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  1. LS Jail back & /sur fixed

    I smell OB's return.
  2. Training Led By: Apple Training Location: Cuban Liberation Organisation Base Date: 13/01/2017 Participants: SDO*|Xeni0 , SDO|Apple|vL , SDO|Aramade, SDO|Dufabo|VIP , SDO|Larzen|SD , SDO|MatizZ|SD ,SDO|Maxim|SD, SDO|Rambo|HQ , SDO|Trevor|L , SDO-H|Fad|OG, SDO-H|Horizont ,SDO-H|Jere, SDO-H|RobleS Screenshots:
  3. Meet the new Government

    oh god this is fantastic!
  4. New news

    The updates are great ! well played scripters. PS : i have a little suggestion about the jail, its better if you guys create a specific place or a checkpoint or something like, when u reach it you crack cause like that once u are close to the gate the cracking tab appears directly and it can cause some difficulties in defending from cops!. Otherwise , you guys are doing good. -The fruity guy.
  5. clear your inbox and pm @Shaw, its related with LWS

  6. 2 New Gang Managers

    gg wp.
  7. Walking styles

    epic, good job !
  8. Show us Yourself v2

    not high.
  9. More Site Updates

    nice work. but still prefer the old Forum cause i got used on it..
  10. 21/09/2015 Event :
  11. LMS Event :
  12. League of Legends - General Chat

    Wht rank are u? i'm b1 and plays like a g5 :*
  13. Counter Strike 1.6.

    Everyone who is interrested , PM me !