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  1. Mapping Shader tool

    Loop for one map only and the other one for the whole server
  2. They said they will add a new modshop in which u can set the exact color code u want, so no need for this
  3. Official Quote Wall

  4. KATLA Dev Diary #6

  5. Yes, but can't you attach data to the driver so even when he changes seats he will still be able to toggle cruise speed?
  6. New Staff Members

    What the
  7. Purchas-& usable car variants

    I dont support this idea. Because first of all mostly players wont need such a thing, as we use cars for transport not for anything else, second im 100% sure this wont be done even if players voted for it, it requires alot of code lines and the dev team is busy as u know, there was many other suggestions which must be added but they havent. Also, This is mostly an RP server idea as it is a detailed thing.
  8. Prisoner's vehicle

    Who said it is easy? I said many criminals gets arressted in their vehicles daily, imagine 40 car per day in a single city, 25 of the vehicle owners unimpound their cars and the other 15 leave them there, 15 cars daily in each PD isnt a small number, there is only one solution for this, when you arrest a criminal, the unimpounding money should get mooved directly from his bank to the police officer bank and the car wont get impouned, its an easy solution for now, as the first one got alot of problem and will take more time to script.
  9. Prisoner's vehicle

    That would be a big mess, do you know how many criminals gets arrested in their vehicles? There wont be enough space for even half of thrm.
  10. Prisoner's vehicle

    What happens to the car after that? Also what if it was a team car?
  11. Crashing in a police vehicle

    Well i have an idea, if the criminal has more speed than the cop that he crashed into, he will get wanted, if not, he wont get wanted.
  12. The admin of year 2017 is...

    What about kicking Patrol @Sir Cheese ?
  13. The admin of year 2017 is...

    Noooo Kasimir should be the admin of the year
  14. Roleplay panel & tag

    well i have an idea about that, all the organization that is hosting the roleplay should have the right to ban classes/teams/players and kick them just like the events managers and they should be able to organize their rolplays.