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  1. Can i apply  For Official Groups Or Gang maybe ?

    1. Tut Greco

      Groups are found here
      Gangs are found here.

      Read the first page on any of the threads you find interesting, and you will find a recruitment notice. It will either be live recruitment or text application, where you must fill out an application format on the thread.

  2. Brophy why you not Caming In Game

    1. DeadPaints

      cuz he's wanking every time :D


  3. Bastage CS:GO Madness: Operation Sneaky Beaky


    I'm there bitch!
  4. Bastage Rust Server

    Server has been taken offline. Unable to get a stable playercount/playerbase and people unwilling to play on the server, even though they asked for a server to play on <_<
  5. Bastage Rust Server

    I fixed it, it was an issue with some of the libraries that Rust uses.
  6. FS17 Bastage Farm

    Can you do slave labour rice fields?
  7. Interior for bank

    That looks pretty sexual
  8. Space Engineers

    I might have to give this a try too.
  9. Runescape :: Community Chat

  10. Gmod night 1/22/2017

    Also add it to here: http://saesrpg.uk/events
  11. General Chat

    Server is automatically updated at 4am every night. I have now implemented a script which also gets the latest oxide files and extracts them into the server at this time too. Hopefully we will never have the server running without oxide now :P
  12. Bastage Rust Server

    I've sorted it, apologies as I have not been around, I have been to Lithuania for work.
  13. Rust Bastage Team

    We are currently stuck in a cycle, no one will play on there because its empty. I wanted some moderators in place to help people out who are new to the game and also make people aware that there is some admin presence in case they needed assistance from abusers etc... Cheers for the support though. @Magnus where are you buddy!?
  14. Rust Bastage Team

    @Angelo. If you also form a moderator team, I'll give you all the mod controls ingame... Need more people playing so it will attract more people, you can vote on toprustservers and rust-servers to get ingame rewards too. I would like a moderator team around to help noobs etc...
  15. [ CHAT ] Come and play with us!

    Sweepstakes on how quick you are going to lose it!! Looks sexual tho...