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  1. PART: I ▶ In-game name: Scooty ▶ Account name: mamo ▶ How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG?: 2 Years , So far. ▶ Total gameplay time: 1950h ▶ How often do you visit the forums?: Daily. ▶ Do you have a microphone?: Yes i do have a mic. ▶ Do you have TeamSpeak 3 installed?: I do. PART: II ▶ Real name: Ahmed ▶ Age: 18yo ▶ Gender: Male ▶ Nationality: Algerian ▶ Where do you live?: Algiers ▶ Timezone[with GMT Format]: GMT +1 ▶ Native language: Arabic ▶ Other language(s): French , English , German ▶ Rate your English proficiency on a scale of (1-10): I'd give my self a 7/10 PART: III ▶ Previous organizations(state the names in order): SAPA , SWAT , La Famiglia ▶ Why did you leave or why were you kicked(state the reason in detail)?: I've left SAPA as I wanted to try something else , a new experience I've gained my PC diploma And became an Instructor there. SWAT Due to inactivity , I'd be honest and say i've had fun there , and I regreted this decision way too much :) , And yeah F , So me and a friend decided to create a new gang , as long as he is inactive , I cant afford things alone ▶ Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server(if yes, why)?: Nah ▶ Do you have Procops Access?: I had. However, not anymore. ▶ Are you in any groups?: DE Assault , MCC Captain , SAM , SSCS , CC , SAF. PART: IV ▶ Write your strengths and weaknesses in one paragraph: Well , About my strenghts I can say : Overall game knowledge , Team work. I'd say im good working as team , I barely leave a teammate fall. I have a great communication as well. Game experience , Role-playing skills I can say that Am a guy who enjoys roleplaying , Creativity skills , as well as leading skills gained from my ex squad experiences. About my weaknesses: I know maybe this may sound weird but I do have shitty/old Jokes , thats what everyone tell me anyway :P ▶ Why do you want to join NNB?: I am applying due to that I want to help NNB to reach the level . I am applying as I always wanted to be part of it. I am applying as I want to improve myself , gain experience , and become more skilled in things I do. ▶ Why should we let you join us?: As i mentioned before , I could offer someone with experience and activity , someone who cares about the squad and wants to help improving it , I could offer maturity and loyality , someone who can have a laugh with the members. ▶ Did you read all F1/NNB Rules and accept them?: Yes I did. ▶ State two rules of NNB with your own sentences: Never chase someone got 4 stars or less , If there is no fair reason. Always use NNB tags when spawned. ▶ Describe Roleplay: Roleplay in general means Act out a role of a person irl. a different person that has his own opinion , feelings , ideas and lifestye. ▶ Describe NNB's role in SAES: NNB is fighting the drug in SA , making San Andreas drug-free ▶ What is team spirit?: Team spirit is when you never let one of you fall , Help each others when needed , Communicate , Work together to accomplish a certain goal. ▶ What do you do if someone is deathmatching you? First , I'd warn him , make sure he reads the rules again , If he dosent stop i'd report him ▶ Describe revenge-dm: Killing back someone who killed you. ▶ What is marker arrest?: Arresting someone when he is still bugged on te entrance marker. ▶ Tell us something about yourself: My name is Ahmed , known ingame as "Scooty" , born on the First of July 1998 , I live in the capital of Algeria "Algiers" , Im fond of gaming , Playing few games at the moment such as "Dayz" & "CSGO" , about reallife im currently studying Informatics , Am living at the moments with my parents & brother , I personally love bodybuilding , traveling and making new friends. Best regards, Scooty.
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    Thats what we can call asslick! Besides that , Nice one , Well done
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    Event type: Fallout Event hoster: Scooty&Scotty LWS member: John Event winner: [TT]Bob.mayo Event prize: 1,500,000$ Event screenshots : Click_Here
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    Made my day xD
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    Hello , you're on the wrong section , you'd better apply here using the right format.
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