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  1. Event Number:011Type of Event:Chicken ShooterLWS/G6:[TT]ExpertPrice:1,000,000Winner: [TO]CloseR
  2. Event Number:010Type of Event:Chicken NaderLWS/G6:G|Expert|VIPPrice:1,000,000Winner: Nyx
  3. Welcome aboard the GM team!

    congratulations jay
  4. Event Number:009Type of Event:Last Man StandingLWS/G6: @Expert.Price:1,500,000Winner: UE|koko
  5. Roleplay Number:002Participants:Marilitos, GunbloodStory:Marilitos called me and my partner Vladislav to deal 'em some drugs.I told them to come to our base, and we can make deal about price.After they came, we showed then which drugs we got.They choosed heroin, and we told them it'd be 100$ per 40 grams.They wanted 500g so partner Vladislav took 500 grams and gave it to Marilitos.We said our goodbyes and Marilitos left.Screenshots:
  6. Event Number:008Type of Event:Chicken ShooterLWS/G6: @Expert.Price:1,000,000$Winner:Gogo
  7. Event Number:007Type of Event:Knock me off my NRGLWS/G6: @Expert.Price:Was 250k 4 rounds, but we changed it to 500k 2 rounds.Winner: Alberto, MatizZ
  8. Event Number:006Type of Event:Ghost Town 1v1LWS/G6: @Batman!Price:2,000,000$Winner: Deep
  9. Event Number:005Type of Event:Race EventLWS/G6: @ZazaPrice:1,000,000$Winner: DUFF
  10. Event Number:004Type of Event:FalloutLWS/G6: @ZazaPrice:1,000,000$Winner:Brondy
  11. Event Number:003Type of Event:Chicken NaderLWS/G6: @ZazaPrice:1,000,000$Winner: Nyx
  12. Event Number:002Type of Event:Last Man StandingLWS/G6:JulioPrice:1,000,000$Winner: Fuegoo
  13. Event Number:001Type of Event:Chicken ShooterLWS/G6:MikeAirPrice:1,000,000$Winner:Calibre