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  1. TST - The Strike Team

    Part 1 / Personal information. Ingame Name: Predator Real Name: Mohamed Age: 15 Country: Tunisia Languages: Arabic and Frensh Gender: Male Nationality: Tunisian Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server ? / if yes why? Never. Have you ever been kicked from a Gang/squad ? / if yes why? Never. Part 2 / Your playtime in MTA/SAES. How long have you been playing MTA? 6 Years How long have you been playing on SAES? 6 Years How many hours do you play in a day? 3 hours How many times do you visit the forums in a day? 3 times Previous gangs/squads?: VM / SAPA / SAFP / SWAT and NSA. Are you in any groups?: Yes, i am SAF / E / IAC / PC and DDT. Do you have PC (Procop membership)?: Yes, i do Part 3 / Questions about your qualifications. Strengths: Shooting/tazing/parachuting/Teamwork/Tactics and Smartness Weaknesses: i haven't Weaknesses. Describe Deathmatch: it means killing another player or damage his vehicle without any Reason or an evidence. Describe RolePlay: Roleplaty is acting like in Real life, every Class has a role to do. Describe TeamWork: Teamwork is sharing Experience and working together to succed in something or to accomplish a mission perfectly. Add a picture of your "stats" by using www.imgur.com (press /stats ingame)(use spoilers: [ Spoiler][ /spoiler] Part 4 / What to do if. What would you do if you are chasing someone and they avoided arrest? i will report them immidiately. What would you do if someone came and asked you for a bribe? i don't bribe him unless in one situation if he was a cop. Someone DMs you: i will take Screenshots and report him. An admin asks you something: i answer him. Someone from our squad with a higher rank calls you? i respond to his call. Part 5 / Additional Questions. Did any TST member suggest you to apply? Who? Noone. Did you have the chance to hang around with any TST before applying? If so who? Dufabo and Flex. Where is our private forums?: in Territorial Support Group (TSG) Section. Who is the Leader and the Vice leader of TST?: Dufabo is the Leader and Vektor is the Vice Leader. Why do you want to join TST?: TST is a perfect squad and it has things that it makes it special than other squads, it has a cool team and friendly members i think it's the only squad i need. Give us atleast one good reason to accept you?: i am Honest guy. Tell us something about yourself( more than 30 words): hello, i am Mohamed from tunisia, i'm 15 years old, i am studying in high school, i enjoy travelling that's why i visited most of tunisian citys, i spend my free time playing video games, and doing my homeworks, in holidays i go to the gym and i practise taekwondo and basket ball. Additional information: NEIN.
  2. Civilian Companys

    Actually the way to make your company official is hard also it's boring due we have only few roles because civlian side needs a lot of scripts. i support the idea +1
  3. Mapping Shader tool

    yes There are
  4. Mapping Shader tool

    @NanoBob ????
  5. Mapping Shader tool

    After downloading and installing it, i went to MTA Folder According to what's written in the Readme text, MTA/Server/Mods/deathmatch/resources but i didn't find [NanoBob]/mapshadering as it's written there Re-installed MTA and Shader tool from diffrent link (Frisout's link) and nothing changed, Please help me fast, i need Mapshader so soon for my Projects.
  6. it Was Teddy Bear Now Teddy :/

    1. Teddy

      austerity, had to sell my name to buy food

  7. MI-6

    So glad to See MI-6 Back with New Breath and New team, Best of luck for you.
  8. Squad Base by Predator

    Bunker and BasketBall court removed. Added Doors to the toilets. Added Mirror to the rest Room. Made a small jail in the base. Made a training place (sniping/shooting). Made a place for making Members/cops Have fun in their base. Screenshots: Note: I will try to use Shaders in my Next projects/bases Map can be Downloaded Pm me for Link Enjoy ツ
  9. Gang Base | Los Santos

    Well Done Bro, it's Awesome, i really liked The upper view also the Boss's office, i advise to use Shader tool it will help you a lot.
  10. Fun Jailtime

  11. Car Bomb Garage.

    Thank you all for you Comments doesn't matter Negative or Positive, i gave up with this cuz i haven't time for it, Feel Free to move this to Denied Suggestions.
  12. Car Bomb Garage.

    i am working on making Some Rules about the usage of this Suggetion.
  13. i seen many Suggestion for cops so to make both sides equal etc.. i suggested this openning Car Bomb Garage so this will be cool and reallistic and Crim Side Becomes more Enjoyable. this means using the car as a movement/unstable Explosive/bomb when u press 0 it will stars a countdown from 10 to 0 to Explode. Share you opinions with me.