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  2. i think All Community noticed that "Repair All Vehicles" Function Disabled, add the function back, it's so annoying and takes time to repair car by car.
  3. Squad Base by Predator

    Don't Start it, if you are making posts to share hate or starting a fight this ain't the right place, This is mapping Section go make jokes somewhere else.
  4. Squad Base by Predator

    i see, i understood, i made this topic to share opinions and i accept all opinions doesn't matter if it was Positive or Negative, this is my First Base and i think people Learn from their Mistakes and i am working on that, i am Creative and i want to keep producing Bases. just the Human Improve step by step so we don't jump from A to C, i told you that i need your opinions to learn from my mistakes as your experience you got with those stuffs, @Joe @Pengo i made this topic to share opinions and advices not to insult eachother it ain't a challenge here, just make it simple Thank you all for your Feedback
  5. Squad Base by Predator

    after Reading all comments i am working on editing the base, to make it better than it is, work will be posted soon. Thank you all for your Awesome feedback doesn't matter positive or negative.
  6. NSA - National Security Agency

    Part 1 – Personal background Real name: Mohamed Age : 15 Years old. Sex : Male Nationality : Tunisian Location (dosen’t have to be detailed): How many languages do you speak? : Arabic and Frensh English skills level (1 to 10) : 7 Part 2 – In-game background Forum Name: Predator* Ingame name: Predator Login Name: hamapro Number of hours in server: 1575+ How long have you been playing on SAES: 6 years. Number of arrests, number of kills (you can get them from /stats): 3520 Your average FPS: 60 Your average Ping: 80-120 Previous gangs/squads/companies (mention why you left/kicked): VM: Died SAPA: left to join a TSG squad SAFP: left to join swat SWAT: i will tell you in PM Previous groups(why you left/kicked): RAFM: inactivty Are you a member of any groups? : DDT / PC/ IAC /MMA / TEC / E and SAF Do you have PC? : yes, i do Did you have PC before? (if yes then, why were you kicked?) No Have you ever been banned from SAES? (if yes then provide details) : Never Have you ever been admin jailed? (if yes then provide details) : Yes, DMing Part 3 – Rules and regulations Squad Rule number 1 (in your own words) : i should Read F1 rules and follow them otherwise i will get some troubles and automatically denied. Squad Rule number 3 (in your own words) : i am not allowed to arrest in events otherwise i wil get kicked Squad Rule number 5 (in your own words) : i should be well disciplined by respecting others and if a player or NSA member started a fight with i should report him to a HQ. Squad Rule number 6 (in your own words) : i should follow Store Roberry rules and respect them. What does DM or Deathmatch mean? : is killing or Destroying another player or his vehicle without a Reason What does BR mean?: Bank Roberry What does SR mean?: Store Roberry Write 3 major Server rules: Write 2 rules about BR (for cops) : Marker Arrest isn't allowed, camping at the enterance of the bank isn't allowed Write 2 rules about SR (for cops) Don't use Grenades and Anims
  7. Squad Base by Predator

    Long Story. Thanks man, gonna fix many things and soon will be posted, about the bunker it's just new idea wanted to bring it to mapping but it will be more usefull and acceptable if it was for military base i agree with you about that,and about Helipads it's placed correctly and i tested them the heli didn't get DMed even also didn't hit any object. Thanks again for your feedback, i appreciate that.
  8. Squad Base by Predator

    Thank you all for the feedback, Gonna work on the base and edit it asap Special Thanks to Cuban Cars Whores for Dislikes
  9. Squad Base by Predator

    Thanks man you will see many kinds of meeting rooms in the Future hope you like my other projects incoming too ;) Thanks man <3 i will work on that on the next base. :)
  10. Squad Base by Predator

    allright, will add doors and change skins, but in burning barriers i wanted special thing not like lights but i will switch them with lights
  11. Squad Base by Predator

    Hello Community i finished working on my first project Squad base it took 3 days (72 hours) i used only original objects in this because i haven't experience with Shader tool also gate script i want a great feedback to keep being Creative, so all you have to do is to give me your opinion(good/bad - what you want me to add/remove) i will appreciate all your help and be very thankfull to you! The Squad Base
  12. Enterable Enforcer

    will be so usefull