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  1. Show us Yourself v2

  2. Show us Yourself v2

  3. Show us Yourself v2

    Xd , guys please don't laugh !!!
  4. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    Gangs / Squads & Companies: Gangs - level 2-5: [TT] - Tuga Thugs : I think that TT is doing a good and nice work , they always do roleplays also events and TT members are skilled so , 8.5/10 [AA] - Arms Assasins : It's a nice organization with many members who have experience , don't give up and continue . 9/10 [HS] - Hell Soldiers : It's not bad , something I have to say is : guys you are a bit inactive so work harder and harder to show everyone your skills . 8/10 [MMC] - Mongols Motorcycle Club : You guys these day are showing great activities , continue and good luck for the future . 8.5/10 [B~B] - Black Bullets : Oh this gang is very nice with many skilled members , just be more active and everyhting will be nice . 9/10 [RDMC] - Red Devils Motorcycle Club : Nice gang with good and skilled persons who always work harder and harder 8.5/10 Z] - Organization Zero : Show more activities and your gang will be nicer , it's ok everyone knows that you have skilled members but you have to be more active . 8/10 [UE] - Underground Empire : I don't have a big idea but I know you have experience . 8/10 [SoA] - Sons of Anarchy : You are good guys , you need more activities and you will be fine . 8.5/10 Black Syndicate : hmm , I'll write 7.5/10 [T~C] - Texas Cartels : You are very good . 9/10 [TO] - The Omertà : N/A [CDC] - Comando Da Capital : You have shown great work , continue . 8/10 Squads - level 2-5. [FBI] - Federal Bureau of Investigation : You guys were very active , you have skilled members , try to come back ingame . 8/10 SWAT] - Special Weapons & Tactics : You are skilled and still alive it's ok 8.5/10 [SAPA] - San Andreas Police Academy : No need because I'm SAPA [SAFP] - San Andreas Federal Police : Come back from inactivity , we don't see you around guys !! 7.5/10 [FOX] - Fox Operation.X : Good job guys nice work . 9/10 [NNB] - National Narcotics Bureau : [No need to talk you guys aren't skilled like @Alperreis and @Fadril they are very inactive ,,, ( XD VERY GOOD WORK 9,5/10 ) [TST] - The Strike Team: Nice work and great activities 9/10 Companies - level 2-5. [ALT] - All Load Trucking : Gj guys 8.5/10 If you can't pick the Gang, Squad or Company you are in now. What would be your : Favorite Gang , Favorite Squad : All gangs and squads are showing great work , I swear , for me all are good .
  5. Before saying that try to rp ;) , as i said np it's a game . I'm out .
  6. Guys no need to argue , it's a game : enjoy ur play time , we all have to see eye to eye . CC members always do their work mate barzaka because as u can see Cc main role is to impound cars and for me that's great cause every driver will think to park his car and the street will be organized . Be calm mates !
  7. Gzzzzzzz , gl for other ranks

  8. Freshmens in GM

  9. Can you clean ur inbox ?

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  10. Ingame name: Maistro .Real name: Amine Azaiez .Age: 15 .Nationality: Tunisia .Timezone: GMT+1 .Languages able to speak: Arabic,Frensh and English .Current Server Groups: SAM/TSAC/DoJ/TEC . Squad: SAPAMilitary Experience: Well I've got some experience because I participated in some RPs and Trainings . Participation on DE recruitments: I wanted to participate but I didn't make it in time .Access to ZIP or admin panel: No , But sometimes I spawn as a worker to use the panel .Access to other special abilities ingame: No.Access to TS:No.Access to IRC: Sometimes.How would you define DE : Desert Eagles ( DE ) Their Motto is ''Courage today , Victory tomorrow'' it's the Military force of the San Andreas . Their members always there to protect everyone from enemies and their dangers . DE has many units . In addititon to that Desert Eagles which is the official army of San Andreas . Their role is to fight against terrorists and criminals who are suspected .How would you define MCC: Military Civilian Components is a part of Desert Eagles . DE teaches and trains them so MCC do it's work seriously by helping and doing the maximum to let DE proud of them . It has 3 components . Why would you like to join MCC: I've always wanted to be a militaary cadet since me and my father always watch military shows together. I became interested in MCC, like really interested and here I thoguht I would give it a nice shot especially after I saw how organized it is . To conclude I want to show my skills and do the best by proving my Roleplay skills . It would helps and trains me to get better . Really DE and MCC always make fun and nice RPs and trainings . Why should we accept you : You should accept me because I'm a mature person who usually respect and obey who is higher than him and all SAES:RPG players . I've got a good behaviour and not a bad reputation .RolePlay Experience: I've made plenty of succesful things such as joining some squads to learn how to act normally and how to be a skilled player also by participating in many Roleplays in the server .Able to follow orders: Yes sure .What MCC Department would you like to join: This time I think that Mechanical Engineering will fit me . Logistics: Experience with trucks: Yes sure , I always spawn as a trucker to drive and do my work . Experience with airplanes: Yes , I usually use airplanes like helicopter when I spawn as pilot or when I was in squads I used the shamel and I drove very good . Experience with ships: To be honest , I can drive ships but sometimes . Experience with logging and reporting: Yes, I have an experience about that . Imagination review (how creative are you): I'm a creative person , eveyrthing is in my mind to realize and think about it . Mechanical Engineering Experience with ZIP panel: N/A. Able to work fast: Yes I am. Knowledge of SA map: I know San Andreas Map very good . I know every place . Imagination review (how creative are you): I can write 7/10 . Spatial Awareness (you're good at maths, physics, and estimating spaces etc.): I'm very good at math I always get good marks at school . Reserves: Former Combat groups: Teamwork rate: Able to resist variability: Resistant to stress and heavy workload: Emotionally unstable: No , I'm Stable --------------------------------------------------------- Old RP and Trainings : http://imgur.com/a/uyGRZ http://imgur.com/a/UW9NZ http://imgur.com/a/XyhGF http://imgur.com/a/zl4KQ http://imgur.com/a/croNp http://imgur.com/a/ujFm4 http://imgur.com/a/VTgep http://imgur.com/a/G9vgI http://imgur.com/a/99OaL http://imgur.com/a/Ogr3j And there are more . If you can read this, post a picture of rhino inside A69 with your application to even be consired http://imgur.com/a/JKFSp