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  1. New Recruit

    Gzz and Welcome habibi :D <3
  2. CripZ Media Archive

    #Event Type:(126): Chicken Nader #Date: 10.04.2017 #LWS/G6 Helper: Brondy # Prize: 1.000.000$ #Winner: Kawaii
  3. CripZ Media Archive

    "Dope Shit" It was such a boring saturday night and I needed some drugs to use .We were out of drugs and i coulnd't get from our warehouse.I decided to call the rival gang to provide us some cocaine from them.I called UE members to meet with me.at the beginning they didn't trust me then i told them i can come to where ever u want to meet .After few hours we arrived to the meeting area.Two of UE member came here with their sabre.They were keep their drugs in their truck.,After a small negoition about the dealing i decided to test stuffs .After checking the drugs we decided to buy the drugs from them.After shaking hands I left from meeting area .
  4. CripZ Media Archive

    #Event Type:(124):Last Man Standing #Date: 09.04.2017 #LWS/G6 Helper: Kybalion # Prize: 1.000.000$ #Winner: Makaveli From BB
  5. CripZ Media Archive

    #Event Type:Chicken Shooter #Date:02.04.2017 #LWS/G6 Helper:Kybalion #Prize:1.000.000 #Winner:ImNotMrSolrac #Screens:
  6. Catch meh outside ho abouh dah?!

  7. Stance Nation

    Roleplay No #24 Type of RP:Arms Dealers Participants:Karma/Sceptic/Only Backstory of the RP :Karma is a Stance Nation member and decided to buy a new guns from The Black Syndicate gang so he requested them on phone and they decided to meet near LV bank.After 2 days,Karma arrived to the meeting place and he was waiting for BS to come and sell him the weapons.The Black Syndicate is arrived now and they showed Karma the weapons but he asked to test these guns.Then he descovered that BS wasn't selling him guns from Russia these weapons was delivered from China so Karma took a nade and throw it on BS car and they were all dead. Screenshots:
  8. Sons of Anarchy | Media Archive

    Hoster:Karma Winner:Eien LWS/G6:Julio Event Type:Bar Fight
  9. Mixed Martial Arts Media Archive

    MMA EVENT: Hoster:Karma Event:LMS Prize:1.000.000
  10. HS ACTIVITY: Turfing(CDC get REKT xD)
  11. Karma your are not a man you should have me inside this clan .


    1. Karma

      can you just fuck off? -_-





  12. TST - The Strike Team

    HAHAHA lol ye he will see xD gz my Brother :D <3
  13. Event 26.11.2016 Event Type:Hunter Shooter Price:1.000.000 Hoster(s):Karma