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  1. OverdoseCrime - Media Archive

    -Evening activity-
  2. OverdoseCrime - Media Archive

    It was an ordinary day, I stood by my car and suddenly i got a phonecall from someone named Mr.Maxim, He said he had some weapons for sale and then he asked if i need any,I asked him to meet me at OverdoesCrime base so i could look at them and he agreed. 20 minutes go by and then he arrived, We talked a bit and then i asked him to show me the weapons, he had an m4 and a sniper rifle for sale, i asked him if i can take a look at then and he said sure, I tried out both of them and said that i will take them. Then i asked him how much will it cost and he said that both of the weapons will cost around 5,000$, I agreed whit the price and gave him 5,000$. We shaked hands and he seated into his car and drived off. Screens: imgur.com/a/B2fSK
  3. OverdoseCrime - Media Archive

    RP#87- Sell the proteins Participants: OverdoseCrime, Black Syndicate It was a good day, I stood near my car and thought about life. Suddenly my friend John(miKu) called me and said: "Hello bro, I need a good protein for my body". I answered him: " Hello, come to base OverdoseCrime, I have some proteins for my brother". He has already come. I showed him that I have. He throught about bought some proteins. After he said me: "I will buy everything". And I said: " It's good to hear from you". He gave me money, 600$ and I recounted the money. After our deal he said that he has to go and he left. Screens: https://m.imgur.com/a/B1Ypy
  4. Gang Base | Los Santos

    First of all I would like to say that this mapping not bed. But you used many objects not for base. If I understand you, you tryed to did gang base? If not I wrong. Moreover, try to use more creatavity. I really like your job.
  5. I - BASIC INFORMATIONReal Name: My real name is Vlad Eremeev.In-game Name: Officer Infared / Mr.RedAccount: My account name is 'infared1815'.Age: I'm 18 years old.Primary Language: My primary language is UkrainianOther Languages: I can speak on English and French.II - GAME INFORMATIONHow long have you being playing MTA?: I started play in MTA, in 2011. So I play in MTA 6 years.How long have you being playing SAES?: I started play on SAES in September 20, in 2016.Are you PC (ProCop)?: None.Past squad/gang/companies (State if you left or were kicked and why): I was member Silence of Death, after gang is closed/died.Current and past groups (State the reason if left or kicked): Radio SA and TSDWhat is RP? (Explain using 15 words or more): Roleplay is when you acting like in real life and talk with the person as it was in real life, example you stop someone and as a cop in this case you acting like a cop and the crime or the trucker acting like a trucker/criminal.What is DM? (Explain using 15 words or more): Deathmatching is when an individual or a group of people target someone or another group of people and kill them with no reason in mind.What is Park-Killing? (Explain using 15 words or more): Park kill it's killing someone with your car. If someones crashs you with his car and parks on you and kill you it it the park kill.III - RULES KNOWLEDGEDid you read and agree with all F1 rules?: Yes, I have read all the rules of F1.Did you read and agree with all SAFP rules?: Yes, I have read and understood all the rules San Andreas Federal Police. What is the minimum wanted level for arrest?: Min 6 stars.Are you allowed to arrest or kill other police officers?: No, I won't.Are you allowed to arrest/kill in hospitals?: No, this can't be done.Are you allowed to arrest/kill in events?: No, according to the rules it's forbidden to do.Is marker-arresting allowed?: No, you can't do that.Explain SAFP's rule 3: If possible, before the arrest, it' necessary to carry out Role Play. Also if you offer to hold the Role Play, you'll need to hold it.Explain SAFP's rule 4: Don't arrest criminal(people) under 5 stars;Explain SAFP's rule 8: ALT members are our allies, don't arrest them.IV - MISC. INFORMATIONYour strengths: Driving, Shooting, Parashuting, Arresting, Flying, Loyal, Helping players, RPingYour weaknesses: I have lags sometimes..Have you received any bans from the server? If yes, why?: Yes, for multi-account. I just have a younger brother who also wanted to play.Why did you decide to join our squad? (Use 15 words or more): There are many reasons of why I would like to join SAFP. The first one is that, in my opinion, it is the best option for me in the official squads section. I do not see myself in any other squad (apart from SWAT), than SAFP. Another reason is that I can see major potential for this squad. I can see it reaching level 5 and becoming the most elite squad on the server. I would like to be part of that journey, a journey where I can help as much as I can. Also I really like the SAFP, this my home forever!Explain why we should accept you (Use 15 words or more): I know that everyone can say "I wanna be loyal" or "give me accept" for joining to a squad, but I want to make it clearly: since San Andreas Fedetal Police it's only one squad in which I want to be after all my time of play here - I hope my loyalty will not make you doubt me. And I can be active anytime you need time, always follow rules of squad and server (because for me, DM or other like that "for fun" makes person look like a retard). Plus I think I'm experienced enough on SAES for that.Who recommended you applying for SAFP?: Niceez.P.S. I know that I wasn't a member of SAPA and you may think that I am not an experienced for SAFP, BUT guys I assure you that I am quite an experienced and loyal player, If you give me at least one chance join to SAFP, I will prove to you that you won't regret taking me for SAFP.
  6. Bazuka's designs (Closed)

    Nice work, thanks you @Bazuka!:)
  7. Interior for bank

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  8. Interior for bank

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  9. A gift for a Great HQ

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  10. Interior for bank

  11. Interior for bank

    I did 2 days.. Interior for bank: iob: imgur.com/uYGg/Uyw6vJrELz
  12. Rover's Mapping

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  13. new job

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  14. new job

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  15. new job

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