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  1. Activity Number ; #9 Roadtrip. Screenshots of Activity ;
  2. Event Number ; #6 Event Type ; Race With Freeway Event Prize ; 1.000.000 Winner ; Socaster Screenshots of Event;
  3. Event Number ; #4 Event Type ; LMS Event Prize ; $1.500.000 Winner: Raiden Screenshots of Event; https://imgur.com/a/j5FoR
  4. CripZ Media Archive

    Event Type:(587): Box all vs all #LWS/G6 Helper: Zaza #Winner(s): Ganja #Prize: 1.000.000$ #ScreenShot:
  5. CripZ Media Archive

    Event Type:(583): Box all vs all #LWS/G6 Helper: Brondy #Winner(s):iiSilver #Prize: 1.000.000$ #ScreenShot:
  6. CripZ Media Archive

    ~~Requested Ammo~~ It was such a good day again at Los santos santa maria beach but something was missing and ruining our fun.It was about our ammunations.After a few wars we had in streets, we started to get out of ammos and weapons already. We decided to buy it from an organisation which got a place in San Fierro and has good qualified weapons. We decided to try their guns, talked with a member of their which is high ranked in that organisation. We called him and made a deal in Flint County, In a quiet place. They had a few upgraded weapons with red dot, grenade launcher and some other things, which is surely usefull for us. We bought a few M146's and M4's and some SMG's with much of bullets. We tried the weapons in the meeting place to see their recoil and some other things. They were the ones that we were looking for exactly. after doing the business with that guy we decided to load all weapons from their vehicle to ours .Then we went to the get the money.We gave the money bag to him and he left from area in peace.Those weapons were going to be really usefull against to our enemies.
  7. Fallow mi or die

  8. Blue"swag" hhhhhh swagboi hhhh

  9. CripZ Media Archive

    06/01/2018 San Fierro Bank Robbery #329 [8/8] 06/01/2018 Los Santos Bank Robbery #330 [8/8]
  10. NSA - National Security Agency

    Part 1 – Personal background Real name:Akalp Age :17 Sex :Male Nationality :Turkey Location (dosen’t have to be detailed):Izmir How many languages do you speak? :English/Turkish English skills level (1 to 10) :Hmm 8 Part 2 – In-game background Forum Name:BlueSwag Ingame name:Blue# Login Name:blue35 Number of hours in server:39 How long have you been playing on SAES: First of all, i joined SAES before 1.5 years but played a while with different name. Then started another RPG server then i kept playing there Number of arrests, number of kills (you can get them from /stats):60 arrests, 80 kills Your average FPS:60 Your average Ping:60 Previous gangs/squads/companies (mention why you left/kicked): - Previous groups(why you left/kicked): - Are you a member of any groups? : - Do you have PC? : - Did you have PC before? (if yes then, why were you kicked?) - Have you ever been banned from SAES? (if yes then provide details) : Never Have you ever been admin jailed? (if yes then provide details) : Nu Part 3 – Rules and regulations Squad Rule number 1 (in your own words) : before read all server rules, do not apply Squad Rule number 3 (in your own words) :don't arrest someone in event/hospital Squad Rule number 5 (in your own words) :be respectful with nsa members Squad Rule number 6 (in your own words) :be respectful against the sr rules What does DM or Deathmatch mean? :Killing someone without reason What does BR mean?:Bank Robbery What does SR mean?:Store Robbery Write 3 major Server rules:Speak english in mainchat, don't avoid arrest unfairly,don't do spawn arrest/kill Write 2 rules about BR (for cops) :cops are not allowed to marker arrest in br,cops are not allowed to marker kill Write 2 rules about SR (for cops) dont arrest any cop in sr, dont climb unreachable places