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  1. All too soft and young Brophy.
  2. All search requests are being done via post, please send them on the back of a postcard into our main HQ

    1. Zaza


      which adress should we send the letters

  3. Bullet mod (suggestion)

    As for the Bullet, has vehicle animation not been added to the game? Me and Caz were working on it a few years ago and i produced some rough modified models of gta:sa cars that allowed caz to animate car parts resulting in folding roofs and rolling down windows. If so, I'd much rather see proper MTA modified vehicles of GTA:SA cars to allow future features. Video of our z350 for example:
  4. Bullet mod (suggestion)

    The model isn't ours, it wasn't even the uploader's file. The car (Ford Shelby GR-1 concept) was directly lifted from TDU1, reformatted for gta:sa and uploaded like 95% of all cars for all gta titles. I like the SGT purely for the memories but I've been against putting logos on questionable content and having higher quality cars next to gta:sa cars (all or nothing for me). I would say i can look at remaking the model over the next week off of work under an ownership licence to SAES but I doubt I'd get round to it.
  5. Show us Yourself v2

    you are really ugly.. Fat guys taking dumps not doing it for ya?
  6. Show us Yourself v2

    Me circa 2003. Me circa 20 minutes ago on the shitter. Thats also my sex face.
  7. Official Quote Wall

    Lets know the question then, i bet you asked him if he were experienced in gay sex XD Pretty much
  8. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    [CLO] Cuban Liberation Organization : Foreigners [DE] Desert Eagles : Fun to play with tanks and hydras, pew pew pew [HLS] Homeland security : SHIT HOT [CC] Cuban Cars : Foreigners [G6] Gruppe 6 : Foreigners [sAP] San Andreas Pirates: Bum pirates [sAI] San Andreas Interceptors : No idea [sS] Secret Service : What homeland turned into, then got seperated back from [sAM] San Andreas Medics : Good for curing crabs [sAFD] San Andreas Fire Department : Good for curing fires [sANA] San Andreas News Agency : Good for propaganda [TXI] Taxi el Centrino : Foreigners [boM] Brothers of Metal : No idea [LWS] Lighting world sports : Foreigners [ZIP] : Fun to abuse
  9. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    when did the gov come? because HLS came in 08
  10. Show us Yourself v2

    male pattern baldness is a bitch
  11. Show us Yourself v2

    in the most roundabout way possible: http://goo.gl/maps/AI3Iu I'm the guy on the bike
  12. WOW!

    He's just doing it for attention, like a little kid shitting his pants
  13. Show US your PC

    Rig: i5-2500k 560ti 2gb 16gb ddr3 xonar essence stx sound card 5tb combined storage blueray burner 2x dvd burner u2410 ips display samsung 24" TN display wacom intuos 4 A4 Large 3d printer (rep rap durbie prusa mendel) customised beyerdynamic dt 770 pro headphones for main use I live in constant project mess The rig is being sold and i am migrating over to just using this though: Thinkpad w530 (my old thinkpad t60 next to it being repaired for sale) i7 - 3720qm k2000m 2gb quadro gpu 32gb ddr3 ram 256gb ssd + 5tb drives in multi bay for external FHD display 1920x1080 with 95% colour gamut (as good as my u2410 ips within 2% is sRGB) EDIT: if you can't tell, i live on my own, the downstairs of my house is full of motorbike parts and books. Spare bedroom is for love making though so is kept tidy unlike this room