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  1. I am leaving SAES

    fuck off.
  2. My haters !!

  3. Show us Yourself v2

    Eesti Eest!
  4. Date and Time: 31/03/2018. Around afternoon-ish. Number of Members Online: 5. ScreenShot(s)/If Any:
  5. Limited Jail Time.

    Greetings SAES community. As we all know criminals like to JB their fellow criminal members and love to camp around the jail. There should be a time limit for wanted criminals that are outside of the jail [Must be wanted with 10+ stars]. And after the time passes they will be automatically killed. This could help us, cops. We could have a better chance of actually getting out of the Prison Warder gate before getting sniped or naded. The time should be around 2-3 minutes. So like 120-180 seconds will do. If they do not get out of the area in that timezone they will be killed by the console, I don't know how but Nanobob could figure something out. And the jail radius should be pretty big since the players can just go back and forth escaping the time and just coming back. Admins won't have to worry about adminjailing them for camping near the jail and our cop lives could come just about 3% easier. Please tell me your opinions in the down below and add some ideas.
  6. Date and Time: 31/03/2018. Around afternoon-ish. Number of Members Online: 5. ScreenShot(s)/If Any:
  7. I. Personal Info In-game Name: BlaZZey Username / Account-name: kalevipoeg Age: 15 Gender: Male Nationality: Estonian Languages Spoken: Estonian and English and a bit of Russian. Rate your English skill level (A1-C2; click for reference): B1 or B2. Average Ping: 50-75 Average FPS: 30-70 Do you use Teamspeak/IRC: Not really, I use discord but I can download TeamSpeak. Tell us about yourself (Requirements: minimum 50 words; cohesive text): I am a 15-year-old boy from Estonia. I love gaming and the most I play MTA and on the server SAES:RPG. I love to be a tactical unit and I love to do teamwork. I like to inform my fellow members and partners that are in need of help when the enemy is near or we are in the battle zone. I am quite active also, I play around 3-5 hours a day and remain on the cop side to protect our civilians. My current goals are to proceed to the military of SAES [DE] and somewhere in the near future perhaps when I am worthy enough be in HLS too. But they are not the most important things to me. Friends are and I want to have fun. My fun most of the time is putting criminals in jail. II. In-game experience When did you join the server: About 6 months ago. Do not remember quite. How much do you play each day: 3-5 hours. Previous Squads/Gangs/Companies: OC, ThC and FOX. Name the reason(s) for leaving: OC = Closed. ThC = Criminal life got boring for me and I wanted to try something new. FOX = I got bored of the cop life and it was frustrating for me. Applied for a gang but then realized that I should continue my career as an officer and that is the reason why I am applying for SWAT. Current group memberships: TMH, sHQ in there. Previous SAES ban(s)/kick(s)/punishment(s): N/A. Name the reasons why you received these punishments: N/A. III. Personal skills and knowledge (*= this question has to be answered in full sentences) Your strengths*: My strengths are probably being aggressive while on duty. By that I mean I don't give a person a 2nd chance. I do not know what his next move is so I rush and put his ass in jail. I am kinda good in the air too. And not that bad at paraing too! Your weaknesses*: My weaknesses are probably driving and losing self-control too fast. Sometimes I just lose control of the car and crash into a tree or something. And sometimes I get very mad very quick but I put on some relaxing music and I am good to go again! I am just being honest. Why do you want to join S.W.A.T.*: I want to join SWAT because I would like to be apart of an amazing elite unit that works around San Andreas. I like the idea of it and I like that it is aggressive against the criminals. I like the role too, being a tactical unit and that is what I want to be. Why do you think you will be good for S.W.A.T.*: I think I could be good for SWAT because I know quite a lot of things about the cop life since FOX taught me a lot. I am good at teamwork and enjoy it a lot. I could be a nice addition to the team. Also, I could help with RPs [Not pull-over ones]. I just like SWAT a lot and I love tactical operations and units. Describe a SWAT specific RP and how you would approach the chosen situation (Requirements: minimum 200 words)*: SWAT has received a call from the government that there is a very dangerous person in the state of San Andreas. SWAT was thinking it was one CLO member but HLS has confirmed that it was not. Neither CLO or DDT. They had no other choice to prepare their gear, fuel up the cars and go out to find the criminal. The criminal was responsible for 19 murders, 2 terrorist acts and multiple carjacks and robberies. But the law has still not found out who he was. SWAT was the last hope to find the criminal. The team was ready and the dispatchers were on their edge of the seats and ready to call out important calls. The latest sight of the suspect was around Bone County. The unit headed there and called DE for airborne backup in case something happens. The suspect was found! He was holding a hostage inside of a donut store. SWAT rushed in and had no mercy. They took the criminal down with-in a blink of an eye. Well, they did not take him completely down but injured his left shoulder and shot off his one ear. The suspect was handcuffed and escorted to the jail in Los Santos. The president talked to the criminal face to face with SWAT in the background in-case shit went down. The president was so proud of the SWAT team. The criminal was sent to death row.
  8. Changes to Auctions

  9. Stop raping little kids!

  10. Event Number: 27 Event Type: Mower Race. LWS/G6: Arma Date: 26/03/2018 Prize(s): 1.000.000 Winner(s): Frost. ScreenShot(s):
  11. Section I: General Information ▶ In-game name: BlaZZey ▶ Account name: kalevipoeg ▶ Real name: Markus ▶ Title(Mr/Mrs): Mr.BlaZZey ▶ Date of birth: 23/03/2003 ▶ Origin country: Estonia. ▶ Country in residence: Estonia. ▶ Timezone: +2 GMT. ▶ Spoken languages: Estonian, Russian and English. ▶ English proficiency on a scale of (1-10): 8/10. ▶ Do you have TeamSpeak 3/Discord/Whatsapp installed?: I have Discord only. Section II: SAES Experiences ▶ How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG?: About 5 months or 534 hours. ▶ Previous organization(s): OC, ThC and FOX. ▶ Why did you leave or why were you kicked? Briefly explain: OC = Closed. ThC = Criminal life got boring for me and I wanted to try out something new, something more thrilling for me so I joined FOX. FOX = I lost interest being a cop and I was feeling lonely in FOX. But now I am better than ever and trying to join back on the police side. ▶ Have you ever been punished by staff(s)? If yes, briefly explain: Nope, only like 4 adminjails. ▶ Do you have Professional Officer Certificate?: No, I don't. ▶ If you had it before, how did you lose it? Briefly explain: No, I have never had it. ▶ Are you a part of any group in SAES? If yes, state your position within the group: I mainly work for TMH and I am sHQ there. (TaJ is the owner btw!) Section III: Theoretical Knowledge ▶ Write a summary of your qualification(s): I know many ways to arrest since I was in FOX and learned a lot from there. I am kinda good at paraing too. Driving is not the best part of me, I would rather drive a plane. ▶ What is your greatest weakness?: Probably driving or losing self-control of myself. Sometimes I get very angry for the littlest things but I try to calm myself down. About the driving, I mostly drive kinda alright but sometimes I can fuck up big time! ▶ Why do you want to be part of the NNB?: I like it! I like the role, the people there I like it overall. It is a very elite squad and I would like to be apart of it. I get along with TaJ very well and he is one of the reasons why I am applying. But I love the role overall. ▶ Why would we choose you rather than the other applicant(s)? I think you should choose me since I am good at teamwork and roleplaying, I could bring a lot of unique roleplays to the squad. I am more of an RP cop than a guy that rushes to the SR. I am quite skillful at the game too, FOX taught me a lot. ▶ What is the role of NNB in SAES? Briefly explain: NNB is an elite squad that tries to reduce the drug trafficking and overall drug use in San Andreas. They fight with criminals and try to take them down to prevent any kind of illegal activity. They also test drugs so they can make sure what the drugs are made of and how to prevent them getting into the streets of SA. Also, they protect the civilians as most other squads do. And they have a Rapid Response team that responses to urgent calls all around San Andreas. ▶ How would you describe roleplaying? Briefly explain: Roleplaying is bringing a situation as close as real life into a video game. ▶ What does "Team Spirit" mean to you? Briefly explain: Team Spirit is when the team is working at all times together and helping each other out. None is left alone when they need backup taking down criminals or chasing someone in a pursuit. ▶ If someone kills you for no reason, what would be your first reaction? Briefly explain: Well, as a cop I would open the panel and find them and put their ass to the JAIL! Buutt, the DM keeps going on I would eventually contact an Admin or a Community Staff member or just report them. ▶ How would you describe marker arrest?: Marker arrest is when you arrest a person who has just entered into the Interior and has not moved yet or is floating. And marker arresting is very illegal in SAES. ▶ How do you describe yourself to people? Briefly explain: I am a person that enjoys hanging out with people and communicating with them. I also love teamwork a lot and work to clean SA from criminals. To be honest I might be a cunt sometimes but I realize when I need to stop current actions. I loovee roleplaying too but sometimes I just like to take the criminal down and put his ass to the jail.
  12. KATLA Dev Diary #6

    well i will become a hobo
  13. The purge in SAES.

    @Adway +376 59210123
  14. The purge in SAES.

    Yeah, It would be a onetime event and everyone would be informed on the forums with some kind of a post but since admins/CS do not mostly like this then forget this idea.