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  1. Last Letter!

  2. pleas FFS if you want help don't say that in the gangs or squads topics if you need any help post your problem here http://saesrpg.uk/community/forum/166-help-and-assistance/
  3. new hydra

    i'm thinking to replace the old hydra with this new USA Navy Hydra
  4. Stretch mod

    for real i hate this old and bad limo and i want it to get modded so +1
  5. Stretch mod

    what about this limo?
  6. Ford mustang gt

    gonna sell my bullet and buy super GT if this happened +1
  7. under water treasures

    so we make it like the BR and make the prize 200k
  8. today my suggestion is about an under water treasures which player can rob it like this a soaked ship in the sea and it appear some where in LS LV SF sea and ability to get a O2 bottle with us like this and we should get down to the ship steal whatever we can and get out ASAP before the O2 bottle run out and the prize maybe 100k or 150k and it may be like the lottery the ship appear 1 time in friday
  9. Co-driver

    yes because maybe there is a cop chasing you and if you stopped the car and get out and let the driver sit in the passenger seat you will get arrested in a few seconds but by this way if a cop chasing you , you don't have to stop the car and get out to sit in the passenger seat +1
  10. random missions

    then why we don't make the securicar spawn at LS , LV and SF bank
  11. what about random missions on the server? maybe like this : a random securicar spawn anywhere in SA state and then players must go to it and drive it to a specific place and the good thing in it is players can kill you and get the van from you and the van should be invincible and the prize could be 100k and if 4 players was in the same van everyone will get 25k and if there was 2 both will get 50k so they can help each other to take the van to the specific place and another mission is : also a random briefcase spawn any where in SA and also they should take it to a specific place and the prize will be 25k or 50k and when someone kill the player who was have the briefcase the briefcase will be dropped and the players can pick it up it's gonna be cool for the server
  12. STF - Special Task Force

    looks so sexy ! GL !
  13. military greetings

    what about this military greetings it's gonna be useful for us in the MCC training or DE rec so we don't have to use /pray we use this anim and it's gonna be useful for RPs
  14. Changes to the job system.

    i know another server in MTA that in it there is the same thing on all the jobs in the pilot , firefighter , captain , and the other civilian jobs so i will say yeah it's a cool idea i'm with you
  15. Yes Or No

    yes because i hate him should we start talking about LOL?