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    GZ blade and I hope that you will be fair <3 XD
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    SAPA Activity today at 22:00
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  7. Ingame name: ToniReal name: AntonioAge: I am 15 years old.Nationality: CroatianTimezone: GMT +1Languages able to speak: English, Croatian and little bit of Slovenian.Current Server Groups: EnterniaMilitary Experience: N/AParticipation on DE recruitments: I was on 3 DE recruitments and on many MCC trainings.Access to ZIP or admin panel: I do not have access to ZIP or admin panel.Access to other special abilities ingame: NoneAccess to TS: Yes I have access to TSAccess to IRC: No How would you define DE: Desert Eagles are millitary army of San Andreas. They battle agains their main enemy, the Cuban Liberation Organization. DE concentrate on RolePlay wich they do a lot. THey d otrainings but when they not fighting with CLO or does RolePlay. They often try to cooperate with other forces wich enlarges their strenghts and their chances to succeed in theirs missions. How would you define MCC: MCC are RolePlaying group wich working with official army (DE). MCC came help Desert Eagles when they need hellp around protecting a San Andreas. Why would you like to join MCC: I would like to join MCC cause I want help Desert Eagles to protect San Andreas. I see that in San Andreas are more and more crims and they do war so DE need help of MCC.Why should we accept you: I think you should accept cause I am good and friendly play who can help everybody. I am very helpful.RolePlay Experience: My RolePlay experience is very good. I have a lot experience cause I am at cop side. I love to roleplaying around whole San Andreas and I enjoy to make RP.Able to follow orders: Yes I am able to follow ordersWhat MCC Department would you like to join: Reserves unit.Logistics:Experience with trucks:Experience with airplanes:Experience with ships:Experience with logging and reporting:Imagination review (how creative are you):Mechanical Engineering:Experience with ZIP panel:Able to work fast:Knowledge of SA map:Imagination review (how creative are you):Spatial Awareness (you're good at maths, physics, and estimating spaces etc.):Reserves:Former Combat groups: N/ATeamwork rate: 8/10Able to resist variability:Yes Resistant for stress and heavy workload: YesEmotionally unstable: stable-------------------------------------------------------------If you can read this, post a picture of rhino inside A69 with your application to even be consired.
  8. how old are you ?

    I am 15 years old
  9. TST - The Strike Team | Media Archive

    Event Type: Chicken Arrest LWS: [T~C]Kybalion Prize: 1.000.000 $ (1 Million) Winner: [B~B]Matiz = Screenshots =
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