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  1. All Load Trucking Activity Refueling Empty / Almost empty Stations
  2. All Load Trucking Activity Refueling Empty/Almost empty Stations
  3. All Load Trucking Activity
  4. All Load Trucking Activity
  5. All Load Trucking Event Event Hoster: All Load Trucking ALT Members: [ALT]Infared{it}, [ALT]MrTheBank<T> LWS Helpers: [TST]Arma Event prize: 1 Million Event Type: Chicken Shooter Chicken Shooter Event Winner: Razer Event ScreenShots:
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    Las Venturas (8/8)
  7. OverdoseCrime - Media Archive

    Activity day 07/01/18
  8. Evening activity 06/01/18
  9. Evening Activity 03/01/18
  10. The deal with Talia It was a sunny day I was driving around Los Santos while I was called by Pogba. That man asked me to find the trusted person in order to buy some of weapons for the next war. I just remembered that I have old friend from Tierra Robbada. In few mins I called Talia and asked him about the good weapons especially for Comanda Da Capital. He just answered me to come to the base Outfit. In 20 mins I have arrieved to the base and we started to talk about it. I told him that the following weapons are needed to CDC (such as M4, Sniper and Combat). Also, I asked him about ammo for all it. He answered me that he has all it for me and we started to take it from one car to another car. After this all I asked him about the price. He said that I need to pay him 120.000$ for all it. Then I paid the money and went out from the base Outfit.
  11. Selling the drugs to Doox It was an ordinary day while I stood at the base of CDC and had some fun with Shakespeare. Suddenly I was called by Doox and he asked me about some drugs like marijuana for some bussiness. I answered him to come base CDC. After a while he arrived and we started to talk with him about this. After this discussion he followed me and I showed him all that I have for him. He just asked me about the price and I answered: "For all those I will take from you 3.000" and he said "deal". Then he paid me the money and me and shakespeare take out it from warehouse to car and Doox went out from the base CDC.
  12. Evening activity 31/12/17
  13. OverdoseCrime - Media Archive

    -153- Event Type: All vs All boxing Event Prize: 1.000.000$ LWS/G6: [AA]Hotfire Winner: [B~B]MArk Screens:
  14. OverdoseCrime - Media Archive

    RP#137 - Selling the protein to Prophet Participants: OverdoseCrime, Prophet Oneday while I stood at the base I got call from unknown number like that 7-552-56-87 and he introduced himself as Prophet. He asked me about the protein for him body and I said him to come OC base After a while he arrived and we started to talk about this. He started to tell me that he is professional motorcycle biker who needs the protein to gain weight for the competition. I offered him all that I have like Whey protein, Casein protein and Rice protein. When he asked me to show all it He started to show and then he said that he can buy all it but suddenly I have known that he hasn't money and he asked me about the home delivery. I said that I can. Then we went to the house of Prophet.. In some mins like 25 we have arrived to the house and I started to take the protein from car to house. After this all he paid me the 1,100$ for all of protein and I went to the base OverdoseCrime.