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  1. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Event Number 110* Event type: LMS LWS/G6: @Castiel Prize: 1.5m Winner: koko ScreenShots:
  2. My haters !!

  3. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *RP Number 112* ~Quick Weapons Deal~ Participants: WA - TSP Story: so it was around 5am a guy called pump came to me while i was smoking a cigarette outside of the base wanted to buy some weapons i told him to follow me to talk in the base so none see us we went inside and talked with him he said i want to buy some M4 and Combat Shotguns and some snipers i said okay meet me at the base tomorrow to sell you the guns he agreed so i went to our warehouse and took the weapons carefully from the warehouse and load it in the pony and went to base and parked it in base next day at 7pm pump came with briefcase in it 150,000$ i showed him the weapons he tested them and he liked them so i helped him to load them in the car and he gave me the briefcase and he left the base after i count the money so i dont get scammed . Screenshots:
  4. Wild Angels Media Archive

    ~Drugs deal~ Participants : Wild Angels - Comando Da Capital Story: so it was a beautiful day because i heard that a gang called Comando Da capital (CDC) needs alot of weeds so checked our warehouse if we had enough weed ,there was alot of weed we dont need so i said why not to help them then i contacted them and asked them if they need weed they said yes so i said we have alot of weed so i offered them to buy from us weed they accepted it right away so we decided to meet in there base i called our members to help me with this deal and we went to our warehouse in Las Venturas and took 15 boxes of weed and went to cdc base in Los Santos and we made the deal we gained alot of money then we went back to base to count the money. Screenshots:
  5. Server Maintenance - All Services

  6. Wild Angels Media Archive

    * RP Number 89 * ~Assassin Job~ Participants : Wild Angels Story : I got a call from a Guy Called Steve_Johnson he wanted me to take his Revenge from a trucker called Joe_Green (Wolf1) Steve gave me all the Information about his job and where he live and when he end his job so I said everything will be done bit i want to know when i get the payment he said we will meet and give you ur money and the call Ended then i started to planning how to kill him and i got the way to kill him i . started to get weapons for the mission and everything goes well without Mistakes. Screenshots:
  7. Congratulation guys !!!
  8. Wild Angels Media Archive

    *Event Number*:83 Event type: chicken shooter LWS/G6: @Dufabo Prize:1.5m Winner:Matvey ScreenShots:
  9. Last Letter!

  10. Event type: Hunter shooter Prize: 1.000.000 LWS: @Dufabo Location: G6 Winner(s): @Rocker SS:
  11. MI6

    congratulations guys !!!!
  12. Last Letter!

  13. MARCOS

    Good luck !!