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  1. DDT ROLEPLAY DDT Member: N/A AK-47 Member: @Hitbot, @Doox, @Daglow Other Participant : N/A STORY When the chilling got bored we wanted to go to some coffee, but we did not have any money. so Doox called his friend and asked him how much he could borrow a few dollars for Doox and his partners. Of course, he gave him some money because Doox's friend is very wealthy. When the doox and his friend found a place, his friend pointed his gun in his head, but luck did not shoot. When the doox came to the cave, he said what had happened and wanted revenge. Throughout the night we were equipped to bomb his petrol pump. In the morning we went to his pump and bombarded her. That was revenge. Screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/r4aqr
  2. DDT ROLEPLAY DDT Member: N/A DDT applicant: N/A Other Participant: [VLA]Jaster[HQ], [VLA]Shakespeare, [VLA-H]Hero, Doox|AK-47, Hitbot|AK-47, Toni|AK-47 STORY It was Tuesday nice evening. Doox, Hitbot and me was chilling at cave on sand.When we talking, I got phone call, it was guy called Jaster. Jaster called me because he wanted to buy bombs from us. I told him we could sell him bombs, we agreed to buy 3 big bomb boxes. After the conversation we loaded the truck with 3 large bomb boxes. We went and traveled very slowly, because these bombs could explode automatically and quickly. When we reached the destination we showed them what kind of bombs we have. They got them and told us to unload them to the floor with other boxes, but before we did this we agreed on the price. They offered us $ 20,000 for all 3 boxes, so we agreed. We loaded them very carefully and very slowly. When we were done with unloading we closed the truck and went further on. RP screenshots https://imgur.com/a/5VUAH
  3. DDT Event: Event Type: Duck Nader LWS/G6 Helper(s): Julio Event Prize: 1.000.000$ Hosted By: Toni Winner: Krrrecik Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/kBDPB
  4. Type of event: Land on my Huntley Prize: 2x 500k Winner(s): SAFP|TioPlaY| Hoster: Toni Screens: https://imgur.com/a/6jYHf
  5. SF BR 8/8 (567) (9.12.2017)
  6. SDO TRAINING [07/12/2017] Hosted by: @Antonio(Toni) SDO Members: @Trevor. @Element, @Daglow, @HitBot SDO Helpers: @Franks#, Twixx Target: SAPA base SS: https://imgur.com/a/2dj1a
  7. ►Roleplay◀ Number: 24 RP Name: Repairing damaged car from street Particpants: VT|Grand, VT|Toni, @Revonex, @Bourne
  8. SF BR 8/8 (566) (7.12.2017)
  9. SDO TRAINING [06/12/2017] Hosted by: @Antonio(Toni) SDO Members: @Trevor. @Element SDO Helpers: @Franks#, @Pancy Target: TST Base SS :
  10. LS BR 8/8 (565) (5.12.2017)
  11. SF BR 8/8 (563) (2.12.2017)
  12. Changes to HQ

    Gz @Shaun