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  1. Date:21.05.2018 Type of Activity: Training with my friend, Parashuting ,Shoot at range , Training gym. Screenshots:https://imgur.com/gallery/bFS4cGQ
  2. Drift & Drag Cities Media Archive

    Report post Posted Friday at 07:36 AM Event Number #9 Event type:,,Mustang Race" LWS/G6:[STF]Dufabo<VL> Prize: 1.600.000$ Winner:[aaftw]Koko ScreenShots:https://imgur.com/gallery/IXxLhRf
  3. Type:Hydra Shooter. Date:21.05.2018 LWS/G6:[STF]Dufabo<VL> Prize:1.500.000$ Winner:ThC|Filex|Doj Screenshots:https://imgur.com/gallery/ywr1AMz
  4. Drift & Drag Cities Media Archive

    *RP Number 8 * The RP Title:,,We need to hellp all drifters" Participants:[DDC-H]Alex Story:Was 10:10th. i come at Taxi place and training, and i see a guy, he say at me ,why he like my car and my drift , i talk with him , and he not have cars for drift ... . And i think ,, i want to see him Happy" , and i talk with him about a new car , and we come at Los Santos to bay a new car for him , i give him money for Elgy (a good and nice car for drift ) and after he tuned the car . after 1 hour he showed me his skills and abilities ,i talked to him about a new and nice Group , his name is [DDC]-Drift ,Drag & Cities. , iproposed to join in the group , said he wanted to come. ScreenShots:https://imgur.com/gallery/e8JjI9l
  5. Date:18.05.2018 Type of Activity: Storry Roberry at Las Venturas. Screenshots:https://imgur.com/gallery/6EslGbY
  6. Date:18.05.2018 Type of Activity: Patrolling ,air unit and car unit. Screenshots:https://imgur.com/gallery/0wqORfx
  7. Date: 18/05/2018 Type of Activity: Storry Roberry at Los Santon bech. Screenshots:https://imgur.com/gallery/wvwJgU8
  8. Drift & Drag Cities Media Archive

    Event Number #8 Event type:Drag Race. LWS/G6: [AA]Licano Prize: 1st:1.000.000$, 2st:500.00$, 3st:300.000$ Winner:[AAFTW]Zombie , Gyteusz , OxyGen. ScreenShots:https://imgur.com/gallery/qjIh3OH
  9. Drift & Drag Cities Media Archive

    *RP Number 6 * The RP Title: Mechanic Call. Participants:Mech.Flippo Story:Was day,I was drifiting on the street Red Country, i forgot to change my wheels car and i broke two wheels.I called at Mechanic and after 5 mins , he was at me .He picked up my car and go to repair centre,i bought new wheels .I thanked him and left the Los Santos road. ScreenShots:https://imgur.com/gallery/rzJ9A1M
  10. Bird Pending - We are not shore about your application. Try to show some nice activity in game, and try to hang with us.It means, you showed your potential but we are not sure about you for some reasons. Feel free to ask these reasons to our HQ Team. In this point, you have to be mature and patient. Be active and try to attend our role plays and patrols as much as you can. We will give a final answer in 2 day
  11. Date: 17/05/2018 Type of Activity: Training Parashuting. Screenshotshttps://imgur.com/gallery/eHVB01P
  12. Date: 17/05/2018 Main characters:Jasser, Winston ,Br3nA, Side(new member),Polat Story:We recivied a call, was a Bank Roberry in SF, and need to recover stolen money.I gathered the team at the base and left with the helicopter at Base CD (they stolen money )we ride this base , and we found the stolen money,and we returned to the bank San Fierro. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/gallery/mHBz59f
  13. Date: 16/05/2018 Type of Activity: Patrolling arroun LV. Screenshots:https://imgur.com/gallery/57ZQuZy
  14. Date: 16/05/2018 Type of Activity: Storry Roberry at Las Venturas. Screenshots:https://imgur.com/gallery/eeq7I1E
  15. Date: 15/05/2018 Type of Activity: Storry Roberry at Las Venturas. Screenshots:https://imgur.com/gallery/ifINqY8