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  1. Combine`s Reward Change

    I think you need to wait 60 days before requesting a reward again, Just telling u.
  2. Tell Yourself By Emoticons!

  3. Last Letter!

  4. In the most gang/squads/groups you get the pass after your probie time. What if someone leaves who you trusted and gave the password?
  5. I'm not sure if this is possible, but if it could be done it would be great. But i think The idea i suggested here is way easier.
  6. Since @Rennie Doesn't Have a social life he can handle it. Nothing personal bro.
  7. Hello all! I can't remember if this was suggested before but here I go: My suggestion is very simple: Change the way the private forums work. To get acces of private forums u need a password atm. The people who are part of the gang/squad/group who owns the private forum have the password. But what if someone leaves the Gang/Squad/Group, Till today you need to request a new password. But what about changing the way it works, For an example. The Leader/HQ team can add people and delete those who left the gang/squad/group. I hope u will accept it. Cheers, Glitchman.
  8. OverdoseCrime - Media Archive

    -#127- Event Type: Chicken Shooter. Event Prize: 1.000.000$ LWS/G6: @Dufabo Winner: @Castiel
  9. OverdoseCrime - Media Archive

    -Todays Activity. 1/12/2017 SF 8/8 -1/12/2017 LS 8/8-1/12/2017 -Turfwar (We took whole SA)
  10. MI6

    Congratz guys! I know you will climb 2 the top again. GL.
  11. Yes Or No

    No, Do u play minecraft?
  12. Last Letter!

  13. SAES is 14 years old!

    14 years, nice. Unfortunatley i just saw a year. But GZ.