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  1. Event Time!

  2. Giveaways

  3. nays activity guys

    what the fuck is going on here
  4. CS Application Results

    Since no one expected these results here's the spanish inquisition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAn7baRbhx4 Terrible results by the way
  5. lets insult karitos

    Not just Maximum Mong but also
  6. SAES Meme pictures!

    Wow you guys had the same meme idea what a lucky coincidence)))))))) exdee
  7. SAES Meme pictures!

    @Leo. Thank you for being one of the main reasons this place is still funny
  8. Unless you're a cop yourself don't speak for cops, as I found it extremely annoying to get shot at for no reason all the time I passed through that road. Crims only want this jail to be able to DM again without getting punished for it, if this jail was fun for everyone then it wouldn't be only the crims that would ask to be brought back
  9. Even tho it was filled with action, for me the main reason LS Jail was removed is because it was a "Free DM Zone" in the eyes of criminals, and honestly it couldn't be more true. (For most of them, atleast) So, if there's no implemented system or whatever that makes EVERYONE respect the rules and not shooting anyone that moves around there because "hurr durr it's a jailbreak lulzzzz" then I'll have to say no to a shitstorm on the center of LS again
  10. bring back old jail

    Not this shit again
  11. I love you guys

  12. i appolgize

  13. Vinnie's routine today