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  1. Night Surveillance Participants: UE|Belushi & O|Hotfire Plans where calculate what route be the most effect way to complete there task We where off to are first stop Thing's to quite got to thinking... No one is around so we left after getting into there networks found Mexican drug ring date's and GPS location. Witch lead to are next location. Witch was not so quite After the 2hr recording activity we were spotted. After dashing away we where coming up on are next spot Every thing seemed all clear Bugs where planed to spy remotly The next target requires us to be high above. But there was fog so we had to get much closer than was planned. Doing a quick fly by we got all the info we needed. Not sure if we were spotted we dumped the plane and jumped. All DATA collected safely transfer by pre programmed drone to secure location we sat back and relaxed.
  2. If you put pure water in a fridge will it freeze?

    The one saying it will is me Belushi The one saying Water cant freeze is Boston Google aliens u will find aliens LOL!!!!!
  3. Meet the new Government

    Don't forget to VOTE!!!