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  1. Sons of Anarchy | Media Archive

    SONS OF ANARCHY ~The kidnapp It was a normal day in Red county with two bikers.After some hours we got a call from a terrorist who told us that he kidnapped a friend.So we started to get ready and talk about the plan. After a small discussion about the plan how to save our friend we took our bikes to the location that the terrorist told us.We took a bag full of papers so the terrorist could belive we had the money. After we arrived to our location,we decided to take our position in a small spot where it had a view of the terrorist waiting with our friend. After we took position we entered and we started to discuss with him about the release. After we refused to give him our money he started to punch our friend so I shot him.He got injured and after some time he died from the blood he lost. After the death of the terrorist we started to give Ace Johnson the first aid,so he couldn't lose blood and could walk. We went outside and he thanked us for helping him.After we hugged we took our injured friend to the hospital where he became better after 3 days. Special thanks to : ACE,r0tta and Nirjhor for helping me to make this role play.
  2. TST - The Strike Team

    Part 1 / Personal information. Ingame Name:Xtream Real Name: Klevis Age: 17 Country: Albania Languages:English and Albanian Gender: Male Nationality: Albanian Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server ? / if yes why? Kicked once because of a small incident. Have you ever been kicked from a Gang/squad ? / if yes why? Nope. Part 2 / Your playtime in MTA/SAES. How long have you been playing MTA? 5 years. How long have you been playing on SAES? amm 1 year. How many hours do you play in a day?1h (since I work) How many times do you visit the forums in a day? 2-3 times a day. Previous gangs/squads?:RDMC,SAPA,NNB,IPS. Are you in any groups?:SOT Do you have PC (Procop membership)?:No,but I had it before. Part 3 / Questions about your qualifications. Strengths:Weapons,tactics,arresting. Weaknesses: Lag,friedship RP Skills(8-10) Arresting skills(7-10) Shooting skills(9-10) Driving skills(8-10) English skills(10-10) Describe Deathmatch:Deathmatch is when you hit or shoot someone. Describe RolePlay: RolePlay meaning is when you act like that you are in real life.You don't go crazy like using jetpack in the middle of no where .Also you must be disciplined and you must have creativity while roleplaying your own role. Describe TeamWork: TeamWork meaning is when you are in a team and you guys help each other to achieve a goal. Add a picture of your "stats" by using www.imgur.com (press /stats ingame)(use spoilers: [ Spoiler][ /spoiler] P.S :My f12 is out of function which doesn't make me to take ss. Part 4 / What to do if. What would you do if you are chasing someone and they avoided arrest?I will report him. What would you do if someone came and asked you for a bribe? I would bribe. Someone DMs you: I will report him. An admin asks you something: I will do it but not if the admins tell me to do stuff which may damage the server. Someone from our squad with a higher rank calls you? I will answer him and even come to him. Part 5 / Communication. Do you got TeamSpeak 3? No. Do you got a microphone? No. Do you use IRC? No. Part 6 / Additional Questions. Did any TST member suggest you to apply? Who?Yes,SniperX Did you have the chance to hang around with any TST before applying? If so who?Yes,only SniperX. Did you have a talk with any of our scouts before this application? if so who?Nope. Where is our private forums?:There is no private forum for TST. Who is the Leader and the Vice leader of TST?:Leader:SniperX Vice Leader:Danny Why do you want to join TST:I want to join TST because I want to improve my skills and to roleplay.I want to make more friends and to learn from them.I want to show them my tactics and role play plans.I want to contribute in this squad in many ways.Such as:events,roleplays etc..Also I would like to enjoy my cop life like I use to . Give us atleast one good reason to accept you?:I am experienced in the law side and also a player which you can trust. Tell us something about yourself( more than 30 words): Hello,my name is Klevis.I am 17 years old.I live in Tirana,Albania.I live in a apartment near the museum and the other important parts.My passion is football.I really like playing and scoring goals.I play in amateur teams which actually are not that bad.I also work in caffe.I can spend time and get some money .I love working.I really love hanging with my friends and also hosting party's with them.I am also aaperson which likes helping people.I am kind also.I really act serious in important meetings and stuff like that.This is me. Additional information:Nope.
  3. It was 11 June,when Klevis Trump was having a small break at the Restaurant.He went to the Palmo Creek best Pub. After waiting for the shopkeeper to come Klevis got angry so he grabbed the shopkeeper and told her to give him a good beer.She wasn't being nice with him so somehow he got more angry.He ordered a beer and went to seat. After having his beer.He went to take a seat.The shopkeeper was to angry with him so she couldn't keep herself.So Klevis Trump punched her and shot with a gun the person that was trying to defend her.Since the citizens heard the shots they called the cops.So he started run away. Since shit became worse.He had to hide somewhere.So he hided near a house.Just to be sure he went back to the shop and saw the cop.Klevis and his friend George shot the cop and kept the others as their hostage. After that they took the hostages out of the pub.Also they took the injured cop with them.Klevis took them outside and suddenly his friends came.So they started to help Klevis on this crime.Since the hostages couldn't stay the shop keeper tried to escape but she got shot by Klevis again.So he things became worse so Klevis shot everyone with his baseball rocket. Since things got boring.Klevis started to fuck her in the ass.It had to happen since she couldn't shut up so he chose that as a torture. Soon the burrito came to take the hostage to the garage.She got scared so to shut her mouth we took her to a place she couldn't talk.We also killed her at the end after some tortures. Suddenly the cops came.Since the injured cop secretly called back up.So we had to kill them too. After cleaning the place we went to the bar.Also we drank some beer and celebrate for what we have done.Still the cops came to arrest us so we fooled them by killing them at the end.The president came and we explained him what happened.He became proud for what we did.At the end we went at our homes to take a rest after what we did. Special thanks to :Shah,Barry,XGangsterX,Extreme,Maximus,Roman,Xtream,Sneijder.
  4. S.W.A.T.

    Ingame Name:-XtreamAge:-17Gender:-MaleNationality:-AlbanianFirst Language:-EnglishCan you speak english:-Yes.Time playing SAES:-Well I joined saes in 2013 but I left it.So I officialy started it in October 2015.Previous Gang/Squad/Company experience:-Red Devils MC,N.N.B,SAPA and IPS.Group Memberships:-None.Strengths:-Roleplay,patrolling,defending,attacking.Weaknesses:-Lag and friendship.Why do you want to join SWAT:-I would like to join SWAT since it is a big squad.They are nice and also kind.The officers like patrolling with others.SWAT have a great discipline.The members are helpful and I would like to play with them.I want to learn and to gain more experience in here.Also to make new friends.I love being in squads since they have a alive role play and also they have good tactics which I want to learn.Also I want to share my ideas.Why do you think you will be good for SWAT:-I think I would be good for SWAT since I am active and mature.I always help people and try making friends.I got experience in the law side role play.So I could do a good job in SWAT.I am a person which never leaves his friends behind.I even risk myself just to save their lives.For me a teammate is a brother not a friend.I am skilled and also I need some help.SWAT would like to help some officers.I am a ex-PC so I know what to do in patrolling situations etc.Average FPS:-30Average Ping:-120Access to TS and do you have a microphone:-Nope.Do you use IRC:-Nope.Have you ever been banned:-Nope.Tell us about yourself:-Hello my name is Klevis.I am 17 years old.I live in Tirana/Albania.My birth place is England.I lived there for more than 10 years.After I finished the 4th grade I came in Albania.I spent the rest of my education here in Albania.Even tho' I want to move back to the UK.I got black hair and brown eyes.My body is tall with muscles.I also wear glasses.I am a person which have quite ambitions.I always wanted to become a medic.Finally I can become one.I have great marks on school with A+ and sometimes with some B+.I am social and I also like hanging with friends.As every teenager I like throwing parties and also hunting girls.I also like gaming.Gaming has been a part me since I was a child.I loved playing and also making new friends online.I am kind to people and also I help the old people with everything they need.I help also the kids on getting their balls back etc.So pretty much I want to help others so they could feel happy.Are you emotionaly unstable:No,I am stable.
  5. Under Review: I don't know a lot about you.The HQ will discuss about you meanwhile try to patrol with us.
  6. Part 1: Basic Information In-game username:klevis11 In-game nickname:Xtream How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG:For more than 3 months How active are you in-game:Well on weekdays not a lot but in weekends I am. How often do you visit the forums:Everyday. Do you have a microphone:No. Do you have TeamSpeak 3 installed:No. Part 2: Personal Information Real name:Austin Age:17 Gender:Male Nationality:Albania Where do you live?:I live in Tirana. Timezone[with GMT Format]:GMT +1 Primary language:English Other language(s):Albanian Rate your English proficiency on a scale of (1-10):10/10 Part 3: Server History and Memberships Have you been in any other squads/gangs/companies?(Also state the squads/gangs/companies names):SAPA and IPS. Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server?(If yes, why?):I only got kicked once since I was in my cousins computer and he had a bind which was a advert for a server and I got kicked. Do you have Procops Access?:Yes. Are you in any groups?:Nope. Part 4: Additional Information and Questions Strengths:Arresting,roleplay and radio usage. Weaknesses:Lag and friendship. Why do you want to join NNB?I decided to join this squad since it was my dream to join since i started here.I like their RP role even their gaming.It seems well made and the team is full disciplined.You guys like helping and you were very kind to the newbies.They like learning others and to put them in the right way.So yeah this is pretty much why i want to join. Why should we let you join us?:You should accept me since i am active and a loyal player.I never give up.I never leave a friend behind ,I even risk myself for them.I am a nice soldier which can handle a lot of problems.I am skilled in RP and in may aspects like in trainings ,tactics,gaming etc..I want to gain experience in the TSG part so I can be more useful in the future for the team and for the server. Did you read all NNB Rules and accept them?I did read them and I accept them. State two rules of NNB Rules:Don't chase anyone without the binds and Be mature. Describe Roleplay:RolePlay is a type of gaming which is used in this server mostly.It means that we must react like in real life.Not to use jetpack and hydras when ever you want.Everything has model of real life.We must have imagination to complete this task and creativity. Describe Teamwork:Teamwork meaning is when you are in a team and you guys help each other to achieve a goal. Did you read all F1 Rules and Laws?Yes. Describe Deathmatch:Deathmatch meaning is when you kill or shoot someone. What do you do if you are chasing someone and he/she Avoided arrest?I would report him. What do you do if someone is Deathmatching you?I will report him. Tell us something about yourself(Give us some detail about your real life):Hello,my name is Klevis.I am 17 years old.I live in Tirana/Albania.I got black hair and brown eyes.My body is tall with muscles.I go to the gym twice a week.I got nice grades in school and i am even the senator of the class.My hobby is gaming and football.My favourite team is Liverpool.I've been a fan of it for more than 13 years.I've been celebrating victories with it and suffering losts.In my opinion losing makes you learn lot more than you learn in winning.My gaming life is based on MTA which it is proved by 4 years experience.I am skilled enough to handle a lof ot things.I am proud for who I am.I never would say i hate being me,because that makes you a low human being.
  7. Part 1 - Ingame information Ingame name:XtreamLogin name:klevis11Are you a ProCop?:Yes.When did you start playing SAES?:1 or 2 months ago.When did you start playing MTA?:4 years ago.How many hours do you play in a day?:2-3 hours per day or on weekends 5-6 hours per day.Your avarage FPS:34Your avarage Ping:150Are you active on IRC?:No.Are you active on Teamspeak3?:No.Previous Gang(s)/Squad(s)/Company(s):SAPA and IPS.Did you left or got kicked? If yes, why?:I left SAPA since I finished my education.I left IPS since the members wouldn't come on my time.Have you ever been banned in SAES?If yes, why?:Never.Have you ever got kicked in SAES?If yes, why? Yes,I got kicked by an accident bind which it was on my cousins computer.Why do you want to join FBI?I want to join FBI since is a nice team where I can learn more.I want to gain more experience here and to make more friends.I love patroling and making Rps.This team is a nice place where I can work and to learn new things.I want to learn more here since this team has got skilled players that are kind and very helpful.This team has discipline and nice activity from some players.I hanged with Note and I felt that this team will welcome everyone that needs a little more help on TSG experience.If you have patrolled with us, set screenshots below:N/A Part 2 - Real Life QuestionAge:17Nationality:AlbaniaPrimary languages:English and Albanian.Do you speak any other languages? Which?:A little Italian.Tell us a few lines about yourself:Hello,my name is Klevis.I am 17 years old.I live in Tirana/Albania.My birth place is England.There i have completed 7 years of education.Now I study here in Albania .My primary language in Albania is Albanian.I live here for more than 4 years.My body is tall and fit too.I got black hair and brown eyes.I am a kind person and a social one too.I like hanging with others and making new friends.I love getting invited on parties and even meeting new people.I study a lot for what i want to achieve.Education is key of success .I want to have a brain and to be someone in life.Now I will talk about my brother.He is 14 years old .His name is Klodian.He doesn't play MTA but he is a kind person and a silly one too.He is mature just like me .That is all what i can say. Part 3 - RatingWhat is your English skills? (0/10):10/10What is your Driving skills? (0/10):8/10What is your Shooting skills? (0/10):8/10What is your RolePlay skills? (0/10):7/10Strengths:Attacking,defending,tactics,roleplay.Weakness:Lag and friendship. I Xtream accept the server rules and FBI rules. I have read the topic and i know what FBI is.
  8. dear MI-6 send me to the denied list since i am not really ready to join.Let me get some more experience and then i will see so my application will be called denied since it is canceled.
  9. R.I.P

    Application format:In game/personal information:In game name:XtreamLogin name:klevis11Your real name:AustinAge (+DoB):17 January 08 1998Country:Albania Languages:English,Albanian.Previous organisations:SAPA.Are you banned before (if yes, why?):No.Have you ever been in a admin jail? (if yes, why?):No. Tell us about you and your real life with 6 sentences:Hello,my name is Klevis.I am 17 years old.I live in Tirana Albania.I am tall and i got a fit body.I live in a flat and i have a brother too.I am kind,social and helpful too.Since i have to tell 6 sentences about my real life that is all i am going to say. Rules check: Did you read our rules?:Yes,i did. Explain death match with your own words: Death match is when you shoot or kill someone.Explain helikill with your own words:Helikill is when you kill someone with a helicopter.Explain carkill with your own words:Carkill is when you use a car to kill someone.What would you do if a player insults you?I will report him. Explain our limit of wanted level:10 stars above. 1. You are chasing a criminal and suddenly the criminal enters a event. Explain what you do in this situation:I will add a tracker on him at the police panel. 2. You are at a jailbreak and you have arrested the prisoners who tried to escape, now you are standing front of the red door and you hear there is someone knocking on the door after that you see a trainee typing ''open the door'' Explain what you do in this case:If it is a criminal I wont open the door,but if i see a trainee i have to open it for him.3. You are now patrolling and suddenly you see a wanted cop with 42 stars. What are you supposed to do in this case?I am supposed to chase him and arrest him,since you are not allowed to be spawned as a cop with 45 stars.I, Xtream promise that I did not copy information from other applications and I did not lie in this application.
  10. Part One: SAES Information In-game username:klevis11 In-game nickname:Xtream|PC* How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG:2 months How active are you on SAES:RPG:Often. How often do you visit the forums:I am very active on forums Your average FPS:40 Your average Ping:150 Do you have a microphone:No. Do you have TeamSpeak 3 installed:No. Part Two: Basic Information Real name:Klevis Age:17 Gender:Male Nationality:Albanian Country of residence:UK Primary language:English Secondary language(s):Albanian and italian. Rate your English proficiency on a scale of (1-10):10/10 Tell us about yourself in upto 100 words:Hello,my name is Klevis.I am 17 years old.I live in Tirana,Albania.I am borned in the UK.I got perfect english and i have ego to learn more languages like Italian and German language.I got black hair and brown eyes.My body is tall and fit.I wear glasses too.As a teenager i like playing and hanging out with friends.So being social is one of the things i want to do.I often join parties and any activity that we do.I live in a flat and i have a brother.He is my small brother.I give him lessons so he wont make mistakes in the future that i have done.I mostly think for the others more then myself.I love helping and hanging with people.Making friends is one of the things i love making.MTA gaming is one of my hobbies.I have been playing MTA for a long time.Since 4 years ago.4 years of greatness and pain took me here.I have more faith and I don't do mistakes like before.That is all i can say. Show us your English Skills, tell us about your in-game character in upto 100 words:Well as every teenager i am social.In Game i always like hanging with players.I like helping them and even learning them in some aspects.I am strict too.I never warn more then once.I always want justice.If someone wont be fair i will react and fix this.So i want everyone to be happy because we are all the same even if we are staff or not.We are all humans and we make mistakes too.Being kind is what i usually do.I accept everyone who needs help or who want's to learn something new.I am proud making this job since the newbies are our future and we are helping them to be like us.Humanity must be everywhere.Yes everyone is humans but in the way how they act you can see that they aren't humans for what they do.Everyone is the same and we must be proud for who we are. Part Three: Personal Character Rate your spying skills on a scale of (1-10):8/10 Rate your Role Playing skills on a scale of (1-10):8/10 Rate your Arresting/Tactics skills on a scale of (1-10):9/10 Can you take orders and apply them:Yes. Strengths:Attacking,defending,teamwork and tactics. Weaknesses:Lag. Why do you want to join us:I want to join MI-6 since it looks like a pretty nice group.I want to make more friends too.I love their teamwork which i always wish to be a part of.They patrol a lot and they always help new players.You guys are nice to people and full of disipline.The team has nice members and players that love learning the others. Why should we let you join us:Well i am a nice player.I got potential skills.I am kind and helpful.I am creative in RP and in some other aspects.I love patroling and i always act mature.As you guys see I am patient and smart.I always think before i do a move.I want to learn inside this team too ,since i just started my career as a PC.So i will need your guys help so i can grow further. Which unit best suits you:Well i would say Assault Unit.This unit seems a tactical unit and with most RP ,which i clearly know.I am trained in tactical and in patrol units.So that is why Assault Unit will fit me. What do you expect from joining us:I will expect a mature team which will be learning me .They will make trainings full of disipline and members that are friendly with each other.I expect everything from MI-6.This team is a nice team in every aspect.They love helping and learning from others too.I would be proud do become on of you guys,since all of you guys have faith .The tactics you guys usually share are admired by me.I love to learn inside this brilliant team,so yeah this is pretty much what i aspect from MI-6. Part Four: Gang/Squad/Company History Do you have any other experience with other gangs/squads? Yes ,in SAPA. (State the gangs/squads names):San Andreas Police Academy. If yes, then were you kicked or did you leave? I left it. (State the reason for whether you left or were kicked for each gang/squad):I left SAPA since i wanted to go further with my career and to try something new. Have you been kicked/banned before from SAES:RPG :I got kicked once since my cousins comp had a bad bind and I accidently used it. (If yes, state the reason and give us the link of you ban appeal if it exists):N/a Have you patrolled with us? (If yes state who)Yes , I did patrol with iLazy and with CESAR. Part Five: Answer the following questions 1) Define Roleplaying?Roleplay is a real life gaming.You have to act like in real life but with a objective.Simply Role Play needs creativity. 2) What is Deathmatching?Deathmatching is when you shoot or kill a person. 3) Define Teamwork:Teamwork meaning is when you are in a team and you work with each other to achieve a goal. 4) What do you do if you are chasing someone and they avoid arrest by quitting the game? 5) What do you do if someone is Deathmatching you?I wont act immature I will just report him. 6) What do you do if someone with SAES> tags on tells you to do something?I will listen him ,unless it is something bad to destroy the servers or my reputation i wont do it. 7) Is it ok to aim at someone with 0 stars?No,since they will consider that as a threat. 8) What do you do if you see another teammate breaking the squad/server rules?I will take valid proof report to a HQ or I will talk with him and give him some lessons. 9) Are you a member in any groups?(Eg DE,SAI, etc..)No. 10) How would you locate someone using the police panel?: 11) What do you do if you see a player with 5 stars or less?I will offer him to RP ,if he deny to do it then i will ignore him. 12) State one rule of MI-6 rules:Never leave a man behind.
  11. Ingame nick with current tags: SAPA|Xtream|PC* Server loginname: klevis11 Date of joining PC:29.01.2016 Who invited/tested you:Eagle tested me and Toreno invited me. Age:17 What Squad are u in:SAPA How long have you been on this server:2 months. How long did you play as normal Cop, before you absolved your ProCop Education:Well 1-2 days. ( Optional ) What do u want to say to your fellow PCs: "Nothing is impossible all you need to have is faith ."
  12. R.I.P

    Xtreamo bless IPS so kristina wont ignore him anymore :3.
  13. legal flame Let's flame about... Maryondo!

    Well all this time that i could see you ,I saw that ur a great staff member.You like jokes and very friendly.As a staff your duty is to help us and you can do that job easy.Well please stop banning jonas and hesha :3
  14. Searching for a designer.

    Idk how.As i said i am requesting designs.