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  1. nice profile pic bro

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      poor nigga only 2 followers D:

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      Because I disabled followers untill now

  2. Show us Yourself v2

    It's obvious you are not that guy who would post a pic on forums on his first day he registered?
  3. Hello there I heard you have aids so I decided to give you medicines for free next time do not rape tunisian girls I won't be making other medicine for you613hlWrCHjL._SL1000_.jpg

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  4. Isn't the cracking part a hard enough challange?
  5. YES YES GENK !!!

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      Ehat noob

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  6. So one of the most anoyong things I encountered in jailbreaking is this. When you crack a door at decent speed a animation occurs at the jails gates. But in my opinion or my feeling to be honest those gates open slower than I crack the door. You can tell me to have some patience but this has a big disadventage which I will explain. So basicly when you are robbing a store at a location let me take las payadas or whatever it is called (the store near Jizzy's club) and your friend gets arrested you take your ride and drive to the jail which takes some time depending on how well you drive and your rides speed. After you arrived the cracking part comes which is done fast but untill the opening animations are done your friends jail timer is almost done. So what do I want? Simple make the doors opening animation a bit faster.
  7. Inactive due to broken laptop

  8. Another cracking simulator

    All the other crackingpads had no dot at all for example 25000 instead of 25.000 which forced me to go ingame and go to jail just to practice cracking saved me alot of time through it will be sad that less people will be JBed now by me
  9. Activity Roadtrip In the roadtrip we also took a break at bone county's bar
  10. Dive of the year award goes to..

    who watched it 2 times?
  11. or just remove the limit why is there a limit of messages anyway?