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    SECTION 1 1. Name: Mohamed 2. Ingame name: Predator|PC* 3. Age: 14 (soon 15) 4. Sex: Male 5. English profiency: 7/10 6. Native language: Arabic 7. Other languages: Frensh ad Deutsch 8. Do you have a Pro Cop diploma?: yes, i have 9. When did you start playing SAES/MTA?: since 2011 10. Total gameplay (hours): 1114 11. Aprox.gameplay daily (hours): 2-3hours 12. Avarage FPS: 60 13. Avarage Ping: 80-120 14. Previous organizations: SAPA 15. Are you active user of Teamspeak 3?: No, i am not 16. Have you installed IRC?: No, i didn't SECTION 2 A. Define our role (FOX): FOX role is to Protect and Serve all SA citizens. also Protect San Andreas from Menaces like: Criminals,Terror and Enemys. B. Define marker arrest: Arresting a player when he is warping inside/outside interior . i mean Arresting the player immidiately after touching the Marker C. Minimum arresting level: 20 D. Point out and define 4 major server rules: - Speak only English in Mainchat. - Don't Deathmatch. - Don't avoid Arrest. - don't Multi-Accounting. Players Permitted to have only 1 Account. E. Explain why you should attempt to roleplay before each arrest: RP it means acting like in Real Life. So Cops must offer RolePlay to the Crims Before Attemping Arrest. it means Cop must act his Role ( Pull over + investigation etc.) and Crims too ( talking with cops etc.) SECTION 3 I. Write about yourself in 4 sentences: Hello, i am Mohamed from Tunisia. i live with My Family in Sousse, i spent all my Free time playing Video Games, also i am Learning Deutsch. II. Write your strengths and weaknesses: My Strenghts: Parachuting,Driving,Shooting,tazing and RPing. My Weaknesses: Driving Boats III. Why do you wish to join FOX over other squads?: i want to join FOX because it's an Active and a Perfect Squad, Also their members Are Respectful and helpful. and i think this is 1 of the bests Squads in SAES. IV. Convince us in 2 lines why you would fit the team: i am Loyal,Respectful,Active and Creative guy Also i am Friendly and i want to show FOX Who i am. V. Do you have any additional information you want to add:? No By posting this application, you are aware of our terms and that this application is only and only written by you, and states nothing but the truth. Retard test: Post a picture of White house in Los Santos to even be consired to join Fox Operations X.
  2. [SAPD] Post Your Roleplay Name

  3. Ingame Nickname: Predator Account Name: hamapro Date of joining Pro Cop: 10/01/2017 Who tested you: Zeking Who invited you: Zeking Current Squad/Company: SAPA Age: 14 How long have you been on this server?: 6 years How long have you played as a regular cop before you absolved your Pro Cop diploma: 1 year Roleplay name: Markus_Scofield
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    Good job mate :)
  5. My SAES Video Archive.

    Nice Videos mate but What recording program you Are using ?
  6. Mixed Martial Arts Media Archive

    #Event5 Event Type: LMS Prize: 1.000.000$Location: Tierra RabodaWinner(s): [S~D]EldaR[VIP] Helper(s): [FOX]Sam#Screenshots:
  7. Mixed Martial Arts Media Archive

    #Event4 Event Type: Box 2vs2Prize: 2.000.000$Location: G6 ArenaWinner(s): [TT]MisticWorld , [HS]Lartsa Helper(s): [TST]John[vL]Screenshots:
  8. Mixed Martial Arts Media Archive

    Activity 17/12/2016 MMA Team: @Barras @Karma @Mootjeee @Antonio(Toni) @KhaLeD1 @Ridouan @2Dreamy
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  10. Last Letter!