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  1. CripZ Media Archive

    Event Type(468): Chicken Shooter LWS/G6 Helper: [AA]Hotfire Prize: 1.000.000$ Winner: OC|>NubBoobs Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/ipiI9
  2. CripZ Media Archive

    Participants : CripZ ( @Karma ) , Overdose Crime ( @Glitchman , @LearN ) Karma heard that the Overdose Crime gang is selling the best protein in SA with the cheapest prices so he decided to buy some of their protein . He called Glitchman to inform him that he is coming to Overdose Crime base to buy the protein . After 2 hours , Karma arrived to the base and he shaked hands with Glitchman and LearN and they started talking about protein , Karma tasted some of the protein and he decided to buy 15 kiloes . OC members accepted the deal and they helped Karma with transporting the protein packages to CripZ base . when they arrived to the base , they loaded the package there then Karma paid them the money . ScreenShots : https://imgur.com/a/3yYQF
  3. CripZ Media Archive

    Participants : CripZ ( Karma , GanJa ) , Black Syndicate ( Kartel , Qwert ) It was a sunny day , when karma got a call from KarteL the Black Syndicate member and he requested some of drugs because he will come tomorrow to the base and buy it . Karma accepted his request and he prepared himself for tomorrow . So KarteL and Qwert came to the base with their cars . And they started talking with Karma and Ganja about the Cocaine , So they entered the interior and Karma showed them the drugs and Kartel tasted the Cocaine before he decides to buy it . After some minutes , Kartel and Qwert decided to buy 7.5 kiloes of Cocaine from Karma , GanJa loaded the drugs in a suitcase and put it in Kartel's huntley and they paid 750k for the Cocaine then they left the base . ScreenShots : https://imgur.com/a/Vg8vO
  4. CripZ Media Archive

    Participants : CripZ ( @Karma , @Bluelive122 ) , Black Syndicate ( @Daglow , @jasser01 ) One Day , Karma called the black syndicate office and requested some weapons that he will buy it from them tomorrow . So they accepted his request and told him to come to the Black Syndicate base tomorrow at 16:00 PM and they will show him the weapons that he will buy it. It was 15:00 , Karma and CroW took the CripZ van and they were heading to BS base . after 30 minutes , they arrived to the base and met Daglow and Jasser there and they started talking about the weapons . Karma wanted to buy 7 Crates of sniper and 9 crates of M4 but he tested these guns and he really liked the quality then he decided to buy it from them with a fair price. CroW and Jasser started loading the crates in the van when Karma and Daglow was talking about the money . After loading the crates in the van and giving the money , they shaked hands then CripZ members left the base . ScreenShots : https://imgur.com/a/zEVNb
  5. CripZ Media Archive

    Event Type(444): Rhino Shooter #Date: 19/11/2017 #LWS/G6 Helper: CripZ>Duff #Prize: 1.000.000 #Winner: Misti #Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/PduEz
  6. CripZ Media Archive

    Participants : CripZ(Karma , BlueZ>Amara) , The avenues(Rikki ,Frank ,[email protected] ,Deezolator) The Strike Team(Predator ,Final) It Was a normal day as always , when Karma a guy from the CripZ gang got a Call from The Avenues gang and they requested from him to bring 10Kg of Cocaine tomorrow at somewhere in Los Santos , Karma accepted the deal and he prepared himself and put the cocaine package in his huntley's trunk . It was 18:30 PM , Karma was waiting for the avenues Members to come to the deal Location . After some minutes , The Avenues arrived and they started talking about the cocaine and they tasted it before they decide to buy it . Suddenly , Two Officers of The Strike Team showed up then they started shooting on us and they killed my 3 guys , So the others dropped their weapons on the ground and they gave up . The officers cuffed the criminals hands and took them to the jail . ( ScreenShots : https://imgur.com/a/L7ouD )
  7. CripZ Media Archive

    Event Type(442): Rhino Shooter #Date: 16/11/2017 #LWS/G6 Helper: [B~B]koko #Prize: 1.000.000 #Winner: Kayle #Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/7QEcS
  8. Show us Yourself v2

    Damn son!! Saha wled lhouma xD <3
  9. Show us Yourself v2

    Brothers?? They're the same xDDD
  10. MI6

    Im very glad to see MI-6 is back :D Good Luck Guys <3
  11. Show us Yourself v2

    trying to be normal :) This is not hachich .... i don't know what the fuck is this :D
  12. CripZ Media Archive

    Event Type(439): Chicken Shooter #Date: 12/11/2017 #LWS/G6 Helper: [TST]Dufabo #Prize: 1.000.000 #Winner: [NNB]Fattie #Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/CtxaV
  13. RP # 106: Participants : Overdose Crime And ThC At The evening , Adway called the Overdose Crime Officer and requested to buy some of their Protein. So we accepted his request and told him to meet us at the Overdose Crime base tomorrow to make the deal and sell him the protein. So we prepared ourselves for the deal , and we brought the protein in the trucks and we were waiting for Adway to come to our base and sell him the protein. After one hour , Adway arrived to our base and we started talking about the protein and asked him how much protein he will buy from us so he decided to buy 5 kg and it costed 500k because we were selling the 1Kg of protein for 100k. So we accepted the deal and gave the protein then we took the money from him then he left and headed back to ThC Base .
  14. -111- Event Type: Street Fight 1 vs 1 Event Prize:1.000.000 LWS/G6:MatiZz Winner:Mike.TYSON Screens: https://imgur.com/a/eYZFU
  15. New Recruit

    Gzz and Welcome habibi :D <3