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  1. How has been the marriage with Civic?

  2. pizza and sex PIZZA and SEX Activity ! :P

    I will reply to this topic so you do not feel bad !
  3. Welcome aboard the GM team!

    Fuck off Jay you piece of cunt, everyone knows that you are baised motherfucking tea addict and the Atlantic will soon be level 5 so you are able to desalinate it so you can have enough water to prepare tea for the next two centuries. Fucking green tea David Cameron lover!
  4. Buy a Camel at Bayside??

    wow much fun so cool bro
  5. Your opinion about a Staff member

    Add me for the lolz
  6. Jasem, CiViC and friends

    Fuck off !

  8. Hey mate, I have a question to ask regarding donations. Can you clear your inbox or PM me please? Thanks.

  9. Best rap ever

    Fucking Delin !
  10. See You Again - SAES:RPG

    I thought you were leaving for real, but I realized you wouldn't FFS!
  11. hi sir, do you drink oil

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Spetnazz

      Nonono, as a proud Dane I damn sure know what rejer and rugbrød smells like, and the smell in our base.. Well, it's definitely not rejer or rugbrød so it must be Jasem's oil

    3. Teddy

      maybe it's brazz

    4. Jasem

      That was the smell of the salad and green tea Teddy gave me the other day!!

  12. Advantages of Left handed people

    I can accept some of what's mentioned above, and I disagree with the most since no actual proof is provided, for example, left handed people make more money? Come on now lol Stop wanking then!
  13. Show us Yourself v2

    Damn! look what university has done to Misa!