the majority but you got my respect buddy.
  7. Terrorism.

    Hello Fellas, how are you? well i just wanted to ask your opinion about what happend 3 days ago in Paris.. I guess many said its a catastrophe etc.. im really shocked. Anyway , as i see the whole server is praying for Paris and all but a little reminder about what happend in tunisia the last summer more then 100 died and nobody cared about. anyway , pray for the whole world , the third world war is on it way ! take care lads! see you ingame.!
  8. You can script it with cooldown like 10 sec or 15 sec Still, If there's 10 crims there would just be continous "Fuck you" playing there only for Official gangs and if they abuse it punish them by removing the ability to use voices for the abuser's gang.
  9. Spawn skin change.

    its a different suggestion
  10. hello again x). anyway i hate a little idea after reading Mrwan's Suggestion , i'm thinking if its possible to Official Squads-Gangs/Groups can chance their skin using the Clothes Shop , i mean for exemple : i'm spawned as Z first skin i want to change my skin to the girl (the third one) all i need is to go to the clothes shop and choose the skin i need from the same spawn ( i dont know if its possible , but it sounds good) . got my idea? cheers- Flufy fruit.
  11. Hello , how are you? i suggested this one years ago x). However , i'm suggesting if possible Crims can get some Voices (/voices). Criminals are known to be rude so we can add something like "Die Motherfucker" or " Say it ! Your Last wish.".. Anyway , also it can be added in lvl 2 + rewards (for off gangs ofc). pass a great day , and enjoy your game! Cheers, the fruity guy.
  12. 2 New Gang Managers

    gg wp.