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  3. FBI Activity at 19.3.2017: http://imgur.com/a/kLDfj
  4. jaweb fel 9adhya nklm fyk :D

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    2. Konan.

      Bech nas'her maa l3ayla rbk no life?

    3. Maistro

      chbik kberet tseb fya, mrigl taw netfahmu fih.

    4. Konan.

      yfez :D

  5. FBI Activity at 19.3.2017: http://imgur.com/a/CBME7
  6. FBI Activity at 19.3.2017: http://imgur.com/a/9vjww
  7. Selling Weapons Participants: SAPA/TST Today morning, Agents were patrolling around San Fierro to keep it clean and let all terrorists down. Suddenly, They found a suspecious person. Therefore, they chased him by using their binds. The criminal left his car and put his hands up. Agent.Maistro headed to him and started dealing. Maistro asked for documents to check in his police car. News were that this criminal was selling Weapons everywhere, he was also searched from many units. TST unit confirmed that too. Agents moved this criminal to TST HQ where they invetigated more and got information. A result was done which is jailing this one for 5 months.
  8. FBI Activity at 19.3.2017: http://imgur.com/a/Pqqda
  9. About Blaster..

    I'm with you that I shouldn't post it here, but I was afraid because blaster was my friend. The thing I have to say is Rip. Nothing else. I hope it won't be fake news.
  10. About Blaster..

    I created this topic to let everyone knows. If you are not sure, ask konan and flex they can confirm. Last but not least, we will notice by the time if blaster will come ingame or post on forum.
  11. About Blaster..

    Xd, why should I lie about something like that?. blaster died.. That's all.
  12. About Blaster..

    My facebook name is not wolven it's Amine Azaiez.
  13. About Blaster..

    Alright, I talked to his irl friend and I asked him to get information... what he said really touched me :( The reason was a heart attack and his partner said '' His dad died like 8 years ago,he left 2 young brothers... And his mom, he was depressed and stressed because he was going to the army this 22nd may '' Moreover, I told ramzi his mate about RDMC and that blaster as I think was a bit happy in game but I was not true as he answered: ''-____- I am his bff in real life... He was just pretending. I mean he really liked rdmc and he told me about that but...Real life is a priority.'' I will say it again rip :(
  14. About Blaster..

    Sure mate, but he is algerian, so his friends wrote that in arabic. Here you are his facebook... you can translate the words. https://m.facebook.com/achraf.mahboul04?soft=search
  15. About Blaster..

    Hello guys, I will announce that RDMC|Blaster died in real life... This bad new was announced in the Facebook and shared in his profile...