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  1. 21st.Branch - FBI

    After getting your Pro Cop diploma, you may apply for FBI. Good luck.
  2. 21st.Branch - FBI

    You can't join FBI while you're SAPA.
  3. Show us Yourself v2

    LooooooooooooooooooL. Btw nango ur gf is so sexy (don't worry we relied on u xd xd) (you are not a lier). Aye enjoy your time with ur faces (fake ones).
  4. What you like to do

    I always have fun when teddy plays with my dick jaja.
  5. Promotion

    Gz man! Gl fatrol!
  6. 21st.Branch - FBI

  7. Event type : Chicken Arrest LWS: Nyx Winner(s) : Konan Prize : 1.000.000$ Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/0KtHx
  8. 21st.Branch - FBI

    Already tested by potato. You're an FBI agent right now. Welcome to the team.
  9. I cant message you for some reason.

    For some reason I cant get GTA installed. I am trying to fix it but I hope you understand I cant come ingame untill I have fixed it!

    1. Maistro

      Alright. Now you can pm me.

  10. Yes Or No

    He is not. Is fabman a dick?
  11. Yes Or No

    No. Do you think that firefox is noob?
  12. Yes Or No

    Yeah. Do you think that firefox is an asslicker?
  13. Yes Or No

    No. Do you like Magnus?
  14. Sorry for posting but it is Maistro not Maestro. Thank you.