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  1. mn jestoko shti dynq zadnika

  2. I'ma get your ass spanked tonight bby xoxo

    1. Scooty.

      ok sir de jefe febmen

  3. ty mens for kikt out of channel thencs

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    2. Fabman

      okej mens nu nuds fur u bat thencs m9

    3. Bone

      i suh gud mens

    4. Fabman

      is u ken sent me bak invai ling m9

  4. Metallica - Enter Sandman Guitar Cover by Canelas

    My camera is broken , from the phone wont happen because my camera is a bit fucked up too... But i still cant 'nail' the song perfectly , i still have some minor problems with the Guitar but will fix that :P
  5. Metallica - Enter Sandman Guitar Cover by Canelas

    Very nice @Canelas . I want to make a video of me playing Nothing Else Matters but i cant :/
  6. 18582408_1506554016084859_2905334442298228753_n.jpg

    1. bachwa

      XDDDD true tbh there was a tear or two

  7. I like the idea , would be actually useful when you are out of ammo and there is no disk nearby but the car is with you . I tottaly support that idea +1
  8. Is that you on the profile picture ? Damn , hot...

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    2. Teddybear

      why tap him? poke him.

    3. Royalty

      Roger Moore was one of the best to be fair.

    4. Teddybear

      He tarnished his career with the latter three films, but it's not his fault the scripts, stunts and effects were utter shit. If he retired on Moonraker he'd undoubtedly be seen as the best.


      Even though Octopussy was one of the worst films the series has seen, Moore still did a good job of it like Craig saved Quantum of Solace from being utter Bourne shite.

  9. Promotion

    gz and Kyr za Blade
  10. Rate the profile photo above you

    10/10 cuz i have whole razer set
  11. Official Quote Wall

    Something is very wrong with the Cops lately...
  12. Rate the profile photo above you

  13. League of Legends - General Chat

    EUNE - boga0120 Im currently with level 19 , add me and we might play :P
  14. why do you visit my profile every day of the week

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    2. Teddybear

      i demand the answer

    3. Fabman

      im waiting for the moment that you'll notice that i want your nudes...i've been searching in your profile for your nudes....

    4. Teddybear



      Your name has also been added to my "If you were an animal..." since you go through my profile like a rat through trash. Not that my profile is trash. But you get the point. I hope.