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  1. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Event Number 178* Event type: Hunter Shooter LWS/G6: [WA]Expert Prize: $1.000.000 Winner: WH|Sin Screenshots: imgur.com/a/9yTm0lq
  2. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Event Number 177* Event type: Fall Out LWS/G6: [STF]Dufabo Prize: $1.000.000 Winner: Abdulah.Mohamed Screenshots: imgur.com/a/eTpf2Kj
  3. Wild Angels Media Archive

    ~Daily Activity~ Date:24/05/2018 Screenshots: imgur.com/a/JHpbt2c
  4. Wild Angels Media Archive

    ~Daily Activity~ Date:23/05/2018 Screenshots: imgur.com/a/yQcTYSg
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  6. Wild Angels Media Archive

    ~Daily Activity~ Date:17/05/2018 Screenshots: imgur.com/a/VXxLqg3
  7. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Event Number 166* Event type: Chicken Shooter LWS/G6: Expert Prize: $1.000.000 Winner: [TST]Mixpeko Screenshots: imgur.com/a/Cv17f7C
  8. Date: 12.05.2018 Type of Activity:Parashuting Screenshoot: imgur.com/a/JYAL7S1
  9. Date: 12.05.2018 Type of Activity: Activity Screenshoot: imgur.com/a/GqoVd6K
  10. Date: 12.05.2018 Type of Activity: Patrulling with NNB Screens: imgur.com/a/DRuNgli
  11. Date: 12.05.2018 Type of Activity: Patrulling at sr Screens: imgur.com/a/d9Ms4bh
  12. Date: 11/05/2018 Main characters: Z|Jesse Story: It was a good day for members from ICE. One of the member ICE stood at the base and had some fun. Suddenly, I got a call from unknown number. When I answered the phone a man introduced himself like Jesus. He needed help from me. He just said "come to Z base and we will talk there". Then I came to base of Z. In 15 mins I have arrived and sew Jesus. When I came to him we started to talk about him problems and he said me that one day ago somebody stole the bike from base and he asked me to help him to which I replied "alright". Someday before I got a note from Sam who said that "there is a gang that steals the bikes around". I knew their location and went to their warehouse to arrest their and get the bike back. After this all, I have arrived and sew the one bike it was Jesse's bike. I took this one and went to Jesse. Then I gave it to Jesus and he became happy at all. Screens: imgur.com/a/SugcKpj
  13. Type: Fallout Date: 10/05/2018 LWS/G6: [aa]godi Prize: 1.000.000$ Winner: Z|Raiden Screenshot: imgur.com/a/YVRaCfP
  14. Date: 09/05/2018 Main characters: Cripz>Togna Story: As always it was sunny day while I was patruling around San Andreas. Suddenly I have seen a man with the guns in hands who was entering inside of store. In few minutes I followed him. Then I sew that he was trying to rob the store of weapons and I started to arrest him. Offender also known as Togna tired to get out from the store but he could't do anything. I just said him to follow my words and we went out from the store and he got in car. After this all, we went to near police station (LVPD) and I gave him to law enforcement authorities Screens: imgur.com/a/NX6a1eY
  15. 1. Personal Info Username: Infared Account name: infared1815 Age: 20 years old Gender: Male Nationality: I am from Ukraine Languages: Ukraine, English, Russian and a bit French English skills (1-10): 7/10 Do you use Teamspeak: Time to time. If it needs I can be on anytime. Tell us about youself: Well, my name is Vlad an ordinary man from Ukraine. I study in AZOV MariTime Institute. I prefer to have fun with friends on the best server that named like SAES. When I have free time I spend my time with my girlfriend. The best time for myself is evening in order to go around the city and listen the music. When I have free time like 2-3 times a week I come to SAES and have fun there too. So, it’s about all that I would tell about myself. 2. In-Game Experience • How long you play SAES/RPG: Almost 4 years • How long you play MTA: Almost 6 years • How long you play every day: 2-3 hours. • How much in-game hours do you have: 462h • Previous Gang/Squad/Company: S~D, C, OC, CDC, ALT. • Why did you leave: S~D – My frrst gang that closed, OC – the gang was closed too, CDC – I left by myself because of it was so hard for me to be inside of brazilian men, ALT – tired of tipically civilian things. • Have ever been banned before: Yes • Reason for ban: I was banned for offering people to join another server (can explain more in-game) 3. Misc Information • Your strengths: I am good at Driving, Shooting, Teamworking, Arrestind, Pilotind. Also I am an activity man who can plays anytime. • Your Weaknesses: Sometimes I have lags because pc is old. • Why did you decide to join our squad: Because I wanna try something new for myself. ICE is a new squad that has good people inside and good activity. Moreover, I like the RP of ICE and wanna try to do it by side of ICE. And the finally line it because I see my future inside of ICE (I really want to join to help guys get higher level then now) and do my the best for that. • Explain why we should accept you: Because I can be active anytime you need time • Who Recommended you applying for ICE: Procko 4. Rules Knowledge • Did you read the F1 rules: Yes, I did • Did you read the Squad rules: Yes, I did • Are you allowed to arrest/kill in Hospital: No, it’s not allowed • Are you allowed to arrest/kill in events? No, it’s not allowed • Is marker arrest allowed: No. • Explain what is marker arrest: It something like someone is inside of an interior or when they leave the house/interior, they get arrested. • Explain what is Death-matching: It’s killing anyone without the reason. • Explain ICE Rule 2: You can’t arrest criminals who have under 10 stars! • Explain ICE Rule 3: Do not kill police officers with no reason! • Explain ICE Rule 10: Respect all SAES members and overall all of the community!