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  1. SAES is 14 years old!

    I have to apologize, unfortunately did not get near a computer over the weekend as I'm doing work on my house, I will try and get this sorted this week, ready for the weekend.
  2. SAES is 14 years old!

    As the title states, our clan/community is 14 years old! We would like to thank you for keeping our community thriving and turning it into one of the most successful servers and community that GTA has seen. However, I have been working on something in the background... I did try to get this complete for the birthday, however I have not had the time. During this weekend, we will re-release our Vice City server, you will not need to install VC or install any mods, this server is running the latest MTASA, however it will download all the files and will load the Vice City map on the fly (around 270mb total). The server is mapped out with vehicles, weapons and spawns have been setup to be similar to the old MTAVC 0.5. The initial release will be deathmatch, however the future plans will be to link both the SA and VC server, so you can take a flight to VC/SA and continue your RPG gamemode there! Here is a video from early development:
  3. Fancy VR on a budget?

    I knew the first post would be about that! haha.
  4. General Chat

    I have to admit, I tried Resi Evil 7 on my brother's PSVR and it was mental. The thing that shits you up is the constantly creaking and noises like something is right by you, then you get used to it and don't bother looking, then that's when you get a jump scare and a little bit of poo comes out!
  5. General Chat

    No, you could just use apps that don't require controllers like a racing vr sim or something, but its the cheapest option if you want controllers. Have you tried eBay? You could however try something like this, but there is a lot more cost involved: https://www.nolovr.com
  6. General Chat

    I'm not sure if its supported by iOS, I'm on android, however the games you can play can be anything that the oculus/vive can run, so anything from their stores or from steam vr
  7. General Chat

    @Terry A breakdown is in the "Fancy VR on a budget?" topic , as long as you already have the phone to do it, you are looking at around £50-55 (including the software) as long as you can get the parts as cheap as I did. Which isn't bad for starting out, especially when you compare it to paying £599 for the HTC Vive then not liking it.
  8. General Chat

    Check out the Vridge/Riftcat topic and do a cheap setup but you commit big bucks to it :P
  9. General Chat

    General chit-chat about VR here... Tell us about your experiences with VR! (within reason!)
  10. Screenshots & Videos

    Post your screenshots and videos from your VR experience here!
  11. Fancy VR on a budget?

    Own a smartphone (Android 5.0+) and google cardboard? Fancy trying Steam VR without needing to pay massive amounts of cash? Do you have any old PS move controllers or old PS3 eye cams lying about? If so, you could do it. This is my current setup: Phone: Samsung S7 VR Headset (phone fits into this): http://www.argos.co.uk/product/6252216 (£12) 2 x PS Move Controllers: https://uk.webuy.com/product.php?sku=SP3MCON001#.Wd3WYGhSxjE (£15 each) 2 x PS3 Eye Cameras: https://uk.webuy.com/product.php?sku=SPSEYEE001#.Wd3WeGhSxjE (£0.50) Software: I've tried a few different programs, not only is this program the most responsive compared to others out there like TrinusVR, its also the easiest to setup!: VRidge/Riftcat: http://go.riftcat.com/bastage For headtracking, you don't actually need a 3rd controller, you can fake it with a LED/Ping Pong ball. I used 1 x 1W Led (Yellow) from eBay along with a 10ohm resistor, 2 x AA battery holder and appropriate clip: Around £6 total. Pic of my one: As you can see, considerably cheaper than paying £600 for a vive, especially if you want to just dip your toe in the water prior to actually committing to buying one. One of the best features about it, is you can do it all wirelessly (5G is the best connection to use, if you are going to try it wireless). The tutorial below is a complete walk-through of the PS Move Service version 8.6.3 (PSMove / SteamVR Bridge 1.3.3) for use with your mobile phone on Riftcat or with an Oculus Rift. This includes full head tracking to fully emulate an HTC Vive headset for dirt cheap! It even includes touchpad emulation! This will show you step by step how to complete everything as I show you every step it takes to get it running from start to finish. The second video will show you how to setup the ping pong ball (if you wish to try it). Post here and let us know how you get on!
  12. Sales / Games on Offer

    I'm assuming someone will steam gift it me for my birthday on the 16th :P
  13. Sales / Games on Offer

  14. Forum Bug

    I'm not to worried about the spoiler tag at this moment in time, I've fixed the styling on that header for now.