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    This topic is only for applicants and FOX's HQs. Besides, I only wanted the reason of the dislike. I'm out.
  2. waa, na7i eli 3amltou la nkwr byk


    SECTION 1 1. Name: Mohamed Amine 2. Ingame name: Maistro 3. Age: 16 4. Sex: Male 5. English profiency: 8.5/10 6. Native language: Arabic. 7. Other languages: English/Frensh. 8. Do you have a Pro Cop diploma?: Yes, I have. 9. When did you start playing SAES/MTA?: I started playing SAES last 3 years. As for MTA, the same. 10. Total gameplay (hours): Right now, 1778. 11. Aprox.gameplay daily (hours): Due to school, I'll play only 2 hours per-day. 12. Avarage FPS: 55-66 13. Avarage Ping: 80-90 14. Previous organizations: SAPA/SAFP/NNB/FOX/FBI/TST 15. Are you active user of Teamspeak 3?: I'm. 16. Have you installed IRC?: Yeah, I did. SECTION 2 A. Define our role (FOX): FOX is a police organization, it has many rules which are very important in SA. FOX always keeps criminals down and cleans SA from terrorists. It also, usually protects others from threats and investigates anywhere and at anytime. This ''family'' provides security and safeguard. Like other squads, FOX has perfect qualities like working in teams. B. Define marker arrest: Marker arrest means you arrest someone when he is entering or leaving an interior, for example, pizza, gun (weapons) shops and banks. This act is prohibited, when caught, the player will pay a high price, he'll immediatly be punished. C. Minimum arresting level: 10 D. Point out and define 4 major server rules: 1/ You're not allowed to create more than one account, in another word, multiaccounting is forbidden. 2/ You mustn't deathmatch people, nor revenge dm. Killing players or damaging their vehicles aren't allowed, so, being careful is the key. 3/ Insulting players is banned, everyone has to be mature and kind, don't act like a cunt towards others. 4/ Watch out! Abusing your lag isn't allowed, therefore, bear that in mind, otherwise, you'll be punished. E. Explain why you should attempt to roleplay before each arrest: Well, to begin with, SAES:RPG is a roleplay server, therefore, attempting to roleplay is a must. Arresting people is useless. The main role is acting like in real life and investigating suspects. Hence, what everyone has to do is, giving criminals a time to react once getting the binds, if they don't cooperate, he might proceed and try to jail them. SECTION 3 I. Write about yourself in 4 sentences: Hello! My real name is Mohamed Amine Azaiez and I'm 16 years old. I'm a tunisian boy. I live in a town called Gabes, I really like it so much. I study in a pioneer preparatory school. In my free time, I usually meet my friends and hang around with them. In addition, I love playing football and baskteball. I have a pretty nice nuclear family and I'm muslim. II. Write your strengths and weaknesses: Strengths: First of all, I'm a mature and kind boy. Secondly, as I'm experienced, I have good roleplay skills. Moreover, I'm fine at shooting, para-jumping and arresting. To sum up, I like team working, because I believe that a Team stands for: Together everyone achieves more. Weaknesses: I sometimes get angry when my fps drops, or my ping augments. III. Why do you wish to join FOX over other squads?: I find FOX the best squad on SAES:RPG, there, members understand and respect each other. I also have liked FOX's role, I'm really interested in it. In conclusion, I love having a responsibility in this family and I'll do my best to let HQs proud of me. IV. Convince us in 2 lines why you would fit the team: Well, as I said above, because of playing SAES:RPG more than 3 years, I have gained experience and learned a lot of things. I'm now ready. I would fit the team and I'm dead sure. V. Do you have any additional information you want to add:? Nothing to add. By posting this application, you are aware of our terms and that this application is only and only written by you, and states nothing but the truth. Retard test: Post a picture of White house in Los Santos to even be consired to join Fox Operations X. https://imgur.com/a/vhwrv
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    I have noticed that @Royalty and @Shaun are gays. What a nice kiss!
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    Omar isn't AA anymore. Got burnt ;)
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    @Teddybear and his family. (/pointup) TURKeddy
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