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  1. Happy New Year 2017

    Carry on
  2. Kinda old but still awesome

    Reminds me of the 7.00 update on Dota, all that hype at the end of the timer for just a crash and then a site in chinese top kek
  4. Streaming KATLA development

    These comments..
  5. Dankest live stream ever

  6. League of Legends - General Chat

    On my way to INT your game
  7. Real vs Barca

  8. Show us your car!

    Getting myself a car of the year 2016 soon :)
  9. EvE is F2P (after midday)

    For someone who wants to get into the game and play it seriously the F2P version is crap
  10. #Trump2016

    I don't, it's just a meme to me
  11. #Trump2016