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  1. Evening activity 13/12/17
  2. RP#127 - The day for training Participants: OverdoseCrime, SniperLyfe It was Thursday of December while I stood near the gym in Los Santos. Suddenly I have seen the man who walked along the street. Then I stopped him and it turned out that I know him. It was my old frined SniperLyfe. I asked him "Where are you running?" and he answered me "to the gym". Then I offered him my servises like trainer. He angreed and we went inside the gym. We started to run on the treadmill. I said him "you need to run for 15-20mins". Then he asked me to teach him boxing and we started to fight with the pear and he beat the pear about for 25 mins. Then the final exercise was a bench press. He started to raise the neck In the end, after doing 3 exercises, he told me that he was tired and I said him that it's okay and we shook hands with each other and agreed to see each other in two days
  3. -136- Event Type: Last Man Standing Event Prize: 1.000.000$ LWS/G6: Pular Winner: Zeta1.618
  4. RP#125 - A little selling to FBI Participants: OverdoseCrime, FBI One day, as usually I was it the cafe with Browies and we talked about the good things such as beautiful girls and gym. Then in few minutes we started talking about the protein. Browies told me that he has a big body and wants to improve this then I decided to offer him to buy the good protein from OC for him. He answered me that he will think. Then it was Monday of December when I was called by Browies and he said me some of good words. Like "I'm coming to base OC to buy the protein". In some time Browies has arrived to the base OC and we started to talk about the protein. I started to offer him any protein such as Whey, Casien Zero, Elite XT and so on. He was interested this and wanted in order to I show him all that we have. He started to check this and he said that he needs only good and quality. To which I replied "We have only good protein always". He thought some time and then he said that he will buy all that we have. My assistant MaxaaN said him "we have some of pils too" and Browies decided to buy pails too. I started to took out the protein from car to car which time MaxaaN talked with him about the price After this all, MaxaaN informed me that the price is 4.000$ for all it. And I came to Browies and said him that he needs to pay us 4.000$ for all it. He paid me the money and said "I will buy the protein by OverdoseCrime always". We answered him that it's good way. We shook hands with each other for the good deal and he came out from the base OverdoseCrime
  5. Evening activity 10/12/17
  6. RP#125 - The deal with Outfit Participants: OverdoseCrime, The Outfit One day, members from OverdoseCrime were at the base and had some fun, then I got call from MrWan and he said me: "We will war and we need to buy good weapons, you need to find the gang which can sell the weapons". Then I remembered that I have old friend from The Outfit who has good weapons always. In some time like 5-10 mins I called Talia and asked him about the weapons. He just said me the words: "Come to the base Outfit". After this words I said our guys to take the car and we went to the base Outfit, after some time we have arrived and started to talk with Talia. He asked me "what do you need?" and I said "I need to buy M4, Combat, Sniper and some of ammo for all this weapons". Then he showed all that he has and Kevin decided to test all it. Then as I knew the weapons proved to be ideal and Talia asked me about the price. I offered him 30.000$ for all this and he said "okay". Then James paid the money to Talia and some guys from OverdoseCrime like James and Kelvin took out the weapons from car to car. Then I said "thanks you" to Talia and our team went to the base to train for the next war. Screens:
  7. RolePlay#122 - Training in the Gym Participants: OverdoseCrime, CripZ It was an ordinary day for guys from OverdoseCrime while we stood at the base and talked about pleasant things. Then I got call from Karma and he said that he has to talk with me. I said him to come to the base OC. In some time Karma has arrived and took with him more guys from CripZ. We started to talk and Karma asked me: "We are all know that OC is gang which training anybody to improve the body" to which I replied "Yes, we are". Then he asked me to train some guys from Cripz. And we went to Gym After a while we have arrived and came inside the Gym First, I said to ment that he started to running on the treadmill while another guys from CripZ waited. Then each of them ran on the treadmill. I told them that they would fight each other. They fought about five minutes after which they were tired. And I asked them that they rest. After started the last exercise named "Fighting the pear" After this all exercises they sat down and I said them that they are the best guys who made a good and having said the words: "we will ask OC to help us with body always" Then guys came out from the Gym.
  8. RolePlay#121 - Selling the protein for Outfit Participants: OverdoseCrime, TheOutfit Story: As always it was a good day for OverdoceCrime. I stood at the base OC and had fun. Suddenly I was called by Marcus and he asked me about the protein: "Hi, do you have good protein for my body" to which I replied: "Yes, of course". Then I took the car and went to the base Outfit. Then I have arrived at the base Outfit and we started to talk with Marcus about the protein specially for him.He said that he needs to improve his body . After this all, he asked me to show him all that I have. Then I have showed him and we went to the warehouse to take out all it. I'm and my assistant Krasava we took out all protein from car to warehouse and he paid me the money for the protein and I came back to the base OverdoseCrime. Screens:
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    GZ! And gl for the next level!
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    ~We are all family forever~
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    Evning activity & The meeting day 24/11/2017 Some screens:
  12. Confero's Media Archive

    #75 -The weapons for VLA- Participants: Confero's, VLA History: It was an ordinary day for members from Confero's. While we stood at the base and had fun.Then I was called by Shakespeare. He asked me about the weapons for VLA. I didn't think just take a car with members and went to the base of VLA. After a while we arrived and I started to talk with member from VLA. After a little conversation I came to the car to open the trunk. We stood and waited the answer from Skakespeare. He told that he wants to buy all weapons. Then I started to take the weapons from car to car. After all this VLA paid the money and we shook hands with each other. Screens:
  13. Confero's Media Archive

    Check of activity 19/11/2017