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  2. - Weapons in need - Today I was chilling in the base when ‘’Pitoco’’ ordered me to check our weapons, cause we were about to war. When I arrived in our stock, I saw it was empty. I returned to ‘’Pitoco’’. to tell the bad news, and he told me to order new weapons from our friends : ‘’Wild Angels’’. I immediately called Pump, I told him about the deal, and he agreed. We made an appointment in their base. I took the van and went on my way to their base. When I arrived ‘’Pump’’ was waiting for me already. ‘’Pump’’ was in hurry, so we immediately came down to business. I ordered 10 boxes with ‘’M4’’, 10 with ‘’Combat Shotgun’’ and 10 with ‘’Snipers’’. Each with 1000 bullets. He calculated the price, total of 35.505$, when I payed I asked him to help me transporting it back to our base. He agreed, but he told me it wasn’t save to transport it via car… So we decided to transport it via plane, and went on our way to the ‘’San Fierro’’ airport. When we arrived, we loaded the weapons in the plane. And I called ‘’Engima’’ to wait with a van in ‘’Los Santos’’ airport. When we arrived ‘’Engima’’’ was waiting already. We immediately loaded the boxes with weapons in the van. We said goodbye to ‘’Pump’’ and thanked him for helping us. Then we went on our way to the base. And prepared for our next war.
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  14. Ingame name: ‘’Glitchman’’ . Real name:My real name is Abdi. Age: I’m 19 years old. Nationality: I’m from the Netherlands. Timezone: +1 GTM. Languages able to speak: My primary language is Dutch, but beside that I can speak English as well. Current Server Groups: I’m currently in Ruthless veterans MC. Military Experience: I have participated in some MCC trainings and Roleplays, so yes. Participation on DE recruitments: I Have been in 3 recruitments, but unfortunately didn’t succeed in any of them. Access to ZIP or admin panel: No, I don’t. Access to other special abilities ingame: No, I don’t. Access to TS: Yes, I do. Access to IRC: Yes, I do. How would you define DE: Desert Eagle is the full name. It is an roleplay group, and beside that It is one of the biggest and strongest armies. They are always ready to defend/serve our country over and over again. There are different roles, for example : Assault unit, Airborne unit, Naval unit, And the Special forces. They focus on protecting the citizens of SA against their biggest enemy, the CLO. They always operate solo, they don’t need help. This shows how powerful they are. How would you define MCC: Military civilian components is the full name. They are the ‘’Right hand’’ of Desert Eagles. In other words they help the official army of SA : The Desert Eagles. There are three divisions : Logistics, Mechanical engineering, And the reserve unit. Why would you like to join MCC: Well first of all, I will get a huge experience which will help me improve my skills. I can learn a lot of them. My knowledge about the Desert Eagles etc will escalate. I would like to take part in the DE roleplays, and help them serve our country. Why should we accept you: Well, I’m a mature guy. I learn fast. I always respect high ranked members. My roleplaying skills aren’t the best but it is not bad neither. I have been playing for about 2 years now, so my knowledge about role playing etc is good. RolePlay Experience: My roleplaying experience are good. I have been role playing as different characters for example : Drugs dealer, arms dealer, Skydiver, Pirate, prostitute etc. I build some experience with all that roleplaying. Able to follow orders: Yes, I’m. I always respect high ranked members, follow their orders directly. And I always speak to them with ‘’Sir’’. What MCC Department would you like to join: I would like to join the Civilian reserve unit. Logistics: Experience with trucks: Experience with airplanes: Experience with ships: Experience with logging and reporting: . Imagination review (how creative are you): Mechanical Engineering: No. Experience with ZIP panel: . Knowledge of SA map: Imagination review (how creative are you): Spatial Awareness (you're good at maths, physics, and estimating spaces etc.): Reserves: Former Combat groups: None. Teamwork rate: I would rate it 7.5 out of 10. Able to resist variability: Yes, I can. Resistant for stress and heavy workload: Yes. Emotionally unstable: I’m emotionally stable. ------------------------------------------------------------- If you can read this, post a picture of rhino inside A69 with your application to even be consired.
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