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  1. Stance Nation

    Activity Check No #20 27.02.2017
  2. NASH HOUS ???????

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  3. Stance Nation

    Event No #31 Type of event: Lucky Tube Prize: 1.000.000$ Helper(s): [AAFTW]Zombie Winner(s): None Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/an4eS
  4. Stance Nation

    Event No #30 Type of event: TDM 2V2 Prize: 2.000.000 ( both players gets 1.000.000 each ) Helper(s): Z|Bachwa Winner(s): CripZ>Coast , CripZ>Zaza|L Screenshots:http://imgur.com/a/GuKpN
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    Roleplay No #21
  6. Stance Nation

    Activity Check No #18 25.02.2017
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    Event No #29 Type of event: High Chicken Nader Prize: 2.000.000$ Helper(s): [AAFTW]Zombie Winner(s): RDMC|Blaster|P* Screenshots:
  8. Stance Nation

    Roleplay No #19 Type of RP: Buying drugs and getting caught by NNB Participants: |SN|Fabman , |SN|Hunter , [T~C]Zeta , [NNB]Mootje, Paradox , [NNB]Gravity , [NNB*]Taj , [NNB]Eliwa ( i guess ) Backstory of the RP : In the afternoon of 25th of February , we were about to make a deal , a big deal.Hunter called a T~C member called Zeta.I told Hunter to order 15kilos of weed , 10 kilos of Cocaine and 25kilos of LSD.Everything that we wanted was ordered and agreed to meet at the airport of San Fierro.When we arrived at Hangar-69 , we saw Zeta coming with his Dodo plane.He gaves us the drugs and was about to load them while NNB came and stopped the deal.Zeta managed to escape with his Dodo but we werent lucky enough.They cuffed our hands and told us to get inside the Enforcer.When we reached the NNB HQ , they forced us to get inside.Mootje was trying to convince me to explain what we were doing there and told him that we were just having a meeting with a friend. Then , he asked for my ID card ,i put my hand in my trousers and took my id card that was under my ballsack.He gave the ID to the another agent and had to check it . After 10 minutes of 'talking' with the agent , they decided to put us in jail.We went in the vehicles and they took us to jail. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/6DUA0
  9. Stance Nation

    Activity Check No #17 24.02.2017 in the morning
  10. Stance Nation

    Event No #28 Type of event: Vortex race from LS to MC Top Prize: 2.000.000 Helper(s): CripZ>Duffy[vL] Winner(s): CripZ>Cactus Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/kLtdW
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    Activity Check No #16 23.02.2017
  12. 'Bach MVP and the crowd goes crazy' WOOOOO

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  13. Stance Nation

    Roleplay No #17 Type of RP: Defending our own base and zone Participants: |SN|Fabman , |SN|Seminov , |SN|Tape.Adjuster , [ADA]Dead (Current SN Member ) and his friend Backstory of the RP : In that night , when all the action has happened , we were out to a restaurant to celebrate our friend's birthday. After that birthday , we were off to our base. We saw something that we didnt wanted to , other gangsters . Seminov told them to go away before something bad happens and they started to shoot at us.There was a little war in our base for 30 minutes until we managed to kill them both and to get away with no fatal wounds.Since then , we didnt have any conflicts with ADA members. Screenshots: <I have deleted the screenshots by an accident>
  14. Stance Nation

    Roleplay No #16 Type of RP: Buying parts from MMC and selling parts to them Participants: |SN|Fabman , [MMC]Deadpool[P] Backstory of the RP : I got a call by an MMC member called Deadpool , he has heard some rumors about us of having high-quality parts for bikes.He wanted from us to go and trade with him for top super car parts.After we had a talk on the phone , Fabman went to MMC base and showed the parts to Deadpool . He liked all the parts and asked from where did they got 'em. Fab said to him that they stole them and such.He took the parts and Fab had to take a look at the car's parts.He liked all of the parts and also took them and stored them inside his Patriot.After they had a deal , they both greeted and went away. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/kELFU
  15. Stance Nation

    Activity Check No #15 22.02.2017