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  1. requesting a banner

    Done , I sent you in a Pm :)
  2. Good Luck for Level 5 mates , I hope but really I'm dead sure that you will get it . Never give up . NNB always in the Top . Miss u guys ,,,,
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

    Merry Christmas for all :)
  4. winek ya haj !

  5. TST - The Strike Team

    Congratz keep your activities up . Good luck for level 2 .
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  7. Ingame name: Maistro Real name: Mohamed Amine Azaiez Age: 15 Nationality: Tunisia Timezone: GMT+1 Languages able to speak: I speak Arabic which is my primary language , English and Frensh. Current Server Groups: I'm in SAM/TSAC/USMS(DoJ) Military Experience: I have a good Military Experience because I always participate in trainings also roleplays. Participation on DE recruitments: No , I tried two (2) times but I didn't make it in time ( first recruitement I haven't time , Second one I was studying ). Access to ZIP or admin panel: N/A . Access to other special abilities ingame: I have DoJ panel for construction. Access to TS: Yes ( sometimes ) Access to IRC: Yes How would you define DE: DE or Desert Eagles their official motto is ''Courage Today , Victory Tomorrow'' . It is the Military Force of the San Andreas . It's members work harder and harder to protect the SA and keep Terrorists down . How would you define MCC: MCC or Military Civilian Components , it's a part of Desert Eagles . They learn many new and usefull tactics from DE who usually teach them . MCC has many Units also some enemies . To sum up MCC is the right hand of DE . Why would you like to join MCC: I became interested in MCC about long time when I joined many organized trainings and Roleplays . So I would like to give the best also show my skills to all SAES:RPG players which is a Roleplay server . It would trains and helps me more . Last but not least I'll be proud to wear MCC tags and I made a decision that I would fit this perfect group . Why should we accept you: I'm skilled enough to join this group : I'm someone who learns from his mistakes and that's nice for me , I'm active also a patient person . I'm loyal , very respectful and helpful : I always lend hand to others . Finally I'm always aware of server rules which means I don't break it , That's all . RolePlay Experience: I've made plenty of succesful things such as joining the San Andreas Police Academy where HQs teach me many things . Also I've been SAFP and FBI there I was able or capable to get the fruits from my hard work . Finally I'm NNB and I know how to RP properly . To sum up I have some great RP skills . Able to follow orders: Yes of Course . I'm able , I always follow and obey orders . What MCC Department would you like to join: I think Reserves Unit fit me . Logistics: Experience with trucks: Experience with airplanes: Experience with ships: Experience with logging and reporting: Imagination review (how creative are you): Mechanical Engineering: Experience with ZIP panel: Able to work fast: Knowledge of SA map: Imagination review (how creative are you): Spatial Awareness (you're good at maths, physics, and estimating spaces etc.): Reserves: Former Combat groups: National Narcotics Bureau Teamwork rate: 8/10 Able to resist variability: Yes . Resistant for stress and heavy workload: Yes . Emotionally unstable: No , Iam Emotionally stable . ------------------------------------------------------------- If you can read this, post a picture of rhino inside A69 with your application to even be consired. MCC Training #1 :http://imgur.com/a/uyGRZ MCC Training #2 :http://imgur.com/a/UW9NZ MCC Training #3 :http://imgur.com/a/XyhGF MCC RP :http://imgur.com/a/zl4KQ MCC Training #4 :http://imgur.com/a/croNp MCC Training #5 :http://imgur.com/a/ujFm4 MCC Training #6 :http://imgur.com/a/VTgep MCC Training #7 :http://imgur.com/a/G9vgI MCC Training #8 :http://imgur.com/a/99OaL MCC Training #9 :http://imgur.com/a/Ogr3j Note: There are many other Trainings but I didn't take Secreen shots .
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  10. Community Staff Recruitment

    Hooola !! I wish the good luck for everyone .
  11. Yes Or No

    No . Am I pro?