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  1. This is the old topic join the new one : http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/100708-secret-agency-department-rp-group/
  2. Date : 14/04/2018 Story : It was in a late night, the Secret Agency Department got called from a TST Agent, he was asking for a help from our hackers, to help him with searching for an armes dealer in the dark web, so I called the best user of the internet in the S.A.D, and started driving to TST base, when we were there, we found the TST agent waiting for us, he gave us the permission to enter the office, everyone of us got a computer and started doing his work, after 1hour of searching, I found the arms dealer, I tried to hack the data and check his exact place, after 30minute, all the problem was solved, we knew that there is a big mafia called Arms Assasins, and their base was in a big boat in San Fierro city, we took our car, and we started driving to there, when we found their base, the cameras and the gards were everywhere, so we got a helicopter, from the Federal Bureau Of Invastigation base, and we drove there, when we was there, we didn't find anything, and anyone, so we started searching for their closest computer to search for more informations, suddenly, we heard laughs, and cars engines, we directly closed the computer and started sneaking to get out of their base, we tried to get to our helicopter but the problem that, the helicopter was in the other side of the boat, so started running, and we was looking for any place to escape, suddenly we heard a man saying that he found our helicopter, after hearing that we dirctly jumped to the sea and started swimming. To be continued
  3. @BenPunchLine Your application is good but we are not sure about your skills, at the moment you are Pending, Try to join every S.A.D activity Regards, Secret Agency Department HQ Team, Director Andre
  4. Date : 05/04/2018 Event type : Rahino shooter Helper : [TST]Arma[vL] Winners: SAPA*|Lucifer|DD Price : 1.000.000$ ScreenShoots:
  5. Date : 04/04/2018 Story : I was giving a hard training to the Secret agency department members, Suddenly I got a call from two of the goverment members asking me to come as fast as I can, telling me that they heard gun shoots comming from the front house, I got two agents with me and started driving to his house, when we were there we didn't found anything, suddenly a shot came from the window and shooted an agent's leg, we got out of the house and directly started running to the suspect, when his didn't co-operate with our calls the other agent shot him on his leg, and then we got him arrested.
  6. Date : 04/04/2018 Event type : Knock Andre from his NRG-500 Helper : [AAFTW]Zombie Winners: [WA]^^ / [NNB]Gubby / xxxjaimy Price : 750.000$ ScreenShoots:
  7. @Winston1 Edit your application please, you are doing something wrong, and good luck dude you are a good guy
  8. Date : 31-03-2018 Story : In the morning, I was talking with a San andreas police academy officer about some gang members doing a serial robberies and he told me that there is a dirty Cop who is helping them by giving informations of our moves. It was 01 AM, I was getting ready to go back home, Suddenly I got a call from the SAPA officer telling me that he knew who is the cop that he kept helping them and he gave us all their planes, when he told me that they will rob another store at night I closed the phone and called 2 S.A.D members to help me. we stopped them in the middle of the road, and without saying anything they started shooting on us, So we lost an agent , we killed them all, and we got everything they stole back .
  9. Date : 31-03-2018 Training : Flying
  10. @dancea3 You are Denied , you are using the old, application format . Plus you are not serious at all at doing your application, Re-apply in 3days Regards, Secret Agency Department HQ Team, Director Andre