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  1. Rate the profile photo above you

    some black NBA playa 8/10
  2. AA Media Archive

    25.03.2017 San Fierro Los Santos
  3. AA Media Archive

    23.03.2017 San Fierro
  4. AA Media Archive

    22.03.2017 San Fierro Los Santos From /gang From scoreboard San Fierro only
  5. Official Quote Wall

    This is what happens when NanoBob and Lance come in game
  6. ei ko4ko ai sa 4okame

    1. Kmeta

      ah pedalche mamka tiii

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    Bank Robbery : 20.03.2017 San Fierro Las Venturas
  8. Why are you trying to ruin our br fuckwit ?!?!?!?!

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  10. FB_IMG_1490029136036.jpg

    1. Lartsa


      a balloon i wanted to have up in my bum

    2. Karma

      Hahahahhahah lol xD

  11. Hi darling

    1. Fabman

      hello there 

  12. Yes Or No

    No , its good Should i change my name ? I was thinking of doing it
  13. Yes Or No

    Of course yes If you were an atheist , were you going to hate/talk shit about religions ?
  14. fapmuno senor is gay


    1. Fabman

      dedpulo senor es pendejo