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  1. This traffic officer skin for LV and this officer in SF Normal one in LS New skins like this can benefit in good RolePlay experience But skins that fit GTA SA era, not those HD skins like existing one Sources for download: https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/skins/95721-beta-skin-sfpdm.html https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/skins/86075-new-motorcycle-cop.html
  2. +1 I've recommended that long time ago
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  4. CS Application Results

    Hope they will respond on reports, GZ anyway
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    gay tales
  6. Poor Jonas

    Because you are a small adventurer for such stuff;) that answeres your question?
  7. Poor Jonas

    @jonas13362 you need to stop with this shit dude
  8. 10/10 IGN @Tut Greco Such small details can make a big and good difference for gaming experience.
  9. So my question is why can't sheriff drive that new police car (Dodge Charger) These super cars in real life are made for county sheriff's So my point is if you could give acsses to drive those cars as sheriff?:P (after all sheriff is in PC group I quess)
  10. Poor Jonas

    @jonas13362 leave some pussy for us
  11. Yea ,point is I don't love HD skins. Like you said @Tut Greco skins like this belongs to GTA SA era. In my country GTA 4 for playstation 4 costs 19€ and GTA SA 29€ just because GTA SA is now vintage:P General we don't have a clue what cool game we are playing even if its 13 years old. If this skin will pass maybe I will make some other new skins. About 3DS Max you have a lot of tutorials on youtube and other sites. I learn in school about this programe cuz I'm going for graphical engineer .But I think I'm still a nub:O That what I do on 3DS Max isn't philosophy ,I spawn three or more skins I combine them see if all its good if anims and all works and thats itxD