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  1. Story: It was early in the morning, we were not expecting any emergencies unforeseen yet out of a sudden we received a call from an unknown local civilian living nearby Los Santos's docks informing us of an operation he has witnessed and assumed it was affiliated to drug trafficking organizations. In no time, we gathered up and started heading to Los Santos's docks and shortly as we got there, we saw the ship immediately so we tried to sneak by and get it all done clean but one of their guys started whistling loudly which we took as a sign that he noticed us and was trying to alert his partners so we rushed toward the ship as fast as we can and held down everyone at gunpoint and started searching the two cargoes that were there, we found 20 kilos of cocaine about to be shipped to the other side of country, we couldn't get them to tell us what cartel they work for instantly but we took them to Los Santos's Police Department where more investigations are going to occur later on. Screenshots:
  2. @Joker333 Denied -stop copying other peoples applications and write your own one,
  3. @XeRa ACCEPTED- You have been accepted by the squad. Find a HQ member for the in game tests. ( Look the roster to find one HQ )It means, your application, general skills and attitude meet with our minimum requirements. Now, you have to find a HQ in-game in order to receive your in-game tests. Good luck!
  4. @Br3nA passed the tests and invited congratulations
  5. @Br3nA Pending - We are not shore about your application. Try to show some nice activity in game, and try to hang with us.It means, you showed your potential but we are not sure about you for some reasons. Feel free to ask these reasons to our HQ Team. In this point, you have to be mature and patient. Be active and try to attend our role plays and patrols as much as you can. We will give a final answer in 2 day
  6. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Event Number 119* Event type: chicken shooter LWS/G6: [WA]Expert Prize: 1.000.000$ Winner: petrow ScreenShots:https://imgur.com/a/BPbYAJL
  7. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Event Number: 81* Event type: "land on DFT" LWS/G6: Expert Prize: 1.000.000$ Winner: tupac ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/ZQf37
  8. Event Type : Chiken shooter Prize : $1.000.000 LWSIG6: castiel Winner(s): doz Screenshot(s): https://imgur.com/a/2EfND
  9. Event Type : Chicken nader Prize : $1.000.000 LWSIG6: @Arma Winner(s): kawaii Screenshot(s): https://imgur.com/a/JsuaS
  10. Event Type : Chiken shooter Prize : $1.000.000 LWSIG6: @Arma Winner(s): Elsa Screenshot(s): https://imgur.com/a/i0pOP
  11. #166 Event Name: chicken shooter LWS/G6: BS|Star Prize : 1,000,000$ Winner(s): O|Soulfly Screenshot(s): https://imgur.com/a/rL504
  12. Black Syndicate - Media Center

    Event: #964 Type of event: chicken shooter Helper(s): UE|Castiel Prize:1.000.000$ Winner(s):sniperlyfe Screens:https://imgur.com/a/JrLR4
  13. Black Syndicate - Media Center

    Event: #963 Type of event: 1 vs 1 sniper Helper(s): UE|Castiel Prize:3.000.000$ Winner(s):chasin Screens:https://imgur.com/a/9tXqh
  14. Black Syndicate - Media Center

    Event: #962 Type of event: chicken Shooter Helper(s): UE|Castiel Prize:2.000.000$ Winner(s):happycast Screens:https://imgur.com/a/PMwt2
  15. Black Syndicate - Media Center

    Event: #961 Type of event: chicken Shooter Helper(s): [THC]M7mod Prize: 1.000.000$ Winner(s): james Screens:https://imgur.com/a/dkE54