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  1. ICE EVENT! Date: 16.04.2018 Type: Chicken Arrest LWS/G6: [LWS]Haveer Prize: 1.000.000 $ Winner: O | Frusciante Ss :
  2. 1. Personal Info Username: Danjeel Account name: benlaidabdou Age: 15 Gender: Male Nationality: Algerien Languages: Arabic / Eng English skills (1-10): 5 Do you use Teamspeak: Yeah Tell us about youself: Hello my name is Abdou i live in Algeria 15 years Old 2. In-Game Experience : How long you play SAES/RPG: 2017 How long you play MTA: 3 years Ago How long you play every day: 3-4.5 H How much in-game hours you have:120H Previous Gang/Squad/Company: N/A Why did you leave: N/A Have ever been banned before: N/A Reason for ban: N/A 3. Misc Information : Your strengths: Drive / Rp / Shot Your Weaknesses: Lag Why did you decide to join our squad: i want to join Ice , because its better Explain why we should accept you: Because im active , i help the squad in rp / events Who Recommended you applying for ICE: N/A 4. Rules Knowledge Did you read the F1 rules: yeah Did you read the Squad rules: yeah Are you allowed to arrest/kill in Hospital: No Are you allowed to arrest/kill in events? : No Is marker arrest allowed: No Explain what is marker arrest: When u entrer Interior ( like shop or /bank ) and u get arrest , except jailbreak Explain what is Death-matching: Kill people without reason Explain ICE Rule 2: You can´t arrest criminals with 10 stars or less Explain ICE Rule 3: Dont kill police without reason (Death match ) Explain ICE Rule 10: Respect Saes membres and membres community , squad