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  1. 1. Personal Info Username: Bird Account name: bird9 Age: Eighteen years old Gender: Male Nationality: Tunisian Languages: My native language is arabic and i speak both french and english aswell. English skills (1-10): I would say 6 Do you use Teamspeak: Nope, discord is the way. Tell us about youself: I don't have alot to tell about myself, but if there is anything specific you wanna know about me we can get together and chat, i'm open to anything 2. In-Game Experience How long you play SAES/RPG: 100 hours How long you play MTA: I don't remember but i used to play DM and tactics servers How long you play every day: 4 hours How much in-game hours do you have: 100 hours Previous Gang/Squad/Company: No previous organizations Why did you leave: / Have ever been banned before: No Reason for ban: / 3. Misc Information Your strengths: Shooting, i have played alot of tactics servers so i'm good at shooting. Your Weaknesses: I don't know Why did you decide to join our squad: Before deciding to join your squad i was interested in joining a gang but i now wanna try police life because it seems more fun and i chose this squad because it suits me Explain why we should accept you: I'm not an outstanding player but i hope you can give me a chance, i can promise be to a good member. Who Recommended you applying for ICE: ICE|Jasser 4. Rules Knowledge Did you read the F1 rules: Yes Did you read the Squad rules: Yes Are you allowed to arrest/kill in Hospital: No Are you allowed to arrest/kill in events? No Is marker arrest allowed: No Explain what is marker arrest: Waiting at an interior marker for a wanted player to come out then arresting him right away Explain what is Death-matching: Killing people randomly without reasons Explain ICE Rule 2: Don't arrest criminals unless their wanted stars are over 10 stars or unless its necessary Explain ICE Rule 3: nDon't kill any other police officers unless there is a valid reason Explain ICE Rule 10: Always Respect all the admins and community players