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  1. I'd like this topic to be transferred to Fluid's forum account so he can edit the topic to keep it organized.
  2. '' Rulebreak '' Day? ( Deathmatch )

    Yes but that won't happen because EVERYONE will be dming, people will start fighting individually then...
  3. '' Rulebreak '' Day? ( Deathmatch )

    This could be fun but I assure you not as fun as you think. F.e, you want to know how it feels to nade 15-20 people on a SR so you want this day, or you want to ruin a BR etc... The thing is, there won't be any people on SR because they'll be DM'd right away. Same as SR. People will get spawnkilled so much that noone will be hanging around with their gangs because noone will have time to unite etc. Nice idea and I could have fun with it tbh, but not as fun as you guys are imagining it^^
  4. I think the good ol' "private forum" reward was quite enough for level 1, don't even need the vehicles hehe... Level 1 only means "getting official" but nothing more, level 1 only means you exist, being exist doesn't deserve a reward (but a private forum would be nice like we used to have xD)

    Well... That was entertaining for sure, wouldn't call it "funny" but quite entertaining :D
  6. RDMC Promo 2016

    Ehehehe feels good when noone says anything about us driving GTs xD but for real, MMC and SoA may drive cars aswell but they ride their freeways four times more than u for sure guys xD also MMC has awesome riding formations and stuff, like a real MC xD btw I've also had a collection of RDMCs on SGTs but the folder size got bigger than the size of the game itself so I decided to delete it hehehe xD
  7. Roleplay Roadtrip31: Same as always
  8. RDMC Promo 2016

    Odorian thankz... u honestly made my day xD
  9. clean your message 

  10. Roleplay Roadtrip30: Dat Bitch
  11. A day in life of a Basterd

    Proud of LS charter, looking good guys...
  12. Hello guys, first of all, I have nothing to offer in return so if you came to this topic to get sum moneh, not here mates sorry :3 So a friend of mine created a gang called LowRiders 72, it is a street gang that's into lowrider type of cars with paintjobs and hydraulics (like 90s gangstas) and I'm wondering how amazing you guys could get about it. What they need is a logo and some banners (general ones like history, roleplay etcetc) thanks already fellas!
  13. Roleplay Roadtrip29: Practising with supporters
  14. Roleplay Roleplay67: Cartel Customer