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== Life is what we make it ==

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  1. @xXWichoXx Hello there!, Sorry to inform you that you still lack the skill to join SAFP, i would like to encourage you to improve your English proficiency, you can re-apply after 1 week. Thank you very much Best Regards, Captain.Mephisto
  2. @BenPunchLine Hello There!, Thank you for showing your interest on us!, you have a decent application, and i would like to inform you about Pro Cop, you need at least 4 weeks in a squad in order to apply for it, for now you are under reviewed, please find any SAFP members to patrol with in order to get to know each other. Best Regards, Captain.Mephisto
  3. @jemmyx46 You have a decent application, Look for SAD HQ in game for your tests. Regards, SAD HQ Team Mephisto
  4. @xxrobson3, Good Job copying one of applicants answers, Too bad, i heard reports about you. Do something about your attitude, for now you are DENIED!, you can re-apply after 1 month. Best Regards, Captain.Mephisto
  5. @xxrobson3, Hello there!, Thank you very much for showing interest on us!, but you used different application format, go to first page and find the correct application format, i will give you 24 hours to edit your application, and also please provide exactly 15 words or more to the questions that have been given with it. Best Regards, Captain.Mephisto
  6. Server Maintenance - All Services

    katla is going to be installed? :D
  7. SAD and IAC presents ARMS SAD Participants: @kentabadat, @An.Dre, @Exam IAC Participants: Dufabo, Niceez, Elegant, Quiz Story: Today SAD Sniper division is looking for new and well refines sniper rifles to gain more advantage for their future operations, the SAD director found the perfect manufacturer corp. which they're named Invest Arms Corporation, Chief Mephisto and Director Andre immediately made a meeting to make a contact with them and order sniper arms from them, after successfully closed a deal with them we immediately mobilize to get the package that we ordered and exactly 50 sniper rifles, afterwards both parties made the deal and proceeded to get the package and deliver the package into one of SADs' warehouse storage.
  8. @Titz Congratulations, you have passed SAFP Tests and we saw a great potential growing on you, Remember your lessons, don't let us down. Best Regards, Captain.Mephisto
  9. @moonwalker Congratulations!, You have passed all the test. Welcome to San Andreas Federal Police! Best Regards, Captain.Mephisto
  10. @seriallp, Please do not reply new topic, i said to edit your application. FILL the ones you failed to provide.
  11. 4/5/2018 Training
  12. @seriallp, Hi there!, Congratulations for fulfilling all SAFP Tests!, you have still room to grow, keep it up mate!, welcome to the SQUAD! Best Regards, Captain.Mephisto
  13. @Rover / Fred Congratulations, After discussing with SAFP HQ and you have completed all the test we have decided to ACCEPT you, Welcome to the Squad Best Regards, Captain.Mephisto