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  2. I - BASIC INFORMATION Real Name: João Gabriel Olimpio In-game Name: Dead Account: boladopolado Age: 14(non complete [31.03.2003]) Primary Language: Portuguese Other Languages: Portuguese, English. II - GAME INFORMATION How long have you being playing MTA? I Play MTA Have 3 Years How long have you being playing SAES? I Joined SAES 17.09.2016 (3 Months) Are you PC (ProCop)? Tryed to get it on SAPA but i got denied on application stage Past squad/gang/companies (State if you left or were kicked and why): SAPA: Left because i was bored of cop life CDC: Left because they was calling me as retard everytime SAPA: Left because i want to get more RP/Skills knowledgement Current and past groups (State the reason if left or kicked): N/A What is RP? (Explain using 15 words or more): RolePlay Is when you act as real life, giving your body to act, as real life. police RP is helping the cityzens, Stop Robberyes and Patrol. What is DM? (Explain using 15 words or more): DM is when you kill a player, with no one justificative, like i kill my friend without any reason. thats DM. What is Park-Killing? (Explain using 15 words or more): Park-Killing is when you are in a car and you run over a player to kill him. Thats DM too. III - RULES KNOWLEDGE Did you read and agree with all F1 rules? Yes, i Readed and agree all SAES Rules Did you read and agree with all SAFP rules? Yes, i Readed and agree with all SAFP Rules What is the minimum wanted level for arrest? I Can only arrest players 6+ Stars Are you allowed to arrest or kill other police officers? No, Kill other cops is called as DM, and its a rulebreak Are you allowed to arrest/kill in hospitals? No, Im Not Allowed to Arrest/kill at hospitals a rulebreak and i cant get adminjailed for that Are you allowed to arrest/kill in events? No, Im Not Allowed to Arrest/kill at LWS/G6/Admin Events. Is marker-arresting allowed? No, its a rulebreak, i can get adminjailed Explain SAFP's rule 3: RP First, specially when asked to RP, Same for RP-Arrest Explain SAFP's rule 4: Ignore players with 6- Wanted stars, i can offer them a RP if they want Explain SAFP's rule 8: No Arresting ALT Members. if i break SAFP's Rule 8 i can be Punished IV - MISC. INFORMATION Your strengths: RPing, Parachuting, Shooting and some airplane skills. Your weaknesses: Be Sniped, Drive big planes like at400 and get money to respawn at hospital :c Have you received any bans from the server? If yes, why? Yes, i received 1 Ban in my whole SAES Career, by abusing of anims, i was new on SAES and i wasnt readed all F1 Rules Why did you decide to join our squad? (Use 15 words or more): To Get Skills and RP Knowledgement. experience is all in SAES server. Explain why we should accept you (Use 15 words or more): I Want to get into SAFP Because i want to learn!, get experience and some friends Who recommended you applying for SAFP? No one SAFP Member recommended to apply for SAFP. i have a friend of my country in SAFP. his name is Matheus.
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  4. TST - The Strike Team

    Part 1 / Personal information. Ingame Name: Dead Real Name: João Gabriel Age: 14 (non complete) Country: Brazil Languages: English, Portuguese and a little bit of Spanish Gender: Male Nationality: Brazilan Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server ? / if yes why? Got banned 1 time for bug abuse Have you ever been kicked from a Gang/squad ? / if yes why? No, all g/s/c i left Part 2 / Your playtime in MTA/SAES. How long have you been playing MTA? i Play MTA Since 2015 How long have you been playing on SAES? i Play SAES Since 17/09/16 How many hours do you play in a day? 7-8 Hours in game/day How many times do you visit the forums in a day? i visit forums every time Previous gangs/squads?: SAPA and CDC Are you in any groups?: No, im not. Do you have PC (Procop membership)?: No, im not. Part 3 / Questions about your qualifications. Strengths: Taze arrest, patrol and RP Weaknesses: Bug and Big planes RP Skills(0-10) My RP is rated in 7.2 Arresting skills(0-10) My arresting is rated in 8.3 Shooting skills(0-10) my shooting skills isnt bad, its rated in 7.5 Driving skills(0-10) i took my DD at SAPA, that helped me a lot, rated in 8.6 English skills(0-10) i Do some english courses and it help me a lot, rated in 8.4 Describe Deathmatch: DeadthMatch is when someone kills you without reasons Describe RolePlay: Roleplay or RP is acting like real life Describe TeamWork: Teamwork is when you work in group as well. Add a picture of your "stats" by using www.imgur.com (press /stats ingame)(use spoilers: [ Spoiler][ /spoiler] Part 4 / What to do if. What would you do if you are chasing someone and they avoided arrest? i take some pictures and /report him What would you do if someone came and asked you for a bribe? Bribe him Someone DMs you: i take some pictures and /report who DMed me An admin asks you something: I Do what he said with pleasure Someone from our squad with a higher rank calls you? I Respond with Yes,sir. Part 5 / Communication. Do you got TeamSpeak 3? Yes, of course Do you got a microphone? No, id dont have one Do you use IRC? no, but i can use ps. i use discord too Part 6 / Additional Questions. Did any TST member suggest you to apply? Who? No one Did you have the chance to hang around with any TST before applying? If so who? No, i dont hanged with TST before applyng Did you have a talk with any of our scouts before this application? if so who? No, im not Where is our private forums?: At TSG - Territorial Support Group forums Who is the Leader and the Vice leader of TST?: Danny is leading TST and John is Vice Leading Why do you want to join TST?: To get a good team teamwork and maybe a day get HQ rank Give us atleast one good reason to accept you?: I Can offer a good RP, that is very good to squad image Tell us something about yourself( more than 30 words): Well, im João gabriel olimpio da silva, I'm 14 Years old (non complete) my birthdays is 31/03/2003, i live on Rocinha, rio de janeiro. i like play soccer, go to the beach and play SAES. i have 2 Sisters and 1 Brother. My mom is called Eliane and my Dad João. my parents broke their relationship so i live with my dad. Additional information:
  5. Ingame name: My In Game nick is Dead, at night i use Creampie nickReal name: My Real name is Gabriel OlimpioAge: I'm 14 Years old.Nationality: I'm BrazilianTimezone: Brazil Time zone is UTC-03:00Languages able to speak: English and some SpanishCurrent Server Groups: Im currently Cadet in SA Police AcademyMilitary Experience: I Played at another server as Recruit, but the server closedParticipation on DE recruitments: I Participated of 29.10.16 Rec, but i got kicked because Rec was buggedAccess to ZIP or admin panel: No, i dont have ZIP PanelAccess to other special abilities ingame: noneAccess to TS: Yes, sirAccess to IRC: No, sirHow would you define DE: Desert Egles is the Army of San AndreasHow would you define MCC: MCC is the Military Civilian Components of desert eagles, they help Desert Eagles in Logistics, Mechanical Engineers and ReservesWhy would you like to join MCC: To help Desert Eagles in some thingsWhy should we accept you: I will Help (if get accepted) MCC in various things as Reserves, Mechanical Engineers and LogisticsRolePlay Experience:Able to follow orders: Yes, SirWhat MCC Department would you like to join: I Would like join Reserves DepartmentLogistics:Experience with trucks: MediumExperience with airplanes: ProExperience with ships: Eh... i know how to manage a good deliveryExperience with logging and reporting: MediumImagination review (how creative are you): Imagination doesnt have limitMechanical Engineering:Experience with ZIP panel: Civ>WorkerAble to work fast: Yes, of courseKnowledge of SA map: 78%Imagination review (how creative are you): Imagination doesnt have limit Spatial Awareness (you're good at maths, physics, and estimating spaces etc.): Eh, im Good.Reserves:Former Combat groups: CDC, GangTeamwork rate: 80.9Able to resist variability: Yes, sirResistant for stress and heavy workload: Yes, sirEmotionally unstable: No, sir-------------------------------------------------------------
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    Poop and relax That was a crazy day. Lol. Sea now is a trash.
  8. Like House robs. it can be cool
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    *Area where Fireworks is deactived
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    So, this is bug abuse, and bug abuse= ban.
  13. Fireworks is cool, why stopped :c FIREWORKS
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    Its good, but useless