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  1. SWAT|Media Archive

    S.W.A.T Event Type of event: Hunter Shooter Prize: 1,000,000$ LWS: [AA]M7mod|LWS Winner: Aramade Screenshots:
  2. Age is just a number, Maturity is your choice.

  3. Mixed Martial Arts Media Archive

    Event Number: 6 Event type: Fallout Prize: 1.000.000$ LWS: CripZ>Nyx Winner: *O|soniN Screenshots:
  4. Quick Responsive Patrol Units

    Listen man, you must fix the Roster as soon as possible, not all of them are Headquarters, you don't have a commander ? a Vice Commander ? all of them are HQs ? noone is Probie ? Best of luck guys!
  5. Mixed Martial Arts is Back!!

    Feel free to apply


  6. SWAT|Media Archive

    S.W.A.T Event Type of event: Fish Arrest Prize: 1,500,000$ LWS: [B~B]Xoeric Winner: Sts_kk Screenshots:
  7. i was thinking about vehicle Space and how much the car endure Weapons i think Enforcer should have unlimited weapons numbers/rounds and others cars got limited Numbers/rounds like 500-1000 ammo also it depends with trunk's space. hope GM/Scripters Give us a final answer as soon possible.
  8. it looks good but it can every crim can put a gun or something else in his Car's trunk
  9. Hamza <3

    1. Hamza

      <3 <3 

  10. i don't agree with you with enforcer idea mate, enforcer is too Slow so i think all cars idea is better to make it useful for both sides Criminals and Police.
  11. i think we must be more realistic, so i decided to make this suggetion, sometimes when u are chasing someone or trying to stop a roberry u become out of ammo, but when we put Arms in the car it will be easy just move towards the trunk Pressing ALT Gr and clicking on the car then Equipment after that a panel opens add or take out weapons, i think it will be usefull for both criminals and Officers. and now i will answer your Questions: What happent if vehicle respawned ? The ammo will still in the vehicle even it's parked untill you spawn your car and take it out What will happend if the vehicle got Explosed/Dmed ? i really have no idea maybe the ammo will be removed, you share me your opinions about this question People can steal other Persons ammo when the vehicle Unlocked ? this is another suggetion for me but the GM must decide! Finally after all of this i want to say that the game will be more Realistic and funny for Players. Thanks For Reading, Predator.
  12. SWAT|Media Archive

    ☯ S.W.A.T Training ☯ (23.05.2017) S.W.A.T. Members: Predator Other participants: Zeking ( SAPAi) [Sami,BadDiamond,Final,Sahin,Hope,Wolf1]>SAPA and Cinbey Description: After Zekings Permission, we called cadets&trainnees and i started training them, so we decided to make 3 parts: Parachute (it's Basic in Officer life) Store Robbery intervention Tactics: (Climbing the Store Wall while the police car moving - jumping and climing the wall from far disatance) Room Clearence (one of the S.W.A.T Tactics which is the most succefull way to intervention a warehouse/house without Damage)
  13. SWAT|Media Archive

    ☯ S.W.A.T Activity Check ☯ (17.05.2017) - Night activity - Screenshots