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  • "Real friends dont ask you to prove something, They just TRUST you. (c)bratishka"

Real friends dont ask you to prove something,

They just TRUST you.


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  1. Last Letter!

  2. CripZ Media Archive

    Event Type(401): SGT race on #Date: 6/10/2017 #LWS/G6 Helper: CripZ>Duff #Prize(s): 1,000,000$ #Winners: Jaimy. #Screenshot(s):
  3. Build your gang with 10 dollars

    Kim Jong Un, Ecko, Fabman, Sky911
  4. CripZ Media Archive

    Event Type(337): Car Show #Date: 04/08/2017 #LWS/G6 Helper: CripZ>Zaza #Prize(s): $1.750,000 #Winner: 1st- Remco (Remington) - $1,000,000 2nd - Omar (Vincent) - $500,000 3th - Amineyy (Picador) - $250,000 #Screenshot(s): http://imgur.com/a/CwLvc
  5. Selling alcohol in /sell

    What about to add that sell access to civilian like Pizza Boy , I saw spawn of Party Animals(or anyhow it right) If it is possible we can add that access to that spawn
  6. CripZ Media Archive

    ~Car for Drugs~ Today i was in garage tried to find a wrench for remove broken item from a car.To me come Virus and said about he got order from Brondy about to get some drugs.I deciend to exchange drugs on car.So i took the Tornado from hungar and give it to Brady.Im with Virus get a Savanna.We start moving to Hell Soldiers base for exchange with them.When we come there we meet with Readper. We Told him what we want and he called Soft for it. Virus asked them for 9kg of cicaine, 5kg of marijuana and 20 pockets of weed.Then Soft said about he dont sure about they have that amount of drugs and ask us to followe him.We entered in Drug factory.There Soft told me about the stopped producte the drugs for few weeks becouse they dont have resource for it.I ask him for he show us warehouse.At there we found everyhting what we was needed.So Soft and Reaper start taking it and ask us for we wait them outside.After 20min they come with drugs we load it in trunk of the Savanna.After Virus asked them for a price and Soft said it will cost 200,000$.I told to Soft about we can offer a car with V8,twin turbo, ect for the drugs.He agreed for that offer.So i gave him a key of the car andstart moving to warehouse.
  7. LS Jail back & /sur fixed

  8. SAES bases archive

    Gangs : [TT] [6/10]Outside mapped not good, but once i was in interrior and it is foken cool [AA] [3/10]-_- [HS] [6/10]I like the drugs factory and some part of interrior [MMC] [3/10] [B~B] [5/10] [Z] [8/10]Everything looking cool [UE] [10/10]Perfect base [BS] [5/10] [T~C] [10/10]I love that mapping [CDC] [7/10]IT is opened base, easlity to get in side and looking cool [O] [1/10]Looking like mapper was new in map editor. [Cripz] [0/10] Shit Squads : [FBI] [6/10] [SWAT] [5/10] [SAPA] [2/10] [SAFP] [8/10] [FOX] [7/10] [NNB] [3/10] [TST] [3/10]
  9. SAES bases archive

    [Cripz][4/10] simple Mapping either U said that so where the fuck u saw cripz mapped base?
  10. SAES bases archive

    Dear newer, CripZ have mapped base but one problem - admin still dont upload the mapping on saes.rpg and for now we just spawn at streeet. And our base not in LS.Our base in Flint County if u will spawn as farmer (FC>Civilian>Farmer) and around of it u will see our base, for now there stay only some gang vehicle's. And about your opinion about our mapping - how the fuck you can give your opinion if you confused standart textures of gta:sa with added textures(i mean mapping)??????
  11. Last Letter!