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  1. Interesting idea. It would be useful in RP. +1
  2. STAGE 1 Name: Riley Account Name: rendor123 Nationality: Hungarian Are you over 16 years of age? If no, please specify your age: Yes, I am exactly 16 years old. Do you have a ProCop diploma? If no, please specify why: Yes, I received my PC Diploma 4 days ago. Previous G/S/C memberships and why you left: I was in the NSA for 4 months ,but I left because I have joined the SAPA. I left the SAPA after I received my ProCop diploma. Why do you wish to join the FBI: I want to join the FBI, because I heard a lot of positive things about the squad. Also my old friend is in the FBI forces. Why should we accept you: I think, Im trained enough to be part of the squad. Also I got experience about the RolePlay situations, and my driving skills and techniques are proper. STAGE 2 – GIVE SHORT ANSWERS What is roleplaying: RolePlaying means, acting like in real life. What is deathmatching: DeathMatching means, kill people, or damage vehicles without reason. Tell us three server rules (F1): On the mainchat only the english language is allowed. Only one account is allowed. Dont let anybody to use your account . You shouldnt arrest at the hospitals, or on events. Also the camping at hospital is not allowed. Are you allowed to deathmatch: Yes, only if you are protecting yourself ,or somebody entered an offical base without permission. STAGE 3 What are your English skills out of 1 to 10: 7/10 What are your driving skills out of 1 to 10: 9/10 What are your shooting skills out of 1 to 10: 8/10 What are your role-play skills out of 1 to 10: 9/10 What are your strengths: I like to work with my teammates, and try to help them in any situations. During my SAPA Education ,I gained a lot of experience about the Police RolePlay. Im trying to ingore the ragers and the insulters ,and its not a problem for me if somebody asks me for a hand. What are your weaknesses: My helicopter driving skills arent the best. Im not trained in the Paramedic RolePlay. My activity during the week, its not the best because I should study for the school.
  3. SAPD -Roleplay Names

    Riley - Nicholas_Feeride
  4. Format Ingame Nickname: Riley Account Name: rendor123 Date of joining Pro Cop: DD/MM/YY 02/03/2018 Who tested you: SAPA Breezy Who invited you: SAPA ZeKinG Current Squad/Company: SAPA Age: 16 How long have you been on this server?: I started to play on SAES:RPG 1,5 years ago. How long have you played as a regular cop before you absolved your Pro Cop diploma: I played as a trainee for 2 months.Then 4 months playing as NSA Agent ,and now I played as SAPA Trainee for 5 weeks. Roleplay name: Nicholas_Feeride Police Officer Nicholas Feeride(( Riley / rendor123)) -
  5. Congratulation guys! Good luck for Level 2!
  6. NSA - National Security Agency

    Part 1 – Personal background Real name:Bence Age :14 Sex :Male Nationality :Hungarian Location (dosen’t have to be detailed):Serbia,Sabadka How many languages do you speak? :Hungarian,Serbian,English English skills level (1 to 10) :5 Part 2 – In-game background Forum Name:MrRandom Ingame name:Riley Login Name:rendor123 Number of hours in server:26 How long have you been playing on SAES:About half year Number of arrests, number of kills (you can get them from /stats):arrests:87,kills:48 Your average FPS:About 70 Your average Ping:59 Previous gangs/squads/companies (mention why you left/kicked):/ Previous groups(why you left/kicked):/ Are you a member of any groups? :No Do you have PC? :no Did you have PC before? (if yes then, why were you kicked?) :No Have you ever been banned from SAES? (if yes then provide details) :No Have you ever been admin jailed? (if yes then provide details) :Yes,becouse when I started the game,then I dont knew the rules and I get a jail.Reason:DM Part 3 – Rules and regulations Squad Rule number 1 (in your own words) :I should read the server rules before I start to play.Becouse these rules are important to know. Squad Rule number 3 (in your own words) :I shouldnt arrest players on events. Squad Rule number 5 (in your own words) :If I mad for someone.Then I must ignore him.But if he is the member of the NSA then I must report him to the group leader. Squad Rule number 6 (in your own words) :If I want to stay in this group,than I shouldnt break the SR rule What does DM or Deathmatch mean? :When you kill someone with no reason. What does BR mean?:Bank robbery What does SR mean?:Store robbery Write 3 major Server rules:1.AK:Adminkill.If you kill an administrator while he help someone.2.DM:DeathMatch:When you kill with no reason.3.If your primary language is not english than you can use the /msg to talk to someone in your language.Then everybody can understand what is in the chat. Write 2 rules about BR (for cops) :Do not jump off the banks roof.Dont camp in the entrance marker. Write 2 rules about SR (for cops) Do not use animations.You arent allowed to use grenades.