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  1. Promotion

    KYR ZA BLADE! (What's that?)
  2. MTA Screenshots

    poop hard
  3. The crack amount is big asf. noobs are low crackers. thats why i'm here. c;
  4. Official Quote Wall

    rip. look your time to release
  5. Brazil or Portugal?

    United kingdom will be fucked in 2018 WorlCup so, shhh :D
  6. Brazil or Portugal?

    You really are doing this meme after 3 years brazil got raped? lol but anyway 7x1 is here :c
  7. Brazil or Portugal?

    You love brazil i know bro Portugal só tem bichas
  8. Some secrets in SAES's site!

    i found this :false},&quot;:baby_bottle:&quot;: :false},&quot;:beers:&quot;: :false},&quot;:cocktail:&quot;:
  9. Brazil or Portugal?

    Who's better? Brazil or Portugal? Post your commentary here!
  10. SAI Recruitment

    Time to show what i got when i was SAPA :D Best of luck all!
  11. Last Letter!

  12. Yes Or No

    Yes Teddybear is homo?
  13. Yes Or No

    Yes Do you like popo side?
  14. Ingame name: Dead Real name: Gabriel Olimpio Age: 14 Nationality: Brazilian Timezone: UTC -03:00 Languages able to speak:English and Portuguese; Current Server Groups: San Andreas Medics Military Experience:N/A Participation on DE recruitments: I Partitipated of last 2 Recruitments. both patrol killed me with a headshot. Access to ZIP or admin panel: Access to other special abilities ingame: I Dont have any special abilities in game. Access to TS: Yes, but i dont have a micro. Access to IRC:No acess to it. How would you define DE: DE is restricted military group that fights against CLO. They are supporting the police squads and helping them in wars/raids and etc.. They are the most elite force in all SA. How would you define MCC: MCC is a restricted group, that help Desert Eagles in Roleplays, Live Recruitments and Trainments. Why would you like to join MCC:I Want to be a member, because i like help other people, and i want help MCC with RP/Trainments. Why should we accept you: I'm Very active and skilled player, i like to do roleplays that i learned at SA Police Academy, i learned what to do in combat situations and how to create great tactics to invade or kill someone. RolePlay Experience:San Andreas Police Academy and San Andreas Medics. Able to follow orders:Yes, Of Course. What MCC Department would you like to join:Civilian Reserves Unit Reserves: Former Combat groups: None Teamwork rate: While in combat, i like to stay tuned in what is happening, if my team mate is injured and something like that and also i dont like to rush when a bad thing happen. i stay and help my team mate. i would rate 8.2 Able to resist variability: Yes, Of Course Resistant for stress and heavy workload: Yes, Of Course. Emotionally unstable: I'm Emotionally Stable.
  15. Yes Or No

    I'm 14 years old. Are you homo?