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  1. Facepalm Reaction

    Would be awesome to see it !
  2. Official Quote Wall

    Mumbar trippin' at LS Cinema @Terry
  3. Last Letter!

  4. üstad kariyerini nirvanaya taşıyor yaw

    1. Richard.


      aahahahhaahha thanks umstad

  5. [FREE] Map shaders by Tut

    How do you get that quality images, could you share it with us for god sakes please ?
  6. Ingame Nickname: SAPA|Richard|PC*Account Name: richardthekillerDate of joining Pro Cop: 12.03.2018Who tested you: @LeblancWho invited you: @LeblancCurrent Squad/Company: SAPAAge: Turned 18 as of 12th of MarchHow long have you been on this server?: For about 7 yearsHow long have you played as a regular cop before you absolved your Pro Cop diploma: More than 5 monthsRoleplay name: Rylan_Teem
  7. New SAHA Members

    Frutti.tutti !
  8. Arrests scoreboard

    Update on the score @Toreno
  9. DZ S.I.G <3 <3

    I love the way you edited the videos.That's lit !
  10. Event type: Chicken Arrester Prize: 1.000.000 LWS: @PulaR Location: Bone County Winner(s): @Achik SS:
  11. NSA - National Security Agency

    Part 1 – Personal background Real name: Mert Age : 17 Sex : Male Nationality : Turkish Location (dosen’t have to be detailed): Turkey, Bursa How many languages do you speak? : I speak Turkish as my native language, English as my second mother language and French as beginner. English skills level (1 to 10) : I could rate it out with 8 out of 10. Part 2 – In-game background Forum Name: Richard Ingame name: Richard, Login Name: richardthekiller Number of hours in server: Almost 2000 hours. How long have you been playing on SAES:Since 7 years. Number of arrests, number of kills (you can get them from /stats): Your average FPS:60 Your average Ping:60 Previous gangs/squads/companies (mention why you left/kicked): All Load Trucking: I was doing fine in the company.Refuelling stations and trucking, I was doing my job with fun.But there was a position inside the company and I attended to the position.Then someone else came and took over the position without anybody even noticing.That hurted me and I decided to leave. SAPA: My purpose was to get my ProCops diploma and attend an elite force. SWAT: It was actually me cutting the ropes.I did some actions which shouldn't have been done and I got kicked as it's result. Black Bullets: Actually I joined Black Bullets with some high efforts, I proved my loyalty and started serving for them.But my close friend called me to help them with a gang named Felina. Felina: Suddenly, the gang has gone to deletion. Tuga Thugs: I was inside with slugs for about a year or two.In the meanwhile I earned the trust of the HQ team back in the time and I even got into the HQ team, but it was all day long same thing.I had my best moments there but I wanted to try out something new and left to join a force. Underground Empire: The Commission is aware of the situation. Organization Zero: I joined Organization Zero with high hopes, to raise up the gang and to say stop to that inactivity.I actually tried to bring the players in-game but almost half of them are working in real life.Playing this game alone in a gang isn't fun, eh ? MI-6: I wondered to join a force and to help them grow.But slightly, I got aware of the fact that I'm not the man who could serve as a police. Previous groups(why you left/kicked): I was a part of SAM, but got kicked because of inactivity.Also I was a part of Taxi El Centrino but I left it on my own as the group has lost it's interest in my eyes. Are you a member of any groups? : I'm a part of SAi and Enternia. Do you have PC? : I had, but I don't have it as long as I lost it when I joined a gang. Did you have PC before? (if yes then, why were you kicked?) I was a part of PC, I was kicked because I joined a gang. Have you ever been banned from SAES? (if yes then provide details) : Yes I have, I've been banned by Shaun once for wearing SAES> tags.I was joking with Maryondo and somehow I got the SAES> tags, Shaun didn't even give me a moment and I got banned, in an hour he unbanned me. Have you ever been admin jailed? (if yes then provide details) : I've been adminjailed a few times, I actually don't remember the reason of my first jail and also the second one.But I have been adminjailed once last week because of ''using vehicles as weapon'', retarded but yea, must admit.''Using a car as weapon'' Part 3 – Rules and regulations Squad Rule number 1 (in your own words) : Reading F1 rules and following them is a must. Squad Rule number 3 (in your own words) :Arresting at events and at hospital is not allowed. Squad Rule number 5 (in your own words) :Respecting the members in the squad is a must. Squad Rule number 6 (in your own words) :Following the SR rules is a must. What does DM or Deathmatch mean? : DM and Deathmatch are the same thing, it means to damage/kill or do anything harmful agains't a living/unliving material in-game. What does BR mean?: It means Bank Rob What does SR mean?: It means Store Robbery Write 3 major Server rules: Don't harras players, don't deathmatch, don't avoid arrest. Write 2 rules about BR (for cops) : Don't marker arrest, don't marker kill Write 2 rules about SR (for cops) : Firstly, the cops have to attend to arrest the players at SR, afterwards they get the permission to kill them, using/abusing animations is not allowed.
  12. Photo-mode

    Would be perfect if we can get it, since taking a clean screenshot without chat and log is a pain in the ass.
  13. The first guy who speaks is Zaza.
  14. Your 2018 wishes

  15. Official Quote Wall

    A real man.