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  1. Wild Angels Media Archive

    Event type: Fallout LWS/G6: Expert Prize: 1.000.000 $ Winner: Mr.Matts ScreenShots:
  2. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *RP Number 158*
  3. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Event Number 135* Event type: Quadbike Race To MC Top . LWS/G6: [B~B]Nyx Prize: 1.000.000 Winner: [aaftw]koko ScreenShots:

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    2. Karma



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      Orzon nayek froukh mtaa zbyy

    4. Karma


      Why so serious scerpyehh chill and get ur PC xD

  5. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *RP Number 136* *Weed is Life .* Participants: Karma , Sweet , Urban , Pump Story : It was 20:00 in Las Venturas , while Wild Angels gangsters was chilling around the city and they got a call by a guy named "Sweet" who was a part of the Zero Organization ... He requested some weed to buy because he heard that we have the cuban weed . Karma accepted his request and he told him to meet him at 21:00 PM behind Las Venturas Bank. After one hour , Wild Angels and Zero Organization met at the right location and they started their deal . So Karma asked Sweet to show him the money, Sweet went to his car and opened the trunk ... He took out a suitcase from the trunk and put it on the back of the car then Karma started counting the money ... After counting the money , Karma Took out the weed bag from his car trunk and he gaves it to Sweet so he can test this weed .
  6. Wild Angels Media Archive

    * RP Number 115 * ~The First Deal~ Participants : Wild Angels & SrC Story:

    1. Karma


      Ayyy FLAAAX !!!

    2. Flex


      Omk 9a7ba

    3. Karma


      Sousou kahba special .

  8. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Event Number: 102* Event type: Rhino Shooter LWS/G6: Expert Prize: 1.000.000$ Winner: Elegant ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/Dcc1Y
  9. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Event Number : 63* Event type: Rhino Shooter LWS/G6: [TST]Arma[VL] (LWS) Prize: 1,000,000$ Winner: Perroloco ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/WqgAJ
  10. Topic For Tunisian Only !

    Prix svp w wiin dispo ??
  11. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *RP #58* The RP Title : A Cocaine Deal . Participants: [WA]Karma , [WA]Kayle , Z|Cornlieus G/S/C : Wild Angles and Organization Zero . Story: I was chilling around with my car around San Fierro and i got a call , it was from the "Organization Zero" . They said that they want to buy some Drugs wich is Cocaine , they requested 10Kg of Cocaine . So accepted their request and told them to meet me behind "Wild Angels" base so we can make the deal there . It was 13:00 , a "Organization Zero" member came to our base and we started discussing about the drugs . He tasted our Cocaine first so he can know if its worth to buy or not , he really liked it so he bought the whole 10kg of Cocaine then he paid us the money , shaked hands and left . ScreenShots :
  12. Enternia's Media

    Selling Hotdogs @ LV Cross ___________________________________________________ Crew Enternia Members : @Karma , @Strong, @Card. Enternia Helpers - @GanJa. , @Harb . ___________________________________________________ Screenshots :
  13. SRs in deep sea

    It will be cool . +1
  14. Show us Yourself v2

    Justice Motherfucker (Part 2) @Terry