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  1. Yes Or No

    No, not yet. are you a girl?
  2. Yes Or No

    No, Are you gay? @Mxxx
  3. Yes Or No

    No, Did you fucked one?
  4. == Sky-Diving Organization Role-Play == ~Transporting Time~ It was a sunny day, I was training when I was called by Comando da Capitale. They told that a large order of drugs had been received. And it was not safe to transport it with cars. They asked if I wanted to help with the transport. And of course with one of our special planes. We started talking about the price, In the first place they would pay me 300k, but I declined it. Than they wanted to pay me 450k. Cause of my friendship with them I accept that offer. We made an appointment at Los Santos airport on the following day. They would call me if it was so far. They called me the next day and I prepared myself. grabbed my parachute. and got on my way to Abonded Airport. I flew to Los Santos Airport. I landed and waited another fifteen minutes. Than they arrived. We greet each other and immediately we started overloading the drugs to our plane. After that I asked where the appointment was. They told me it was a secret meeting and I just had to fly to LV airport. When I landed there was a Comando Da Capitale member waiting with a van. For the second time we loaded the Drugs from our plane to the van. After that they paid me and we did say goodbye. And in the flew home back.
  5. == Sky-Diving Organization Role-Play == ~Mission Time~ It was a relaxed day .I was watching TV in the base when someone knocked on the door. I opened and saw a brazilian man . He was from the gang called Comando da Capitale, his name was djappa. I greeted him and asked what he was doing here. He said he had a mission for me to steal secret evidence against him. I asked him the location. And he said Sapa base. We talked about the price. He said money was not a problem for him, an he would pay me $ 500,000. I accepted the mission.I contact one of my informants at SAPA and he said that they got an meeting with NNB at 9pm .I prepared myself. I grabbed my parachute and I went on my way to Abonded airport. I picked 1 of our planes. And I flew to Sapa base. When I got there I went inside and searched for the evidence. After 15 minutes of searching, I found the evidence. I flew back home . When I got home, I called him, I told him that i got his evidence, and i said to meet me at CDC base. I arrived. He welcomed me ,and I gave him the evidence and he gave me the money. I counted the money. and i saw a 100.000$ extra in it. I thanked him and i went back home. Participants: @TheRealDjappa
  6. Yes Or No

    Yes. Is Manchester United the best team in the Premier League?
  7. Mountain Chilliad Military Base

    GJ bro:)
  8. I gave you the 2000 likes mate GZ!!!