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  1. CripZ Media Archive

    #Event Type(213): Triathlon #Date: 20/05/2017 #LWS/G6 Helper: CripZ>Duff #Prize(s): 2.000.000$ #Winner(s): [CDC]VinnyBL[=HQ=] Screens:
  2. CripZ Media Archive

    Kidnapped SWAT & Exchange Participants: CripZ and SWAT SWAT members are arresting our customers at LS, that’s a big problem so we thought about a solution, the solution we found was to contact some friends to get some information about some retired swat members, one of our friends told us that he is now working as a taxi in part time around San Andreas, so we didn't waste time, we found him and kidnapped him as quick as we could. We took him to our building in whetstone, the abandoned warehouse and started to torture him to get some information about SWAT’s members and tactics, he told us some info about SWAT. Meanwhile this a police officer that was passing nearby stopped to check what we are doing there and we didn't lose time, we also kidnapped him, but he called the SWAT without us knowing, the SWAT came and we negotiated with them, we asked them to give us one of our members that was in jail in exchange for the retired SWAT they gave us our member and we gave them the retired SWAT and the police officer. After all was calm and we were about to leave SWAT came in and attacked us, some of us got injured but we escaped.