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  1. Roleplay #224 - The Snitch (with The Outfit and CripZ) The Outfit called The Company about a problem that they were having for a while.They wanted our intelligence agency team to spy a member which has bringing them problems.So the Intelligence Agency gathered up and went to The Outfit's base. We discussed about who we was gonna chase and what we was gonna do with him after we kidnapp him.The Outfit gave us his location and where was his destination so we quickly drove there. After moving around San Fierro we spotted him at the other way of the road.We passed through him and turned the car after he started to move.We followed until we found a place where to pull him over. After following him around we pulled him over and showed up our weapons so he had no chance to react.He was shocked and under pressure so he decided to obey us. We took him to the location where was told to take him.We tied him and put him inside our car. When he untied him he started to run but we shot him so he had no chance to move.The Outfit had a talk with him and also we gave him the pleasure to kill him.After the action we discussed about the price of the deal and then we went back to our own buisness.
  2. Roleplay #222 - The Heist It all started at the Intelligence Agency headquaters.They gathered information for a moving securicar which contains a lot of money.They discovered that it will take place in San Fierro and the destination will be Las Venturas Bank. After their research they found out the path that they will take.The Intelligence Agency started to move at the best point to pull over the Securicar.They made sure that they had their badges so they could have the guards trust.The Intelligence Agency followed them. After a short distance they pulled the securicar over.The guards was ready to press the red button to trigger a alarm but the Intelligence Agency used the speaker to tell them that they were from the FBI.So they got out and had a discussion about what was happening where they achieved to convince the guards to follow them. So they got back in their vehicles and started to move fast.The Intelligence Agency had it all planned with The Company about where they were gonna ambush the securicar. The Intelligence Agency managed to ambush the securicar where the guards got surrounded by a car and the whole group quickly got out and started to aim at the securicar.They forced him to get out and to open the locker.He obeyed as he was under pressure of 3 men fully armed. After taking all the money from the safes they made the engine ready and killed the guard.This was a huge heist which got accomplished.The Company took different paths with the same ammount of money where they will meet up at their base.
  3. SideRP-210#The Transportation (With the Outfit) The Intelligence Agency received a call from The Outfit.They needed some help from the Intelligence Agency so they couldn't face problems during the way of their transportation to San Fierro. We gathered up at the Intelligence Agency Headquaters where we discussed about the details of the transportation.Where we accepted their terms. We followed their Secuircar till their destination.We wanted to make sure that if the police will sniff around we would be prepared to take care of the case so our buds would make this deal succesful. We didn't go at the deal spot but we stopped at a location where we could make sure that they are safe.After stopping somewhere we got out of our vehicles and had a chat about the payement method and about further communications between both sides for anything new.At the end we shook hands and went to our own buisness.
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  7. Roleplay #173 - The Big Deal (with Wild Angels) INTELLIGENCE AGENCY ROLEPLAY The Company had a call from Wild Angels for a request about weapons.They gave them the location to meet up and every detail of how they wanted to get the weapons. But suddenly cops came and busted the deal which was happening inside the warehouse. Some achieved to escape so they decided to call The Company's Intelligence Agency which was gonna handle this situation and save the deal . The Intelligence Agency recieved the call and got prepared quickly so the officers wouldn't leave that location before the Intelligence Agency came. After knowing where they had to go they quickly went there and wore their FBI badges . After arriving they went inside the warehouse and had a talk with the Officer incharge of the bust.They explained them that they were from the FBI and all of them there are undercover Agents that was gonna catch a gang which was harming the safety in San Fierro. They trusted us so they left.After them leaving we had a talk with Wild Angels and told them to drive in different locations and meet up in The Company's base. After arriving at the base.We negotiated about the price of the weapons and about the price of the Intelligence Agency's work.As they appericiated our work they gave us a high price which we didn't hesitate to accept.Wild Angels went back to their place.This was a other success for the Intelligence Agency.
  8. #202 Event Name: Hunter Shooter LWS/G6: BS|Star Prize : 1.000.000$ Winner(s): raimpz Screenshot(s):
  9. #170 (With Wild Angels) ~~The Betrayer~~ The Intelligence Agency recieved a call from the Wild Angels for a case.They gave us the details where we was gonna meet up and there we was gonna have a talk. We took our car and went to the destination that they told us to go. We had a talk about what we had to do.They told us that there is a member which was the mastermind of all their failures.So our duty was to spy around and see what he trully is. We went back to our cars after we got told where he was so we started to follow him until we find something suspicious to pull him over. After catching him near the Wild Angels rivals territory we found that as enough proof to pull him over.We still started to drive around so we could find a good place to pull him over. After pulling him over we started to act like we were from the CIA and we had to take him to the department so we could question him about a case where he was included at.That was enough to trust us so he followed our orders. He got inside our car and we went to the hidden place where we got told to go after taking him. After handing him to the Wild Angels he got suprised and also scared about what he was gonna face at that moment.We had a talk to them as we told him where he was and what he was doing. We took him inside where we started to torture him by the Wild Angels methods.We was just spectators and enjoying the show we had a chance to see. After murdering him we negotiated about the price where it succesfuly happened without any trouble.After that we recieved the money and went back to our base.
  10. Side RP #166 - The kidnapp (With Wild Angels) The Company recieved a call from the Wild Angels leader.After The Company's announcement about a snitch which is around the streets trying to catch every criminal activity Wild Angels didn't hesitate to call.It was a short call between two representives. After the call The Company headed to the Wild Angels base where we was gonna have a conversation about how we was gonna capture the snitch. We talked about how we was gonna find him and what we was gonna do after we kidnap him.Everything got planned fast as we was ready to capture a threat in that level. We started to move around San Fierro as we gathered intel when he left work and which is his way to go home.Based on that we started to move around. When we entered the tunnel we found him so we pulled him over with force.We forced him to enter our vehicle.He couldn't resist towards our number so he had to give up. He got in and we headed back to The Company's base where we was gonna take care of him. We arrived and we started quickly.We secuired the perimeter for any threat.We took the snitch to a corner where we started to talk and end this shit for good. After a discussion we started torturing him to death and at the end we killed him as it is The Company's tradition to kill every snitch after torturing him.
  11. Congratulations Kosovo

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  12. Congratulations Kosovo

    Shume faleminderit vella!Happy Independence Kosovo , the land that my family faught to be free as a bird!#10 VJET SHTET
  13. SideRP#150 -The Judge(With The Outfit) It all started this evening with a chat between The Outfit and the Judge.The discussion was about a case that they needed the judge to be in their side. After a discussion the judge refused to negotiate with the Outfit anymore as he said that it risks his job.The Outfit insisted the judge to co-operate. The judge refused so he left and The Outfit decided to call the Intelligence Agency so they could solve their case. The Intelligence Agency recieved a call where the details where explained so the Intelligence Agency gathered up and started to roll at the exact location that they were told to go. They started moving around the judges neighbourhood where they tried to spot the Judge's car.It took them a while to spot him. They started to follow the vehicle until they found a good place where to pull him over and take care of him.We told him that we are from the FBI and we are here to take him safe at his office.He actually believed it easily without any doubts. He got in our car and we started to move away from that location where we also took his car so there wouldn't be any trace of him. Instead of taking him at the "FBI headquaters" we took him at a place where there are no cameras or anything at that perimeter so we could work calm.We got out of the car and started to say who we trully were and what we wanted.He insisted to not tell a word. Since he didn't obey in the peacful way we decided to do it in the hard way.We started to torture him by hitting him with our golf sticks. After we injured him badly we told him to start talking about where did he hide the evidence about The Outfit.He only would co-operate only if we would let him live after he told us the location.So we agreed on his terms. After telling us the location where he hided the evidence we took him inside the car and decided to leave him outside San Fierro.We told him to never come back in here and to never tell anyone about what we did or otherwise we will murder his family.He agreed without any further discussion.Once again we saved our partners from the law pigs where we went back to our headquaters.
  14. SideRP-148#Deal outside the borders(With The Outfit & San Andreas Federal Police) INTELLIGENCE AGENCY ROLEPLAY It all started at a call from The Outfit.We got notified that they had a deal which they wanted to pass through the borders.We decided to meet up at a location and discuss about the options. After explaining us everything the Intelligence Agency got the information so we started to move.We also had our fake FBI badges with us. We pulled over for a minute as we got a call from our insiders in the Government which told us that the Federal Police made a roadblock at the bridge.So we wore our badges and went there. The Intelligence Agency got out of the vehicle and went to the Police in charge of the roadblock.We had a talk that we were from the FBI and we was gonna go undercover to bust a gangs trade. They had their thoughts so they decided to check the van where we had the drugs.Luckily the drugs were hidden well which gave a advantage in our side. We gave the police our badges and explained them everything where after the control they decided to free the way for us so we could get through the border. We passed the bridge and went to the Outfit's base which is a hidden spot.There we parked our vehicles and got out.We discussed about the payment as we did our best so the deal could succesfuly happen.We got impressed as we got 40% of the drug money which gave us enough money for the weapons and also for the constructions inside our base. At last we got the money,we exchanged our contacts and shaked hands as it was a successful deal .The Intelligence Agency once again did a great job to help the criminal activity pass without any problems.