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  1. I - BASIC INFORMATIONReal Name: My real name is Vlad Eremeev.In-game Name: Officer Infared / Mr.RedAccount: My account name is 'infared1815'.Age: I'm 18 years old.Primary Language: My primary language is UkrainianOther Languages: I can speak on English and French.II - GAME INFORMATIONHow long have you being playing MTA?: I started play in MTA, in 2011. So I play in MTA 6 years.How long have you being playing SAES?: I started play on SAES in September 20, in 2016.Are you PC (ProCop)?: None.Past squad/gang/companies (State if you left or were kicked and why): I was member Silence of Death, after gang is closed/died.Current and past groups (State the reason if left or kicked): Radio SA and TSDWhat is RP? (Explain using 15 words or more): Roleplay is when you acting like in real life and talk with the person as it was in real life, example you stop someone and as a cop in this case you acting like a cop and the crime or the trucker acting like a trucker/criminal.What is DM? (Explain using 15 words or more): Deathmatching is when an individual or a group of people target someone or another group of people and kill them with no reason in mind.What is Park-Killing? (Explain using 15 words or more): Park kill it's killing someone with your car. If someones crashs you with his car and parks on you and kill you it it the park kill.III - RULES KNOWLEDGEDid you read and agree with all F1 rules?: Yes, I have read all the rules of F1.Did you read and agree with all SAFP rules?: Yes, I have read and understood all the rules San Andreas Federal Police. What is the minimum wanted level for arrest?: Min 6 stars.Are you allowed to arrest or kill other police officers?: No, I won't.Are you allowed to arrest/kill in hospitals?: No, this can't be done.Are you allowed to arrest/kill in events?: No, according to the rules it's forbidden to do.Is marker-arresting allowed?: No, you can't do that.Explain SAFP's rule 3: If possible, before the arrest, it' necessary to carry out Role Play. Also if you offer to hold the Role Play, you'll need to hold it.Explain SAFP's rule 4: Don't arrest criminal(people) under 5 stars;Explain SAFP's rule 8: ALT members are our allies, don't arrest them.IV - MISC. INFORMATIONYour strengths: Driving, Shooting, Parashuting, Arresting, Flying, Loyal, Helping players, RPingYour weaknesses: I have lags sometimes..Have you received any bans from the server? If yes, why?: Yes, for multi-account. I just have a younger brother who also wanted to play.Why did you decide to join our squad? (Use 15 words or more): There are many reasons of why I would like to join SAFP. The first one is that, in my opinion, it is the best option for me in the official squads section. I do not see myself in any other squad (apart from SWAT), than SAFP. Another reason is that I can see major potential for this squad. I can see it reaching level 5 and becoming the most elite squad on the server. I would like to be part of that journey, a journey where I can help as much as I can. Also I really like the SAFP, this my home forever!Explain why we should accept you (Use 15 words or more): I know that everyone can say "I wanna be loyal" or "give me accept" for joining to a squad, but I want to make it clearly: since San Andreas Fedetal Police it's only one squad in which I want to be after all my time of play here - I hope my loyalty will not make you doubt me. And I can be active anytime you need time, always follow rules of squad and server (because for me, DM or other like that "for fun" makes person look like a retard). Plus I think I'm experienced enough on SAES for that.Who recommended you applying for SAFP?: Niceez.P.S. I know that I wasn't a member of SAPA and you may think that I am not an experienced for SAFP, BUT guys I assure you that I am quite an experienced and loyal player, If you give me at least one chance join to SAFP, I will prove to you that you won't regret taking me for SAFP.
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  7. Interior for bank

    I did 2 days.. Interior for bank: iob: imgur.com/uYGg/Uyw6vJrELz
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  12. Basic Information: Real Name: My real name is Vlad Eremeev. Ingame Name: My in-game nickname is Officer.Infared. Also I use nickname Mr.Red for Role Play. Account: My account name is 'infared1815'. Age: I'm 18 years old. Nationality: I'm from Ukraine. Primary Language: My primary language is Ukrainian. Other Languages: I can speak on English and French. Where do you live: I live in Ukraine. In-game Information: How long have you been playing MTA?: I started play in MTA 5 years ago. In 2011. How long have you been playing SAES:RPG?: 5 months. I started play on SAES witch September 20, in 2016. Have you been in any other squads/gangs/companies?(if you left, or were kicked, and why): •Silence Of Death - Gang has been closed. Did you read all F1 rules?: Yes. Did you read SAFP rules and accept them?: Yes. Are you in any group?: Radio SA. Are you a Procop Officer (PC)?: None. What is RP? (explain using 15 words or more): Roleplaying is the best part of SAES. It's meaen acting like real life. For example truckers roleplay: They are delivering their stuff to place that he need to go. Police roleplay is arresting criminals with using their powers like base raids, roadblocks, kidnapping someone to get information. This isn't whole information about roleplay but Its enough I guess. What is DM? (explain using 15 word or more): DM it's shooting, killing, dameging someone or car without reason. There are many way for Deatmatch like park kill. What is park-killing? (explain using 15 words or more): Park kill it's killing someone with your car. If someones crashs you with his car and parks on you and kill you it it the park kill. Are you allowed to arrest at hospitals?: No. Are you allowed to arrest at events?: No. Do you prefer to kill or arrest criminals?: First of all i'll try to Arrest him. But i didn't arrest him i'll kill him. Is it allowed marker-arrest?: No,it's not allowed but i heard something from anyone, someone said to me it's allowed but i'm not sure about it. Do you have any binds?: No, I haven't binds. Explain SAFP rule 4: Always do RP. Explain SAFP rule 5: Don't arrest under 8 stars. Explain SAFP rule 12: ALT is our Alliance, don't arrest them. Rating Information: Rate your Role-play skills (1-10): 7 Rate your teamwork skills (1-10): 8 Rate your English (1-10): 7 Rate your driving skills (1-10): 9 Rate your flying skills (1-10): 9 Rate your shooting skills (1-10): 8 Rate your Arresting skills (1-10): 7 Strengths: Driving, Shooting, Arresting, RolePlaying, Piloting. Weaknesses: Sometimes lags.. Misc. Information: Have you received any ban from the server? Why?: Yes, because of the multi-account(I just have a younger brother who also wanted to play). Why did you decide to join our squad (explain using 15 words or more): First I love your skins and generally I liked very much SAFP's Role Play. SAFP members seem to be mature and friendly guys and thats why I would like to be with them. I'd like to help this gang firstly as being an active and loyal member. Who recommended you to apply for us?: N/A. What can you offer us (explain using 15 words or more): I hope they will accept me and then we can do RPs teamworks,arrests. Because i always wanted to join to SAFP. I love to play as a Police and i wanna improve myself. SAFP is a squad where i can learn to make best RP and also because they are really friendly and loyal people. I want to be a part of this family!Forever! What do you know about SAFP?: I know something about SAFP, they are Federal Police of San Andreas, They were arresting Drug, Arms Dealers. Why should we accept you? (explain using 15 words or more): I think I'm experienced enough on SAES for SAFP. I’m really experienced player and roleplayer as well as friendly person which takes things serious and fun when they need to be taken this way. I can benefit throughout helping in roleplays with my ability which I consider good. I have a medium English and I remain active and loyal player. I'm a conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to detail. Also I'm flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. I have the ability to work in a team environment. That's all I can say, I always stay friendly and loyal player. Tell us about yourself and your experience in the server (use 30 words): I'm Infared, my name is Vlad, that's my real name. I live in Ukraine, city of Lviv (city attractions). At the moment, I'm 18 years old, I was born 08/02/1998. I'm a student, I study in the Architectural Institute , on architect. My hobbies: First and foremost it's worth noting that I enjoy playing the guitar and read literature, for I consider myself as a creative person. Also worth noting that I like art. And my passion to BMX. In general, I'm an ordinary average person. Now a little about my life in the SAES. Play for SAES I started with September 20, in 2016. Especially anything on the server I'm not wanted, because I play in a fun, and not very often. There is also a favorite time of year, it summer, new ideas are born in the summer in me, and my love of the sea. In life me inspires only alcohol. Perhaps this is all that I wanted to tell you about myself.
  13. Good luck get 5 level NNB, you're the best! :D
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    Hello guys )) My new job, evaluate and criticize. weapons manufacturing factory: iob.imgur.com/uYGg/7guhjhryDz