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  1. As the emperor I am ordering you to follow me by pressing the follow button on my profile.

  2. Show us Yourself v2

    Did you lose weight since your last pic here?
  3. Bring house robberies back

    But I like the storerobs near hospitals I pruposely start them there because I can kill more cops here
  4. Official Quote Wall

  5. Show us Yourself v2

    My mom entered the room when I was scrolling down and saw the dick pic
  6. Roast the person above you.

    My mom has been given the permision to climb those stairs. No matter how good dades your moms did she'd still get her as trapped in a pit of burning hell because of her shitty face. Though I doubt the fire will burn her even fire will be scared of that disgusting trash
  7. Roast the person above you.

    If you consider what I say as wet dreams how would you explain how your sister became pregnant? Or to get in private information did you know she called me today for permision to do abortion on his baby? Oh well it's time to upgrade to google chrome it seems
  8. Roast the person above you.

    So you do not consider your moms as my girlfriend? She calls me every night to suck her pussy
  9. Roast the person above you.

    Yoir girlfriend said something similair when you asked for a blowjob. "Too insignificant to be sucked".
  10. Slow opening of jail gates

    This suggestion may be deleted or denied because the current jail is changed (Hell yea babe)
  11. Roast the person above you.

    Nothig to say about you at all I bet you deleted your willie between your leggs just the way you deleted your gangs in saes
  12. lets insult karitos

  13. Roast the person above you.

    Your eyes are too ugly acid will trow it back to your face